Background to Knowing about Creation History

Up to when I began to tell my spiritual partner about my life, and hear about his, I had only experienced the impressions that If I had been in the same circumstances, I might well have done the same as I had been ready to condemn in others.  I was realizing that our choices get limited when the impact on our lives is more difficult.  And, I have no way to know what the background situation and impact has been for others.

Also, I may have envied some others, when I was a teen, who seemed to live a life of privilege, even though this did not seem to give them the drive to learn a better way to live, to become a better person.  They could make living a game (even sometimes at the expense of others), or a way to have lots of fun, but take on no responsibilities.  I also had to realize, that this could be a disadvantage, when it had appeared to be so easy, so rewarding.

With my spiritual partner, we each had realized things like this, and told each other.  We had each looked up to some mentors, leaders, teachers, clergy, who turned out to be just human beings, with their flaws and problems, same as ourselves.  Yet, they still seemed to want to talk down to us, maintain a superior position, as we moved along in our own directions.  In a way we “outgrew” some relationships, to our sorrow.

My marriage was better, because when and if I shared my gripes, he told me when I was describing any man, not just my husband.  It was human nature.  He also told me if it seemed to be just my husband, out of his personal background, which had to be respected.  We agreed, most people seemed to be doing the best they could, as we also were.

But, we went on to get other impressions beyond understanding our lives and our human nature.  I described that in the postings about soul development, and “the other side”, and falling in the pit.

We also went on, as a team, to get impressions about Angels, beings of light, as if we had each been one among them, ourselves.  In this, we were always a team, both of us with parallel, but not the same impressions that came to each in a different way, but at the same time.  We were writing letters back then, and our letters would cross in the mail, so we each told the other first, and then discovered the same information seemed to have come to each of us, in a different viewpoint, at the same time.  It also was beyond any range we could have known.  It seemed real, it seemed like inner guidance information being given to us for some reason we did not know.  We did not seek this, it just came, as if we had laid the groundwork upon which it was time for us to realize something.  We were, at that time, totally unable to tell anyone else about any of it.  Our experience was that for us, we had been like teen-agers, spiritually, when we were beings of light.  Our first existence was one of total privilege, and of actual created perfection, out of our given potentials.  But, we did not have bodies yet, or minds, or souls.  We were more in an ocean of all being alike.

We knew ourselves to be a Unit pair, able together as two individuals, as neither of us could be alone.  We felt we had stepped outside of the ocean of being among the angels, and could have a viewpoint to look back on it at an earlier time of our existence.  But, they still seemed infinitely superior to us, and yet we had been just like them, at the earlier time.

We were looking back in time, and back in our experiences, but it seemed like an ascent direction to go.  As if we were reviewing, recapitulating what we had learned along the way.  But, perhaps we had been  in a descent, or a falling away from the perfection and privilege we once had.  But, inner guidance was still reassuring, “no this was the process“.

It was as if at the top, there had seemed to be innate knowing, as if we had an ultimate college degree, and were  able to access top level information at will, at the moment of wondering.  But, we could not know about how it worked, or change it, as if it was already perfected for our use.  All we could do was work backward on it to figure out what it was for and how it worked.

In effect, we went from college into High School, and it was a descent, where the basics finally were coming into sight, simpler, far less complicated, like Kindergarten 101. But, that was where it also became a point to turn around, and start an ascent, to realize that we had learned “how to” instead of just having it given to us as a privilege and starting point.

We worked that out as a team, and our words for it were to describe “structure and process“.  I have original writings on this, but none of it is adequate to what it is.

Following this, we integrated with each other in those terms, as a Unit Pair, out of our different experiences.

The integration as each of us as individuals had taken place at the turnaround point, of Kindergarten 101, separately and differently.  It seemed to be at our centers, at the core of our being, and like the ground we knew to be under our feet.  It brought the end of the descent.

But, this was a different kind of Unit Integration, it was done together, and as if it was an ascent, a recapitulation of the descent path, knowing we had been angels with the other angels.  But, it was also not just up and down.  It was spherical, and had outreach  on all sides.  The good angels were more “up”  in comparison, but that too was in the sphere.  Down in utmost depths of human nature also seemed to have been integrated, not as being in the pit, but as understandable depths anyone might have suffered, even doing the best they could.

In another way, it seemed to be the same individual core integrations which were expanded to be ground under our feet for the both of us, which were expanded over some years of time.

The Creation History of Humanity was discovered from the bottom up, from the center outwards, to include the whole of God’s one Creation of us, and all the substance upon which life depends.

We were each created along with an amount of potential substance that was for our use, which we had to pool for common use.  It is an abundant amount, and it is not to be measured by possessions or wealth.  But, it is real.

With the expansion, we came to the memory of the first actual choice we had given to us.  It came to the angels, and that choice was, stay in the position of perfection, and privilege, never having to earn or learn, but with the gift of knowing all things if you just wonder.  Or, the other choice was to participate as life could begin to form, in living matter, in its most rudimentary form.  To choose to participate in that process of evolution.  It was again at a different time scale, as if a picture was taken of the process once every thousand years, at first.  All of the angels saw it that way, and could compare to a blueprint, toward an eventual body they could inhabit.  I believe that the body blueprint had some prerequisite patterns, but lots of room for choice.  Human was not the only form we could have settled upon.  But, the form had to be up to par for the original plan.

And, gradually, gender and sex and reproduction was part of the plan, long before there were humans, and the whole thing about evolution took on a more apparent potential for us.

But, then is the first point where the two groups of angels began to see the other group to have made a wrong choice.  They had chosen in about a 50 / 50 way.

Neither one had.  God gave both choices for a reason.  But, the groups of angels were the first to condemn each other for making the different choice, and calling it wrong.

God’s reason is that, both groups of angels could help the process along differently.  Both were necessary, and neither one alone could have achieved as was done.  But, it is only now that all created beings are going to be able to incarnate, and develop as individuals, and, in time, integrate as unit pairs.

Humanity has an expectation of change, of a bottoming out of our excesses, and a pinnacle for our achievements.

It was our understanding, that all of this is part of our fulfilling our individual potentials, each of us in our different and own way, to become spiritually directive with a developed mind, soul, and body of our own.  We are all on the way.  But, being a grown up is really only to begin then.  And, we don’t know what is ahead for humanity, or for ourselves.

Saying all that, I will repeat.  The Creation History of Humanity was discovered from the bottom up, from the center outwards, to include the whole of God’s one Creation of us, and all the substance upon which life depends.

I have much more to write.  But, not today.  Helena

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