Black Holes are important to our lives.


Some months ago, I had an idea after watching a Science Channel program about Black Holes.

The Black Hole can be like a subconscious to each of the cosmic universes.  It is as if I now can see a life, and an identity for a universe, not just a living planet, or a living solar system.  The core of our sun, and maybe even our planet can even have a micro-black hole at its center, and as the seat of its gravity.  It was described as having a way of taking everything as it comes into it, and condensing it into seeming oblivion, but at the event horizon, or the moment of “now” when it enters, when it goes into the past, it is recorded like a hologram, and is also visual and experienced here and now as it occurs.This is so much like our own subconscious, and our everyday lives of here and now.  It is so much like an inner and an outer to a person, and for a planet, and for a universe as well.  It is also like our past stored in memory, or in the subconscious, and not in current memory, compared to and following here and now, along with inner and outer.  The future is somewhat foreseen, planned, but not in the Now, not Here.  But, it is more like a fluid, still changing possibility ahead of anyone and anything.

And, I have been foreseeing Change of a highest order coming into the event horizon, so to speak.

I also think that when I accessed the fallen angels (as written in an earlier blog posting,)  looking on and participating in evolution here, it was out of a different order of the subconscious than just my own.  It was planetary.  But, I also had accessed a different order, smaller, of a subconscious, not just my own, in the last 2 of my awakening dreams, (linked to this blog, but not posted in it.)   I described it as human nature, common to everyone, potentially to be realized by anyone.  We all feel an impact from it.
—————————————————————- They describe and see black holes at the scale of universes, not at the scale of a planetary system, but if it is like a living kind of subconscious containment of the past, it is like our own, in how it works.  Anything that ever was, ending, going into  the past, gets contained in it.  And,  if I have accessed it at other scales than just my own, it is accessible when we are ready.Also, this fits in with how Science theorizes about the big bang.  There is the creative energy, latent, potential, not in use, but it has a charge as it were, which builds up.  The creation took place in one moment of time, as far as the Creator is concerned.  But, from the foreseen and eventual result, it also started time, with time moving along differently at the different stages or levels where it was experienced.   I see this energy as a potential, latent, as the incentive that builds up in us with which we can act.  It is not something to be measured, but it certainly exists, and can be measured as that energy is put to use.  I can theorize that it may be out of our past that we can have an incentive for something different or new to follow. 

In those terms, a black hole contains the raw energy which is not being used in a substantial way any more, it is absorbed, annihilated, but exists for reuse, as a charge build up of that raw energy.  We cannot measure it, when it is not in use, and is only latent.  Science tells us black holes seem to have nothing in them, but have incredible mass, and gravity.  Even light cannot escape, or is no longer the energy as light once it goes in there.

Even an atom, which is a sphere with a tiny and relatively heavy nucleus, has electrons speeding around it, the center of the atom is not seen.  The energy moving around it goes so fast it is relatively a solid substance in our use.  It is like sticking our fingers into a fan, it is like a solid when it is moving too fast for us to see, and we can get hurt, as if we stuck our fingers into a blade in motion.  But, for the atom, it is so much faster than  that, it is literally a solid in our world.  And, we cannot see to the nucleus of it.  We would not exist without there being substantial matter capable of being gas, fluid, and solid.  We may only see this as inanimate, not living matter, but at a macrocosm view, it may all be living substance.  This is what I am coming to believe.  But, for our use, here, most substance is inanimate, much of it is solid.  But, there is raw energy too, which we do not see at all, and cannot measure when it is not in use.   Science now realizes it exists.

I think I mentioned that we each  were created to have substance for our use, not just enough but an abundance of it, but we put it to common use.  In development, we redeem this as our own, out of how we use our energy, selfishly, at the expense of others, or in sustaining and helping others mutually as we go along.  But, this is done continually, over our whole lives in all we do.  We do not need to see it build up as wealth, or as belongings.  It is one of those raw energy things we put to use over and over again in the course of our lives  It cannot be measured.

It is out of the deepest past, the most unconscious level we can access, which contains the evidence of the potential that had seemed most eventual in some future way.  It only can become NOW, with accessing it.  In the lines I have sometimes diagrammed  for longer spans of time, it means there was one span of time so large it contained this whole creation foreseeing how it would turn out, as well as all of the subdivisions within it, of all the structure and the elaboration of the processes.

I have seen the created spirits to be like babies, children, but  boys and girls, unaware of the difference.  For the angels, they were given the whole of the potential to see all at once, as if it were an ideal already accomplished, since it was foreseeable that we would fulfill our potential.  Fallen angels started on the process of what choices were to be made, and what they were to do, toward eventually fulfilling their potential.  Those who delayed, did so to keep the potential alive and in sight for all of us.

The potential contains all the choices, including mistakes to make as we needed to learn.  Not that these were to be built in, but were to learn from.  The potential contains all the choices for the many differences there would be for so many of us.  We even had animal nature in our evolutionary background, and choices to make about rising above this, and discovering what we wanted to be and do as human beings.  Good and bad choices, were to learn from, and had a spectrum from easy to difficult, better and worse.  All were part of the path we might take.  But, we took a particular path, out of our own choices.  In a way, the  choices we leave behind, go into raw energy for us again.  It is a kind of subconscious memory, a black hole, and even an energy  which will become an incentive for us.

For Angels, it appeared that we would all be alike, all of one group and of one mind, of one orientation.  But, in fact, the whole of the potential held the choices for everyone, when we were started on paths of becoming uniquely ourselves.  Still, when we look at the whole of humanity, we are that much alike, in a different scale.  But as unique individuals, this is only of a whole in a much larger view.   Yet both are real, being a unique individual, and forming groups of like-minded people, or being part of all humanity..  Not to be lost in a group, but supported in our need to fulfill our own unique potential.

It is like going back to the beginning, if we are to start a here and now where the potential is at the event horizon, at the here and now for us.  Both ends of a time scale, for a new beginning, a fresh start. It is like going deeper, to reach higher, or reaching higher to go deeper.

But, this is also more outer and inner, and it is also more past and future.  At earlier times, I wrote and wondered so much about turning around, and turning inside out.  It is like that too.  But, it leads to a fresh start, a new structural process opening up,  multilevel for each according to what they need and with which they can get off to a fresh start.  Smaller scale new steps to take, as well as a new largest scale step to take, and everything in between, all becoming possible at the same time, for everyone’s needs to be met..  It is in the potential, it is in the plan, in the created order.  It can become the event horizon, the here and now.There is still a future, fluid, a plan and maybe a discovery out of choices made, within the expanded structure and process.  It is for everyone in the creation.  It cannot ever be attained, opened up, just for ourselves.  It has to include all it will apply to and for.  It must be for the benefit of everyone it touches.  It is for the whole of the creation, and was in the plan, foreseen,  from the beginning.

Just to restate, for something to be foreseen, is from a larger picture, where the whole of it plays out as what it will be.  But, it is not fore-ordained.  We do have choice in the here and now, continuously, and it was on a far different time scale than that of the One Creation Action, that it was foreseen who would make what choices.

Perhaps saying this, I can go on to one more application of a black hole.  It appears that it was foreseen that we would eventually become Unit pairs in a more spiritual and eternal sense.  We develop and integrate as individuals, but it was my experience and that of my spiritual partner, that once we felt we had done this, and could adequately tell each other about it, (warts and all, as is said,)  then our inner guidance began to come to us as if we were already a pair, when we hardly knew each other, and had not met in daily life.  It was as if we were brought back together.  But, it was also as if inner guidance came to us as a pair, as well as being two individuals, and we knew each other on the inside of who we were, but not on the outside.

I said that we redeem substance, originally created as our own, but put in common use.  We do not see this happen.  It is done out of the choices we deliberately will not make.  It is the “No”, we say, to what we do not want to become.  It is a closing of a door, and then other doors, that had been open to us, out of our choices.  And, these go into a kind of black hole we do not know we have.  We could have gone that way, and we realize it, but took the path we did anyway.

We, as spiritual partners, shared telling each other such things, the ways we might have gone wrong, but didn’t, not to our credit as much as to our pitfalls, and suddenly, we experienced it as if we had something turn inside out, or upside down for us.  It is beyond describing, but I will tell you what it seems to suggest..

Eventually, there is to be a time for Unit Emergence, like a birth of a Unit pair, into what they are to be together, as they have never been.  It is in everyone’s potential, a potential that will be realized.  It has been foreseen, but not fore-ordained.  We will come to it only when we are ready.  It is like a time of graduation, but for a Unit Pair, who are also individuals.  And, the substance they have redeemed as their own is to be like a home, a bubble sphere, that is shaped like the structure and process spherical map I had seen within.  Only it is outside, real, outer, livable, with all redeemed living substance for them both as a spiritual pair, and as individual spirits in ordinary bodies. The bubble container is like a soap bubble that has substance, but does not appear so.  the bubble container works as a black hole, to take in from the environment stuff that is unwanted, poisonous, destructive to life, and to absorb it into raw energy for reuse.  It contains latent energy for reuse, and the home has only this as it’s renewable energy source.  It can do something toward the reversal of the self-destruction cycle of a planet, much as trees absorb carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen.

The key word here is Eventual.  We do not know when, even if we think we may be ready. But, it is the scale of birth, or of a potential being fulfilled, within the plan.  But, it is also like  a beginning of life together, as if such  pairs are finally seen to be grown up spiritually.

The black hole has its place in the scheme of things, even for us. In an eventual way, this black hole contains raw energy that is like an incentive building up for what we want to become, a creative energy for our use in our own future.

But, it seemed to us that it is in this way that humankind is made in God’s image.  As a Divine pair who are parents of one mind and relationship to the children of the creation, yet who also are individually aspects of God, as a Father, a Male, and as a Mother, a Female.But God is as a macrocosm in time, in space, in dimension,compared to us.  And,what is eventual for us is only on the amount of substance created with us, and redeemed by us, but there are going to be so many of us, eventually.  My key word is Eventually.


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