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I am Helena Ackley. I had inexplicable experiences as a child, and then as an adult, found them to be spiritual experiences.  I have a story to tell, both my life story, and the things I have learned out of inner guidance.

I have come out of my own experiences to some basics which seem to be the same as many others are writing about now.  Much does not go into words well, but I think we are all talking about the same body, soul, mind, and spirit development and integration we all are doing, each in our own ways.  We all seem to see the world in dire need of change, and we see change coming, which is like a process moving us all along in our growth as people with an individual potential in each of us.  But, we have our part to do toward this change.  We need to share with each other  I write to tell my story, and  to hear from any who connect to any of it, and who will share too.  Our different and sometimes conflicting views are parts of a much bigger change in our existence.  They make sense in a bigger picture, in a larger step than we can see as a whole.  But, there is both the way we each see what is needed, and the whole of what it can be.

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