Commentary on Fractal Geometry

I had watched a program on Fractal Geometry.  This is about the observations of the part being like the whole, microcosm and macrocosm.  And it is how a hologram works.  Each part of the picture is like the whole picture.  But, it is a new math, which applies to nature and living things.

A  simple example was of a computer design of  pyramid forms, representing mountains, repeated over and over in smaller and smaller sized pyramids, on top of and connected to and around the original.  By the many many repetitions, down to very small sizes, overlaid upon one another, the whole of it looked more and more like a real, naturally shaped mountain, and was used for the scenery of movies.  On other themes, there were pictures of simple objects, where with such repetition of overlaid forms, the same picture was showing up in different sizes, every so often.  As if it was repetitive on some wave length. The miniature looked like the original. I see this as being LIKE what I meant by saying there are harmonics.  Only, I meant it from the largest reality, down to the smaller that is like it, as well as from the smallest up to the largest.

In another example, a tree in a Costa Rican rain forest was measured in its details, and then they could calculate how much carbon the leaves of the tree could remove from the atmosphere, changing CO2 to carbon and oxygen.  But, then the same pattern of the one tree could apply to the whole forest, and the math could calculate the Carbon removed, and Oxygen produced by the whole forest.

For an example, our tree had cherries, other trees were of different kinds, but each is also part of the forest in the local area which use up carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen.  Both are done, not just one or just the other. One tree alone, does not do much to sustain the atmosphere of the planet.  One forest may not, but the many forests all work the same way, and together do sustain life on the planet.  We can throw off this balance, but it is of such a larger order of functioning that we may lose sight of that fact.  As the pattern is repeated, each step of it does not produce another same picture.  It is more as a harmonic that every so often, the pattern shows up the same as the original, with elaboration upon it.  these are the levels of change which seem to show different levels of real functioning, with measurable results.

This math shows that both levels or harmonics happen at the same time, and work together.  The tree as part of the forest is in a context of the larger environment. Yet at the same time, it may be just the one tree which produces cherries as other trees are of different kinds..  But as a forest it is recognized for the carbon dioxide the forest absorbs, and the oxygen that is produced, and as a wild-life habitat, or as a renewable source of lumber.  It is still true that the one tree is a cherry tree, but that is not particularly recognized in the whole forest.   Another forest may be all of evergreens, but they still are of the order to be essential to the whole of the planet as a balanced system supporting life.

I see this for individuals and a group, or the whole.  What we do at each level is different, but is really done at each level, and all goes on at the same time.

There seems to be suggested that like a balanced aquarium or a balanced and closed ecosystem for a plant and animal container, as a sustainable system, these follow a wave length or curve too.  There might be a smallest sustainable container, to be whole in itself, and a largest.  But, the pattern is the same.  Our earth would have a sustainable balance of nature, within parameters, and above it or below it, it would not sustain itself.  Smaller islands or continents could go on with their own unique ecosystem if the planet remains healthy.  But, we could throw off the balance of nature for our island or for our planet.  Measuring the carbon being removed from the atmosphere was done considering this danger.

I know once my son left an aquarium with about 6 guppies here, and they had multiple babies.  The plants grew wildly, as if fertilized beyond the container size.   Later, I gathered some duck weed to add to it for the many guppies to eat, and some snails hatched.  When it appeared that I should clean the tank, the guppies were all dead, the snails had taken over, and most of the plants were dying.  I realized there is a content that will be balanced, it may not be critical, but going beyond it just destroys the whole system, and it can be sudden.

The fractal geometry was presented as applying also to animals, taking the nature of at least the male + female of a species, the group or herd of such a species has parameters in which there can be balance.  But, with too many or too few, this is lost.  And, the nature of the group changes with size too.  Yet, a group needs a balance, or it tears itself apart.  It is different from one species to another, but zoos and nature conservancy places need this info about a balance that can work, or cannot work.

Perhaps our culture needs this realization too, and  we may be tearing ourselves apart as it is.  It could apply too to the way any one cell contains the whole of our DNA pattern, and stem cells can be used as is being discovered.  And, a simple swab from someone’s mouth can show the history of a person’s DNA background.

I felt that this geometry applied to all living forms, and their balance and sustainable nature.  It applies to the human body.  At one end of a spectrum, we see humanity as a whole, with smaller divisions, down to where we see each individual to the same human pattern, but with different bodies, faces, voices, fingerprints, and internal structures.  Even bones can be identified forensically.

As I amend this posting today, it is with a new program on Nova for Fractal Geometry.  In this, by using smaller and smaller internal definitions, medical research has found there is a visible but microscopic difference in the cluster of blood vessels where cancer is forming.  By the larger down to the smaller and more defined use of this math, they are hoping to be able to use scans to locate these microscopic clusters of blood vessels for investigation long before cancer could normally be discovered or treated.  It is a real breakthrough.  They can spot the cluster of blood vessels, because they are not to the normal pattern.  they stand out, using this system.

Yet it also illuminates that a solar system, a universe, a sun, or even an atom, have balance and an ongoing kind of functioning, living or not, that is sustainable, and there are patterns to these which are similar.  But, if something goes critical, and explodes or self-destructs, something else will form from it, to a similar pattern.  But, not to the same size or dimension.

I think the math is really a door opener to much. I originally wrote this a year or more ago, but I am posting it, to make a point.  Like a galaxy, compared to a solar system, to a planet, they function to the same pattern, but on a different scale.  But all of them are real at the same time.  We are in them all, but we relate to the one we seem to be most immediately part of, and interacting in.  We relate to our planet, or our country, groups or families.  But all of them are real, actual, going on at the same time on a different scale, they are connected and have an effect from one level to another.

Sometimes we are told our daily lives are not real or important, or from our daily lives, we are told that the larger picture is imaginary, and cannot be real.  But, both are real at the same time.  And, there needs to be a kind of balance, or a harmonic alike-ness, for them to go on working of a whole.  We can get out of phase, out of balance, and into a self-destructive cycle.  I think it will always re-balance, but that may be by getting off to a fresh start again.
I note now, in having seen another explanation of Fractal Geometry,  that we are spirit, and started out created equal, alike, with the same potential, but grouped as a whole, at a largest harmonic we can sense.  At the other end of the spectrum, we are in a body, and each body is unique and different.  But, then we realize that we also are an individual spirit, in a body, also unique, also having become who we are out of our experiences and choices.

We started out in an ocean of spirits, functioning as a whole, but we became individual spirits also, unique and in a living body.   Both are true, both go on at the same time, with other levels or harmonics between.  But,as a whole, we are more than we started out to be, we are also functioning on the many harmonics, and we need to be coordinated or integrated in the whole of our functioning.  Not favoring, or believing in just one as we ignore or devalue another.
Just as the one tree bears its fruit, but it is still a part of all of the forests, and does more than it might seem.

I may realize how to say this more clearly, but it is the best I can do for now.  comments are invited.



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