With a Spiritual Partner

In 1965, I felt that I had completed an 18 year process with inner guidance dreams, plus years to apply what they showed me about myself, to gradually wake up spiritually and to come to know myself.  It was by way of lessons life taught me, some of it the hard way.  I felt it was an individual integration which left me with a fresh start.  I had discovered that we each have our own way to go, for development, as a sort of a nutshell to be opened, sorting out a step at a time to be taken.  Only as something was completed, did it all come of a whole again, but with the parts known and all connected so it made sense.  At the time of sorting things out, it was done blindly, seeing only the step in front of me.  But, by the time it came of a whole in my mind, it was obvious it had been a process that I had followed.

At that time, I had written to an Author in response to his message, that we each have to find our own way, from within, and not try to do as others expect or to tell us to do.  I had found this out for myself.  The Author answered that someone else had written as I had, and we should write to each other.   Introduced this way, we began to correspond and became Spiritual partners from then on.  We felt we were led to find each other.

In a basic way, my partner and I had both covered the same ground, and had done the same steps to the same results.  It was how we had lived our lives, but learned by doing.  As we went along, we had insights come, illuminations, as if our efforts were discovering something that began to come into focus.  We had not had as many insights, illuminations, each of us alone, but they seemed to come out of our experiences, and seeing them of a whole.

But, we each did this in a very different way, and not in the same sequence at all. Our viewpoints were almost never the same on any of it. A starting point to make the connections that we gradually reached, had seemed to come from becoming able to see from the other one’s point of view, to see the same experiences in two different ways. Later, we learned to more easily assume changing viewpoints, and came to have what seemed to be a three dimensional, spherical view of a mandala-like structure and process.  It was as if the nutshell opened from within ourselves was becoming a map of what we had opened up, sorted out, and then could see of a whole.  But, it was the same map for each of us.

In my own work of many years, dreams had given me a guiding format of 4 positions of Spirit, Mind, Soul, and Body. For myself, and for him, it was as if these were each different aspects of our being, being awakened, and starting to work of a whole within each of us, when and if all were active. In many more minor dreams, I saw this in terms of 4 rooms of an archetypal home.

We began to try to chart where, as if in what room or kind of functioning, or what aspect of our lives, each certain kind of functioning was experienced. Where had we been in our lives as certain changes had taken place, and what lesson was being learned which had triggered it? We each had learned some lessons which we did not want to talk about, but we did share as deeply as possible with each other.

By now, I have to say that this same structure and process connects to everything. It seems our brains are constructed to work in these ways, with separate areas of functioning. Life gives us the many different areas of experience, which fit to these divisions of a whole structure. Our development to maturity follows these processes.  But, as we learn and grow, we also need to integrate our own different aspects, and how each works.  We did feel these connections as an energy burst in our brains.  He described his as a pair of scissors opening, up and down, with the blades to the front, handles to the back.  I experienced it as my left and right brain suddenly having nerve connections, with a new ability to translate feelings and experiences into words.  Words were never sufficient, but I began to communicate more for others to be able to connect to what I was trying to describe.   I hope this works in what I write here.

Suddenly, my partner began to see that these rooms I was referring to were a background for what was done in them by either one of us. He began to see a correspondence to the functional modes, signs and the meanings of traditional Astrology, compared to the rooms and functioning in them. I could see it as he asked me to read up on it, and as we talked it over. We probably arrived at different words for what the functional modes were and are, but it seemed to mean the same as the traditional.

We had never worked in terms of Astrology, and had even not considered it to be valid. But, to our surprise, seeing our own functioning first, it did fit to this zodiac diagram. We saw it in quadrants, quarters of a circle, or in the rooms, not each sign or functional mode to itself.  And it became a full spherical mandala, with 8 actual rooms, not just 4.  That expansion of our concept or map came simultaneously when we had those brain energy bursts.  We wrote each other about it, and our letters crossed in the mail. We had found the functioning in a room was reflected by what the room would normally be used for. The idea was mine, but he connected to it, and told me it was the same for him.  The traditional houses as described in Astrology seemed to also describe the rooms as we had experienced these aspects of our lives.  Neither of us would ever have come up with any of this on our own.

By now, it seems that someone at some very early time must have drawn up this traditional zodiac map, either out of their own experience and process, or out of inspiration. It did not so much seem to be that the planets were an influence on us, as that they, like us, and like everything small or large, was created and moving along in the same process, to the same blueprint.

With this, our own map or mandala, we attempted to compare notes on what our ideas of soul, mind and spirit  meant to each of us   We had compared our lives, first.  In the process, to look at our own experiences of spirit, mind and soul functioning, it was as if we accessed ascending levels or dimensions, to see into them, and to experience what they were to residents there at that time.  But, spherically, the dimensions were to all sides, and below as well.  Central was the nutshell, a core of integration, and the ground under our feet.  Dimensions were concentric spheres, not just up and down.  But, below, dimensions seemed to be over-lapping to each other, and above, getting farther and farther apart, separated.  Out at the sides was where this could be seen to apply to individuals, and ahead or back, was all to be seen at the same time.

To compare our experiences of Spirit, Mind and Soul, we each seemed to recognize, to remember certain of the blind steps we had taken, but then could review.  The mandala as an exercise format would not have been anything but a map, if there had been no actual or original experiences we were bringing into a kind of shared integration.  I believe that what we experienced and reviewed is the gist of what my blog needs to present, because it can affirm what others have observed and experienced.  So, that is what I will try to post as I can get it written.

Comments or emails are welcome.  I would not write this if I were not trying to share it with those who connect to some of it, ask questions, and can give me another way to look at it too.

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