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Please share how you “see” Soul. Is it the same as or different from Higher Self, in your view? I hear you saying we created Soul, rather than Soul experiencing through “us.” It sounds like you see Soul as some might think of “a conscience.” I’m interested in your further perception of this.

I believe that we are created as Spirits.  We would not exist at all, if this were not so.  But, I believe that we are in bodies which are made out of living matter.  I believe that there was a long evolution which was helped along to a blueprint or plan to produce bodies into which spirits could indwell, inhabit, incarnate in.  These need not have been just human bodies, but this is what we have here and now.  There is and was animal nature in us, and we develop, grow up, to become more than animal in nature. That development is both of soul and of mind.  I do believe that the Higher Self is the Spirit, which can be asleep in us now, or can be as if hypnotized by our cultural history and upbringing.  But, our spirits can and need to awaken.

I believe that inner guidance comes to us in many ways, but all of those come through our individual spirits.  Not FROM our individual spirits, but THROUGH our higher self,  using the senses our spirits have.  We can listen or not, in our everyday lives and bodies.  Dreams, sudden thoughts or impressions, need to be noticed to see if some are inner guidance. Not all are, but we need to notice and wonder when some are.

I believe that one form of inner guidance is a sense of what is true, or real, or not so.  This guides our minds.  Another form of inner guidance is conscience, it comes in our emotions, our feelings.  This is the inner guidance for our souls.

There is another kind of inner guidance that comes to us in our bodies, pain is one, illness, and it is telling us something.  If we listen to our bodies, we can be more healthy.  There are outer ways that we are guided, when books or people give a message we suddenly find was just what we needed to hear.  Or when circumstances seem to conspire to push or lead us in a direction we did not intend, but can discover we had needed to go.

There is guidance for living our everyday lives.  Prayer can be real.  I discovered this when I was in my twenties.  Not that I prayed, but I had concerns I had listed in a journal.  But, then answers began to come to me.  Maybe I would think of a different approach, or realize what I could do to mend fences with other people.  Maybe it was just to understand where someone else was coming from.  But, all such answers were also teaching me something from out of myself, not out of what others had tried to teach me.  I began to know myself, discover who I already was.  I felt that this waked up my spirit for more inner guidance.

I believe that soul development comes down to the golden rule, and not much else.  If we would try to gain at the expense of others, or lord it over them, it hurts us in our own spiritual awakening and functioning.  If we spin a false reality, to influence, control others, and in effect, want them to be kept hypnotized in spirit, not see though what we are projecting as real, we cannot awaken ourselves.  If we would want others to fear and obey us, instead of waking up to who they are, we will fear others, and we will not wake up to who we can become.    .  We begin to be a force, a power, to wake others up as well.  The start for the spirit to awaken and to function, is to know ourselves, and to live our lives in ways our developing soul and mind lead us to go.

We do this in how we live our every day lives, not by trying for the most spiritual.  The evidence of the spiritual comes from it, not the other way around.  The development or growth of the spirit comes from this awakening and functioning.  The body, soul and mind become the foundations for the spirit to grow.

Do as you would want others to do toward you. Not from laws, rules, (which may or may not be applicable), but do it out of your own way to become who you can be. The spirit will awaken, and will start to function in our everyday lives, and with higher powers and functioning and illumination, as well.


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    Hi Helena! 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that I have tried to keep up with your writings. I have always loved your memories, and how you perceive how and why certain things have occured. You are a brilliant woan and it;s to my sad attention that becase of two of my meds, I can’t follow things I have always love to read. Your depth of mind and threads of the tecnical and emotional growths are beyound what my poor drug littered brain can follow. I love you and love hearing about you and Art Day to Day and trip to trip. But as embarassed as I am to say so. I can’t follow the life long blog.
    Love and best….Kay

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    WordPress notified me of a ping, but did not take me to see where it came from. Sorry.

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    Thanks for the notation.

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