Spiritual Awakening and Expectations

With my husband of 65 years.

I am 85, and had a Spiritual Awakening in 1948, followed by 5 dreams with guidance which changed my life.  I want to contact others who have the inner drive to share about such experiences and the expectations  for changes which come with them.  I see higher and lower dimensions, and a structure and a process that seems to be built  in like a nutshell or a blueprint we can gear to, a path we find out of our own being.  I orient to Life, Light and Love energies, which vibrate, and seem to pour in from outside, and from our inner core as well as to be in use by us.  I feel God relates to each of us in a much larger presence than we can understand.  I see there is both a oneness with others, and individuality, both of which are valid and necessary.  We see from where we are, from what we have experienced and learned.  We are all different, and our  ideas of what is the truth, is different for each of us.  But, if we can put it in words, a greater reality is glimpsed.  I hope to connect with some of you.  Helena


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    Welcome to blogging Helena! As you can see, there’s lots to experiment with. Don’t be afraid to try different things. It took me a little while to explore, but you can go back and edit things, add things like categories, tags (which are important to help people “find” you through search engines eventually). Also when you’re ready you can add pictures (your own or ones you find online) or videos, as I did with the ones you saw.

    It helps the blog “come alive.”

    You can also “try on” different themes without much fuss or muss. Have fun with it. The words will come when you’re ready.

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    Hi my dear sister and brother in ONE,
    It excites me greatly when people of your age, after all the life experience you have had,to arrive at the true consciousness. Yes most surely, energy is what everything and every person is made of. In fact, we are matter in the physical, but not even a single handful of physical matter. We are all spirits inhabiting “physical bodies”.

    This is why I firmly believe that everything and everyone in the universe is/are part of ONE Creation, from ONE Energy, producing ONE life, as designed by ONE – God himself. That’s why it’s time we stopped destroying Mother Nature and start treating her with much love and respect.

    On my blog site(noted below) are two articles I wrote a couple of years ago, namely – ‘From Dust to Dust – ONE Life – ONE Energy’ and ‘From Ashes To Ashes – ONE Creation – ONE Life’. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for joining my website http://one4usall.com

    Be blessed with much love, peace and harmony,

    Vaughan Jones. ONE for All – All for ONE—->PEACE—->ONE
    Blog site: http://onescribe.wordpress.com
    Email: vaughan@one4usall.com

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