Fallen Angels and Angels who did not fall.

The Creation History of Humanity was discovered from the bottom up, from the center outwards, to include the whole of God’s one Creation of us and of all the substance upon which life depends.

I had said the angels were given a choice, to stay in the bodies of light, with the knowing that was innate for them, OR to choose to participate as the Life Energy and potential for living started in a development process.  They chose about 50 / 5o, into two groups.   To choose to participate in the formation of life, was with an inner blueprint with prerequisites for what God intended us to have for a body the spirits could inhabit.  But, for them, it was as if this evolution was only seen by the angels as if in a moment of time as the harmonic of perhaps a thousand years of time as it passed down where the evolution was taking place.  Both time scales were real.  Those who were to participate began to do so only as evolution of animals began to form.  But, then they could take spiritual steps to help the evolution along.

We saw a Nova program last night, and they were presenting the Lucy’s Child fossils of the major earliest changes of pre-humans, to stand upright, and to have a larger brain, and a longer time for children to develop.  I see that to be the kind of participation, intervention, the angels did, out of other choices and possibilities they had open.  They not only sped things up, but had to do it, God did not make the choices for us.

There was an important reason for this.  The blueprint was more of the basic requirements, and they had a lot of options they could choose.  As they began to diverge, with different participants choosing different directions, the Angels above who were still looking on, began to think that the so called Fallen Angels had made the wrong choice.  The participating angels were also separating into different groups, with the idea of a body form taking off from different species.  I have the impression, and did not feel I really knew it, but I think that all of these different ways to go were followed, probably in different places.  Still, they did not so much feel that others of those who were participating were in the wrong, as to feel that all these options really should be followed.  Still the participants chose one way to go, and then went that way.  We are in a group of angel participants who developed this human species.  Any other life forms for spirits to incarnate in would have the same basic prerequisites, and be made in a likeness of God’s own nature.  But, the angels who chose to participate also began to think that the angels who chose NOT to do so, had made the wrong choice.

But, only in retrospect is it known that these two groups, and what they could do, were both essential to what God wanted done.  Below, we moved into smaller scale processes, and lost track of the larger picture.  Above, they could look on all and any places where there were evolutionary processes developing, and they could be asked to sort of hold the fort, the highest order of the realizable potential, even if they were on a time scale where the delay of developing that potential themselves, was not like a delay at all.  I believe that Angels from above do enter, as messengers, as someone to intervene, and the worlds were to need this.  It kept demonstrating to us that there was a lot more than we knew about, down here.

A simple example was told to me by a friend.  They saw a parked car rolling backward downhill, catching the driver with the door, and throwing him down, to then be caught under the driver’s side front wheel.  The man and wife tried to lift the car, and could not, but a passer by immediately came and helped them.  As soon as the trapped man was free, the man who had helped them was simply gone, with no where he could have gone.  I had experienced strange things like that myself, but it seemed best to use a more generic example, as it could have happened for anyone.

But, for those angels below, they forgot they were angels, when they went into smaller scale processes.  They did know that they had been condemned from above, and could only wonder if they had gone wrong.  But, they did stay true to the process of developing humanity into bodies that spirits could inhabit, usefully, and in a rewarding way.

At some earlier time, I had prayed asking, “why does it have to be so hard”?  My answer was, to remember that we  had known it would be, when we chose this way to go.  I had not realized I had chosen this, but pretty much all of us must have.   We knew that we would develop to fulfill our potential as rapidly as possible, but it would be as difficult to do as we could possibly manage.  It would be worth it.  But, we would forget that.  And, we would need all the help we could get, in inner guidance, from within ourselves, as God would be with us all the way.  But, we might forget that, and many of us would.   In another way to put it, we could not any of us actually develop fully. We would do so in a minimal way, but it would be good enough as a foundation, for when the turn around time would come, for the ascent.  We would be ready, but just minimally so.  But, we all have development and know-how we have learned, but have forgotten.  It is there in us.  We will be rediscovering it.  It is a little like getting through school, but by the skin of our teeth.  It was too hard, but we will have gotten so much out of it, and we will have gotten enough out of it.  No one could have developed fully by now.

We will always be glad we made the choice we did, but so will the angels who held the fort, and were messengers and interceding on our behalf now and again, (still seeing us as fallen, and condemning us.)   But, none of us can feel we have developed into something next to perfection, because we have not.  We will instead, be growing up as spirits with a soul, mind and body.  We are not to go back to the undeveloped potential, that was all knowing, and perfect.  They need to grow up too.  But, no one loses that potential.  We just have to develop it for ourselves.

And, where there may be the Science Fiction expectations of other forms of life in which living spirits can indwell,  the angels above, and all other such forms of life, are still all of us the one creation, with the same likeness to our creator, with the same potentials.   The turn to the ascent is of an order that it will include all of us, for the first time since that first choice and the divisiveness we took it to be.  All the substance was made with us, pooled to our use, and none of it is to be lost or changed as this happens.  It is no end of the world, it is a new beginning, for each of us with whatever foundations, integrations, we have so far.

The next chapter is about Adam and Eve, and when God intervened to open up the potential for soul development in humanity.  We were to learn the difference between right and wrong.  Yes, they disobeyed, but knowing our nature, that is exactly what God wanted and expected.  We had to realize we had disobeyed.

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