Soul Development with Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve, when God intervened to open up the potential for soul development in humanity.  We were to learn the difference between right and wrong.  Yes, they disobeyed, but knowing our nature, that is exactly what God expected.  But it was necessary that they realize that they had disobeyed.

This has to do with being a teen-ager, spiritually, and realizing when just to obey is not what God wants.  We are to think for ourselves, and choose our own ways to go.  When adults are forced or ordered to obey without thinking, they are being brainwashed.  But, when someone is starting to rebel, and they may refuse to do anything  they are asked or told, it is wise to know how to approach them.  It was necessary at that time, for human representatives to choose to learn the difference between good  and evil.  But, as rebels, in their human nature at that age, it worked to tell then not to do it.

More is revealed too, in the ways they then realized they had disobeyed, but each of them blamed it on another.  He blamed her, he had only done as she had told him to do, and she blamed the one who told her to disobey.  To satisfy their curiosity and see what would happen.  They were saying they were told to do it and did it.  but, they had disobeyed the original intent.  And, it is human nature, and the tendencies we have  to cover up what we want to do, as if we were told to do it, or required, or forced into it by someone or something else.  They were curious.  They wanted to know the difference between good and evil, but could not just say so, if they felt they were being told not to do it.  But God knew this about them.

As angels, they had looked on, participated, but were not yet responsible, all the choices they had open were good choices, part of a viable plan.  Any choice they made was perfectly OK.  But, suddenly, as relative teen-agers, in human bodies, there could and would be wrong choices too, and God was giving them free will to make their own choices from here on.

I see Adam and Eve as the first prototypes of humanity in which spirits could enter and live.  I believe they were created out of clay, non living substance made living by God, and then she was created out of him.  There is a kind of sense this makes, in a bigger potential picture.    Humans from evolution were close enough to those bodies to intermarry with their children.

It seems to me there was evolution, and there was also the angelic participation, with choices made.  But, at certain points, this for one,  there was creation, and it was also essential.

Evolved humans were still innocent, not knowing any right from wrong.  If they did things we would call wrong, they really did not know it, and only did things as they did, as a normal way to act.  There were instincts, all along, but like animals, instinctive behavior does not take thought or choice, it just gets triggered.  Intelligence exists, but is rudimentary.  A soul  exists potentially too, and would only be rudimentary, still only a potential.  But, the children born to the descendants of Adam and Eve, were all of them such that spirits could enter, could incarnate, and would be given the challenge by their own DNA, to develop a sense of what was right and wrong.  Conscience would start to guide them.

I see all humans of any race being in bodies with spirits, once angels, born into it.  We have made that an issue  too, as if maybe you would have to prove your family tree back to Adam, and yet also, perhaps to Lucy and her pre-human child.

I have had impressions that spirits in human bodies can retrogress, and can live in animal bodies for a time, in a state in need of recuperation.  But, I also see some animals, dogs, horses, and others, who have taken on so much in relating to humans, that they are moving ahead in the process.   I believe there were spiritual children who did not yet take on bodies of light, but they had that spiritual spark invested in them, and they will all join in with the same potential always there for everyone..

In our lives now, we have a conscience unless it has been destroyed in us causing retrogression.  It took generations for the angels to have bodies.  I think, before that, they may have just had a body form that looked human, but it was more like clothing to put on, not something to live in with its own DNA and instincts.

In comparison, the angels from above can still do this, take on a body form in an immediate way, but that body does not have the instincts and  needs and urges that a body has  if they had been born into it.  And, the angels  from above have not gone on in the descent path  of development, so they are innocent of wrong intentions, and really do obey as God may ask, with no rebellion at all. Not yet.  And, when they come to that, it will go a lot easier for them than it did for us.  But, it took both, and neither one alone could have gotten to this point.

But, on both sides of the question, it is human nature from day one for us to think that what we choose to do is the right way to go, which it is for us, but what we see in another must be wrong, when, it is instead, their right way to go.   And, we have not outgrown this yet, not by a long shot

I want to put in something else here.  When my spiritual partner and I compared our lives, we  had each experienced a very different process of development, which seemed to be for a man, or for a woman.  It was as if we started from instincts, and men developed initiative in actions, being hunters, defending their territory or family or place to live.  They also were ready to cut to the practical approach in how to proceed, with the idea that they, or men, would be the ones doing something.  Women and children were to be protected, but not to be included on the important things that had to be done.  Women, in turn, were receptive to what others wanted, or needed routinely, parents, mates,children. Taking a second place was acceptable, pretty much.  Men chose the mate, the woman was chosen.  We called this the primary modes of functioning.  It  would take both, for him to learn to be receptive, and for her to learn to take the lead for balanced development.  But, if they were a team, and each did their part, with the other accepting and valuing it, that would work.  Unfortunately, we do not do very well at this.

I have spoken of the descent, and then of an ascent.  It was to be in the ascent that the secondary modes of functioning would be added for both men and  women.  They were not to lose their prior initiative or receptivity, but it often seemed like competition.  Men, in some backward  countries only want for men to be educated, and for women to be kept from education.  In more advanced countries, women are nearing equality, or even seeming to try not to be feminine, and not to be receptive, as if they must be like men now.   And, often men are having a real problem with having to be supportive, aware of the needs and the wants of every one around them, as if their own initiative is somehow rendered pointless.  I see a real gender problem in this.  But, when the ascent modes are developed, men will have initiative + receptivity, and women will have receptivity + initiative.  But, like apples plus oranges, or oranges plus apples, these are not identical.   They remain different, but are far more individually whole and balanced than the descent modes only.  An effect of the expected changes is to move us along toward this balance, each of us from where we are so far.

At the time of Adam and Eve, the development of the modes was just starting, and they were as different from each other as they could be.  But, they needed the group, the clan, the family, far more than we do today.   It was a long time before we could truly be individuals in our own right.

The next stage in this Creation Process came with men who became Avatars, to those who would listen to them.  Not that they were divine, or gods in their own right, but that they had an illumination of a message that God wanted proclaimed to everyone.  It does seem that they were born to women who may have been guided to know to expect this of their child, and guidance for her to nurture them..  The messages are not exactly the same, but the illuminated nature of it is evident in all of them.  But, we sure made an absolute, exclusiveness out of these messages to all of humanity.

In terms of Love and Light and Life, Love was the energy for learning right from wrong.  But Light was the energy of illumination, of the message being given to us, to help us to discover the truth of our humanity, our human nature.  Our time now is a time for Life to begin, as we have not yet known it.

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