Learning to function spiritually.

I had experiences with 3 years of having psychic powers from about 1958 or 59 to 1962. I found they had side effects I did not realize, or intend. I ended that period of time as if I had to renounce this as too dangerous for those around me as well as for myself. It could not be used without unconscious and unintended things being caused beyond the good that I intended.

But, in another 3 years, I realized it was not just psychic powers, it was a spiritual potential, a way to function, and it was not something I could renounce. I could only learn how to function with spiritual gifts.  I have added a description of how I realized this. 

Ever since then, I have felt I could be asked, and even asked the impossible, but if I would attempt to begin on it, I would be enabled. I would learn by doing. What is done when it is asked of me is done with a strange larger and higher source of direction which is of benefit to anyone it touches. It causes no side effects, because it is what God wants done.

But, just very recently, I am no longer asked. It seems as if God is trying to tell me to trust myself, and to offer to do what I think I want to or should do. But, even then, I am not told it is OK, as I felt I had been for awhile. I had thought I could offer and wait to see if it was given an OK, but then that ended too.

I have to attempt it, but ask God to stop me if I am wrong about it.

Yesterday, I had written an important and personal message to someone, and then tried twice to send it to a third party too, and it never went through. That is a veto, plain and simple. Yet the original message was very easily written and then went through to the one it was written for with no trouble at all.

I have many experiences with this veto, and have seen others get so frustrated when what they attempt is stopped for no apparent cause or reason. I see it for them as well, as a kind of intervention, a kind of veto, as if we need to take a second look at what we were trying to do, and why.

I believe my main message is that we are created to have the gift of the spiritual powers and functioning. But, to have them is not a game, or to be taken lightly. It is not for showing off, or for magic, or for just anything we may want to do. Even trying to do good, or only our best is not going to stop the unconsciously caused side effects, the unintentional many other effects caused all around what we are intending to do. I think we have to realize this and be willing to be stopped and guided in how spiritual powers are to be used.

Again, I have many experiences, and maybe the best I can do to share about it is to just tell what happened. I will plan to do this here.

The catch is that if we did not have our own living spirit in us, we would not be alive. But our individual spirits seem to be asleep or unconscious, and only wake up partially and gradually. But, there is a created and individual spiritual being in each of us, the core of what we are. And in many ways we exert spiritual powers and never even realize it. To “expect” uses this power, to attempt to “influence”, to “condemn”, to love, to fear. There are so many ways we all use this power without ever realizing it.

For our living spirit to wake up is to also realize this. Using psychic powers knowingly is still not the same as using spiritual powers in ways to learn how to function as we potentially can.

God wants us to learn how to use spiritual functioning, and to do this, we must first be guided, and eventually, come to have our own spirit in the directive position in our life. We are to learn by guidance, being asked, and by doing. But in due time, we have to begin to trust ourselves, and not only offer or wait to find out if what we want to do is OK, but trust it enough to go ahead and try. But, we need the veto, because we are learning how, and probably may never be able to know much of what God wants done.

But, we know the direction of living that we should take. We are not just part of a larger ocean of spirit, we are a created spiritual being, who can and will be awake and directive in and for our body soul, and mind.

I learned this over so many years with so many experiences, it seems impossible to tell about it. But, the main idea is straight forward enough.

So, I will start posting about this on Spirit Nrg. It is my experience that when I start talking, or writing, or posting, some listen and value it, but no one answers or asks the questions to bring it all out more clearly. It is more as if it is taken as some big claim, when it is only the experiences of my lifetime. But, I can tell those as best I can. Love, Helena

But, the many lessons come down to this being the most essential. Love, Helena

The event when I was first asked to do something in spiritual functioning, after I had renounced what I had thought of as being a psychic ability, came without my realizing what it was. It was in 1965.

My husband and I ran our small business with just the two of us, often taking turns. I was alone in the store, and a woman drove up and came in. She had been crying, and I asked if I could help her. I meant it because she had been crying, not to try to sell her something.

She began to tell me that her son had just been killed in a car accident in the city where she lived 60 miles away. She had just gotten in her car and was driving wildly until she suddenly saw our place, and stopped and came in. She told me all about it, in tears, and my answers were to listen, and to reassure her that death is not the end.

I did not say he is in a better place, or talk about heaven. She was oriental, and might not have the traditions I had been told. Although this actually never crossed my mind.

But, I did tell her that we are spirits living in a body, and when the body dies, the spirit lives on. As the spiritual being he was, he still is alive in that way. He cannot die as a spirit. She is also a living spirit, and she will know him again. I listened and talked with her for half an hour, and only know that this is what we talked about. I could not repeat any of it to my husband later.

After the half hour or so, she thanked me, and said she was ready to go home then, and she left, going back the way she had come from.

While she was there, the telephone never rang once, my husband did not return, and no customer came in, which was unusual.

I tried to tell my husband about it, but could not repeat anything either of us had said, just the gist of it. It seemed a little strange, frustrating even, since we talked for half an hour. I never saw her again.

But, later, I dreamed about it happening, as if to see and to hear it all again, and we had both been speaking in her language. Whatever that oriental language was.

I did realize that I was left with something learned. For the 45 more years we ran the business with employees over the years, one girl had been brought up in Germany, and did very well with people who spoke that language. But, somehow, I seemed to understand the Meaning, not the words, of any oriental language after that. I did not realize this, until it dawned on me that they all took this for granted, and acted as if it was perfectly natural. We once had a tour group of Korean elderly from the city stop at our store, and it was remarkable then, that I could get the gist of it, and that they totally expected me and only me to do so.

In all times when I really seemed to be asked, or had it land in my lap like that, and it would have been impossible, but I was somehow enabled to do it, I was left as if I had learned something.

I might add, I have heard of speaking in tongues, and maybe the original happening was like my experience. But I eventually heard people speaking in tongues, and it was not at all the same. Nor did anything like it ever happen again. That is in a way a hallmark of being asked. It is never the same kind of thing again, it is different every time.

It is not a claim, it is an experience I had one afternoon, when I was about 41 years old. I only dreamed that it was spoken in her language by both of us, but I could only remember and tell the gist of what we talked about. And, it was not just that I seemed to then get the meaning of what was spoken in the oriental languages, but that it was expected of me by those speaking. Why on earth would they expect it of me?

I took it as a whole to be an experience I was asked to do, the first, but there were other different ways I was asked, or had it land in my lap over the years. Being asked has stopped now.

Love, Helena

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