Angels develop down to here, Living in bodies we develop up to here.

I see there has been a path of development that Angels followed, without realizing it. It came out of all Angels seeming to be all-knowing, onlooking to humanity outside of time.  It was a given existence as if one of perfection, as if a potential was in us, and we did not have to earn or learn it, it just was created in us.  But, our purpose of existence was being asked to observe humanity, and to be asked by God to take messages, or to assist, or to teach, or to save people from harm.  But doing this left us with questions. 

Only in retrospect can we see that the particular things we were asked to do, and were sent for into humanity, were to get us to ask these questions.  It was a little like Jeopardy, in the sense that we had the answers we were to bring to people, but what had the questions been that we were answering.  How had we known the answers, without even knowing what they were answers to?

When my partner and I compared our notes about how each of us felt and remembered that we had come to an individual integration, it had been by the way of an Angelic descent path, but taken very differently by each of us, as if we went all the way, full cycle, but each from a different starting point, different questions asked by us, and out of our own personal experiences.   Why!   How do we really know this, what is the basis for it, how do we know it is true.  Why this message, why that assistance, why that teaching, how was someone about to be harmed? 

With each question, which came from what we were doing, we seemed to go down to a lower level of schooling, as if we had been created with a college education, but without all the grades leading  up to it.  Every question led more into mind development, and into awareness, perception, feelings.  We differentiated between feelings and emotions.  Feeling is a Cardinal mode of judgment, a sense of true or false, a valuing, a meaning, but not an emotional response to something coming at us.

We discovered there was a structure, like a curriculum, which we had followed, from any one question to the next.  But, overall, we had covered the same ground.  It was as if we went from higher grades to lower, down to basics, or to Kindergarten 101, only to find that a few simple basics cover it all, it is not all that complex.  But, it cannot be put into words easily.  But, in essence, Angels made a descent that way, because they were Angels to start with.

But, there also is another path, which is that of Evolution, which is all of it helped along every step of the way by the Angels.  We are born into life, as Children of God, and all of the direction of growth seems upward.  Angels are seen to be way above us, as if created forever to be beyond what we can ever equal.  Everything we know teaches us and shows us this.  But, we will come to know and experience as Children of God, that we are an eternal living spirit, inhabiting and directing our own body and life, and taking part in a far larger way into all existence.  Our participation into all existence is of benefit to, and for growth for ourselves and for everyone. In this, all creation, all living things are related to us, and all of life is inhabited by spirit.  Our pets can remain with us as spirits, our gardens can, our environment can be around us on the other side, even a home with loved ones can be there for us.  It is not solidly real as it is here, but it is what we can experience and know.  God created for all of it to be possible, and gave it to us for our own use.

But, these two paths meet, and we discover that as Angels we started out from the top, alike and together, while as Children of God, we started out from the bottom where each birth gives a clean slate, and a fresh start, into new and different, individual circumstances.

But, when we meet, we are not two different creations, we are one creation, by one loving God.  It is finally the time when the bodies of human beings are finally sufficient for the individual created and eternal spirits to inhabit, to live in.  Also, each Angel, as the spiritual being aspect of ourselves, is to finally be able to live in the body that is and always was their own body. As a High Self, with other spirits, we looked down into life, as a child of God, we sensed having a Higher Self.

We, as Angels,  were helping ourselves, all along.  We were being helped by way of God asking, sending Angels, but they were sent to help themselves as they helped others, before they knew it was also for themselves.  What better way to learn than to lift ourselves by our own bootstraps, when we do not even know we are doing it for ourselves.  How we would do for others turns out to be how we really have done for ourselves.

Until the Child of God reaches this mid-way point of development, we cannot know this about the Angels.  Until the Angels reach this mid way point of development, they cannot know that as Children of God, born into bodies, it also is the other part of their own path.

I see this point of meeting half way, is also the foretold change that is coming. Finally, the individual spirit can indwell the body, and we are perhaps with a lot to digest, integrate, because of it. But it is wholly to God’s plan and wholly, to our benefit.  Children of God are then starting on learning spiritual functioning, and Angels are learning to direct in a whole being way, with mind soul and body, under their own individual spiritual direction.  In no way do we, as an ocean of spirit, take the place of God as our Creator.  The individual spirit is related to, relating to God, all along, in a connection anchored inside of us.  We are becoming whole as the unique persons we have become.

Yet the two perspectives still exist now, at this time.  We, as children put ourselves down, we may fail to see the spiritual nature behind all life.  We may fail to see any connection to having been Angels.

We, as having been Angels, feel we have lost out on what we once had, and long to return to what was only given to us, before it was learned or earned, as we will realize it has been and is being learned by now.  It is with foundations we have built up from living as Children of God, that we can direct our lives from our own eternal indwelling spirit.  We integrate body, soul, mind and Spirit.  We do not return to being only spirit, God created the potential of body soul and mind for us to develop and use.

God created one Creation.  Humanity is part of it, Angels are part of it, and all life and the substance of which the world and suns and stars, as well as each atom and spark of energy are formed, are all part of it.  It is one Creation, which has developed in many partial aspects into the wholeness of it.  Yet, it is also to be when each individual spirit is to be awake and directive in it’s own body and life, relating to the Creation as a whole.

I see a process that Angels made a descent, at the same time that they were in a state of glory, perfection, being all knowing, and being always the ones to do as God wants done into the world of men, into our hearts, minds, souls, and lives as well. They existed more timelessly, and with more of a wholeness of their existence, not often as rare individuals when sent to do something.  Yet. by interacting with humanity, it raised their own questions which guided the development they did not even realize they were accomplishing.

I see us born into life as Children  of God, with the outer relationships and circumstances of life being our school room and teacher, we do know we are growing and learning, and come to realize we are a living and eternal Spirit, with a body living a life, with a mind and with a soul.  We are each about to become more of a whole being and unique individual, just being ourselves.

The following is describing part of how I came to know this.


We took our first vacation driving back east to visit my parents.  The kids were all given beds down in the room we called the parlor.  My husband and I had an upstairs bedroom I had never slept in before; it had been my grandfather’s bedroom over the years.   In the night, I heard a little child crying.  I got up and went to find her.  But, it was a dream, not actual, when I completely thought it to be actual.  I went into the next room, never realizing it had been my own room when I first slept alone upstairs as a 5-year-old.  I did not know who the little girl was, but I tried to comfort her.  I told her all I could think of about prayer, faith, truth, God, love, as I held her.  I felt that I told her everything I knew by that time in my life.  Finally, toward dawn, I told her she could remember me and whatever I had told her when she heard the tree leaves rustling outside her window.

In the morning, I was remembering this as if it really had happened, and my husband and I went into this next room.  By then, it was a storeroom, with barely space to walk around in it.   I was shocked.  By then, I knew it had to be a dream, of course.  But, when we went down to breakfast, I began to remember something.  I asked my parents, “when I first slept alone upstairs, did I talk about a ‘Tree Lady?”  They told me calmly, yes I had.  I asked what had I said?  They said that they did not exactly remember, but it seemed to be very good, and good for me.  They felt it must be an angel or something, and never worried about it at all.  I had said the Tree Lady told me this or that, and would chatter about it in the morning, and they just took it at face value, since it seemed to be really good.  It never worried them.

I puzzled over this, but to make sense of it, I saw it as something I had already known, but was only that far along in remembering about it at that time in my life when I had dreamed of telling the child.   But, like lifting ourselves by our own bootstraps, it was latent in me to be remembered, all along.  And, this maybe reinforced it that I would not remain forgetful of it.  The only memory I had of the Tree Lady impressions of that age is that I felt so very safe and loved and comforted.  Nothing could hurt me.  I would get to where my life was supposed to go.  I may have chattered about what I was told, but I think none of it was remembered as such at that time.  But when I did remember it or learn it again, I recognized it was not the first time I had known it.  Later, with a partner, I did learn things for the first time ever.  There was a distinct difference

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