Change, like a birth, Caterpillar to Butterfly

As I am rereading what I had posted so far, I have just read this.  It immediately made me realize there was an earlier choice.  It is an answer to something I had been wondering about, too. 

With the expansion, we came to the memory of the first actual choice we had given to us.  It came to the angels, and that choice was, stay in the position of perfection, and privilege, never having to earn or learn, but with the gift of knowing all things if you just wonder.  Or, the other choice was to participate as life could begin to form, in living matter, in its most rudimentary form.  To choose to participate in that process of evolution.

There were spiritual babies, and little children before there were teen-aged angels as beings of light.  In a way, they were not that aware of themselves, but they did know they existed.  They had a choice at about a comparable age of 6 or 7. In a way, though, they were only in gestation, as if they were not born yet.  They could go on in a more grown up way, as teen-agers in the household of God, having something asked of them, but existing with a kind of perfection and privilege, as a highest order of the nature of their created beingness.  OR, they could choose to be born, into evolution as it started from the very first cell of living substance.  They were to be babies, perhaps still in gestation, but they also were shown a potential far ahead of them in time, to have a body for a grown up spirit to live in.  They, and they alone entered life the moment it became a possibility for any of us.  And, the humans that were rising up out of the long and slow evolution on earth, were those spiritual children, with rudimentary minds, and rudimentary souls, even as the “fallen angels” did not see the spiritual nature in all of life, as they helped the evolution along toward the higher development of humanity.

As animals, or any lower form of life, there was no individuality, there was a species kind of soul or group spirit and instincts to the species more than individual minds.   But, as higher forms of life evolved, they were more and more able to become individually aware of their own existence.  That is why I saw the way some animals, dogs, horses, who relate to humanity in heroic ways, were truly in line to  become human.  As to any one individual, we cannot know if they were ones who chose to be an angel, subsequently fallen or remaining higher for all this time, or if they as an individual had that far longer span of evolution time, as the species developed, before they could know themselves to be individuals.  They had never been angels yet, but it was as much in their potential and future as it was for those who made other choices.  In no way are they to lose out for being born sooner, with a potential which was to be reached far into their future.

It is a little like being born from a seed, or as an egg, or later in evolution, as a live birth of a being with a span of time needed to grow up.  But, it is to say that all of these forms of life are from choices made as spiritual beings, with nothing of the potential lost regardless of the choice made.  All were necessary.

No wonder people today are realizing the sanctity of all life, even as living things are and have always been our food.

But, there is another factor here too.  In another place I wrote that we were each created and came into existence, with an endowment of substance to call our own.  It was pooled to the use of others, but it was abundant, yet not ever to be measured in terms of finances or possessions.  It was inanimate substance, not living substance yet.  Living substance came only when the children of God entered life, as a spiritual choice, at the dawn of all formation of life.  At the dawn of evolution.

But, they and we all had this  endowment of substance.  And, we all had to pool it, and leave it in the use of everyone.

What I am seeing now, for the future, is that our individual development has been redeeming this substance as our own, as a power of the spirit, as an ability of the ways  we are becoming able in life.  It is rightly our own.  Not earned, it was ours from the time we were created.  But, it is how we used what we had that is the process that redeems it for us.  We do not know we are doing this, no one does.

The potential that God put in each of us, is like a blueprint or a map.  But, it includes all we can be, good bad or indifferent.  We need to choose constantly on what we want to express as ourselves, what we choose to be or to do.  It allows us to learn by making mistakes, not that the mistake is the right way to go, but it is how we will learn what way we will choose to go.  The  potential is the same for each and for all of us, but out of it, we make our own choices, find our own path, and will become individuals, unique and different, with a different viewpoint out of where and what we become.  We will none of us be alike.  There is no perfection or wholeness to be had, there is what we choose to become, out of all that.  Instead, we will build a centered-ness, a core of our own being, and a pattern of what we choose to be and to do;.

Now, I do think this was foreseen, and higher angels could look to it as if all of us will be perfect.  But, it is only with all of us being separate individuals, doing as we do because of who we are, that there is perfection to come of it.  Not out of trying to be all alike and all perfected.  The angels who stayed angels still need to experience living, not vicariously through us, but in their own right.  They were asked to do what they needed to do, for our assistance, which was needed, but they are part of the creation, not parts of God, but beings in same creation as we are.

And, to develop, we have had to live with the instincts of lower nature in us, to either choose in ethics and wisdom, or to even indulge, and realize when we are treating others as beneath us and our desires.  Our culture may try to sell us drugs, things we do not need, ego boosting ideas to buy a desired appearance.  God permits this, it is how we are to learn, but it makes it tough on others, which in turn is another way to learn.  God permits it all, but that does not  make it equally valuable to us.  We can muck around, if that is our choice, but it is permitted because it is how we will learn.

Out of this, however, we have all been learning the hard way for ages.  Even privilege can prevent us from development, and some hardship can be too much to survive.  The world is getting to be between a rock and a hard place today.  Many are willing to gain at the expense of others, and others lose even self confidence and a chance for a decent life.

But, I see change coming, much as if another major choice is upon us.  With many foreseeing it, and many choosing.  It is again, like a birth.  But, this is more like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly, finally.

It is a way that whatever our core of being is, inside, our true self, is to become our outer appearance and life.  Where our spirits seemed distant, as a higher self we can sometimes tap into, it is to be the self we experience ourselves to be.  We will each be the spirit in a body, as the whole idea of evolution had it from the beginning.  Finally, humanity is ready for this.  Not just a body with a spirit or spirits associated to it distantly.  It will be an individual experience.  Even in groups of like minded people, each one will experience this, and go on relating to each other on that new basis.

For some, who have used the energy, work, time, attention, support, of others to seem to be more on their outside than they were inside, it may be a rude awakening, but still, a truth of who they are would be-coming self-evident.  It would be their own ground under their feet, after all, not the loss of it.

For many more, finally, humanity is ready for this.  It will be so very welcome and needed.   The babies who entered spiritually in evolution, with the first living substance, were shown a potential far ahead of them in time, to have a body for a grown-up spirit to live in.  We could not have this leaving them out of it. They did more to develop humanity than anyone.  we do not know who they are, or even if we are among their number.  We all were spiritual children of God originally.

I suspect, God did have us all in the earliest phase of evolution, but also, in all the subsequent choices, as if we had a new beginning, a new choice.  I have always seen there would be  no one left out.
I expect this is the change that is coming.  But, what butterfly knows what to expect, if they only knew of themselves as a caterpillar.

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