My Impressions of Creation History, chapter 1

I have had impressions of our Creation.  There is one energy, a radiating vibration which  is vibrating far more rapidly than we can sense.  It has harmonics, but these are real differences which we can sense.  These are Love energy, Light energy and Life energy.  God expresses these all of a whole,  but we sense them differently, both coming to us from our Creator and in us, for our use.

If we see a rapidly moving wheel on a car on TV, we cannot see the rapid motion.  Instead, our senses show us a harmonic.  The Divine energy that creates us can only be known to us in harmonics. For the appearance of the car wheel, it can seem to go slowly or faster ahead, slowly or faster back, or it can appear to stand still.  All these we can see and measure, but we cannot see or measure the one energy God expresses.

There is a system to measure biorhythm, which also can be used to show how this works. The theory is that physical energy, intellectual energy and emotional energy all have a different vibration rate.  So they can be in harmony or out of phase in cycles that repeat, and can be used to track our high and low points.  This was popularly used for athletes, relative to sports.  But, the concept of it is my example.  I am saying, these energies do have these different vibration rates, and the use of our energy does have these harmonics.  We only sense the cycles, or wave lengths of cycles, and we sense the harmony, or being out of sync.  These are real to us, but the energy that causes the harmonics, are not within the range of our senses.

We do know from Science, that atoms are formed of energies in motion.  If we smash the atom, we get tremendous energy and particles.  But, the smallest particle we know of seems to be in either a state of being a particle, or an energy moving in a wave form.  (If I understand what we are being told.)

I think Science is dealing with the same energy, but we can only measure it when it is doing something, being used.  With God, it holds all potentials too, all it can be to create us, and in our use.

I have seen a cycle of our use of it, in functional terms.  In effect, there is a process here, the energy to act, to plan, to consider the needs of the situation.  We are using each kind of energy in turn.  Life Energy, body energy, Light Energy, our minds, and Love energy, our relating to others and into the situation, and each of these work differently.  They have different harmonics, different ways they work in our use.

An atom, a molecule, an element formed of these are all real.  The energy can make its motion appear solid to our senses, and in effect, it is solid and it is real.  And, our bodies are made up of living substance, also real, but in a state of gradual change with our processes all functional and in use.  All of this can be measured.  But, the energy used for making a solid state is still in a harmonic state of balance.  It is not that we see the one energy as such.
My impression is that we and everything in our creation, came into existence all at once.  We did not have a sense of space or time yet, but we did exist as spirits, with a divine spark in us as God’s own children.  I see this as being like God’s own DNA invested in us.

We are told we are made in God’s image, in God’s likeness.  I find we can use the example of humanity, to understand our relationship with God, not of the same order, but with a likeness.

Like parents now, the children are each to be their own person. The parents live on as themselves, but relate to us.  We were created out of our parents, but come into being in our own right, as our own person. We do not remain forever part of our parents, nor do they remain forever part of us.  We relate to each other.

We see in humanity, that the parent does not live through the children.  In fact, to the extent any parent would seek to do this, is taking away the right for the child to be themselves.

A husband and a wife, also, do not live as if the mate is only a part of themselves, nor do we hold them to be part of our identity.  We may do this, but again, it is destructive to self and to another.  We are taking away the right for someone, or even ourselves, to realize who we can be, and to become.

Some parents are very reluctant to “let go” and let their children discover who they can be, some children rebel and want out, as others even move back home and need support again.  Even children can wish to remain forever in the home, under the support of the parents, as if it is the best possible of all worlds to us, although more often, children are eager to leave the nest, and gradually learn to do things on their own.

I have the impression that our relationship to and with God is of a different Order, but there is still a parallel, a harmonic, that applies.

No parent would normally disown a child, as the child takes off on their own, to find their own ways to be themselves in life.  A parent stays a parent forever, and even though the parent is delighted to see the growth and maturity of a child coming about, the relationship does not end.  Equally, a child normally will honor and relate to their parents as who and what they are, even when they are no longer dependent on them.  But, if we need a helping hand, our parents normally can be the first ones we turn to.

I have had impressions that God is both like a father to us, and like a Mother.  We can relate to them as parents, and as different aspects of who our parents are.  I have no difficulty with thinking we may have older brothers or sisters.  But, we and others in and of the creation have only an individual spark of divine nature.  We are related to our Divine parents, but we do not know what that means.  We are not to become one and the same as they are, we are to be eternally related, and become what we have given to us as our potential.  It is even remarkable that we are all created to be different, no matter how many of us there are.

In my impressions so far, I look back on all this, and it seems to be experienced in the Love energies, as if we are conceived, and perhaps in gestation, but we are not formed yet, even if we are being formed.  If we were in a place, we were unaware of it.  Time did not seem to pass for us, we just existed.

Next, I have the impression, like a historical memory of mankind, but of my own existence as well, that there was Light.  We became individual beings of light, none of us imagined any form but that brilliant formless light as our being.  We did not have arms or legs, eyes or ears, but in a way, we had space, like an ocean in which we all existed together, as if we were one, and as if we were all alike.   We were aware of other beings of light in this place, in this space, but we had no sense of time yet.   It was experience as an endless Now, a constant present time, and there was no history, no memory.  At that point, it seemed we were just created, and we did not remember conception or gestation.  It was all new to us, as if our existence began only then. In a way, beings of light were not made of matter, but only of energy.   We were spirits, and we were angels, all of us, in a state of immediate perfection, then.  We did not realize we had any differences.  Yet, innately, or potentially, we were each one to be different than each other.

Next, there came the third form of energy, the energy of Life.  With it, there was an abundance of substance, made of the same energy, but now in material formation.  Perhaps, as the big bang theory suggests, hydrogen was the simplest element, and only in time, with time starting only then, more complex elements took form gradually, until there were the stars and the galaxies with planets forming, upon which life could begin .

Only then did the Spirits, the Angels begin to look on as life began, and experience time.  The time scale was very different in the different orders of existence.  For God, it all took place at the same time, the same act of Creation.

In conception,  gestation, there was as sense of existence, but not any sense of time for us at all.  It was the last and earliest impression, of a different order.  But, historically, it was real.  We did exist at that level, but without a mind, and without a memory.  Still the divine spark was in us even then.  We were in existence then.  That was all that I knew.

Then, as beings of light, there was a sense of time, of  present time, of being with others, and in a place, and of change without memory of what went before the change.  We had no distinction of being any different, nor even separate from the  others, but we knew we were with others.  So, that order of time being experienced was still of a different order.

But, as matter formed out of Life energies, the same one energy, but in the Life harmonic, spiritual beings of light, angels, could look on to the formation of matter, and the building of the prerequisites for life to form.  And, with this there was history in the making, and there was memory.  Angels remember all of this history.   It is latent in us, we were all angels  back then.

But, the time scale of the universe taking form was over a tremendously long time, as far as the matter itself would have shown up to an outside observer of the history now.  But, then, for the angels looking on, it was observed more as if it was shaping up right before their eyes, not in slow motion, but as if they saw it like we show a plant growing, if we take a different picture each day as it grows.  Both time scales, orders, are real.  Science observing it now, and Angels observing it then, are both the truth. Time was experienced differently from each point of view. It is pointless to try to say one is an illusion and the other is real.  Both were and are real.

It is only when the angels began to participate in the formation of life that there is the start of what we did, rather than only our observation.  For me, this takes me to another chapter. It is more known to me, but still is from impressions I have had over the years.    I wrote this in about 2 hours, and it had no spelling to be corrected.  I call that being in the groove to do it.  Actually, it is the only way I CAN write it.

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