Psychic Coercion

An attempt was made to scam us via a phone call early yesterday. I really used common sense more than feelings, to recognize it as a scam, But my husband was totally taken in by it and refusing to listen to me. I will first copy our grandson’s response, since the scam was supposedly his appeal for money in an emergency. Then, my response to him, just now with the details. But, I want to write more about this, because I see that there is psychic energy used, consciously or not, in a scam, and I have other experiences about this. I do not so much see my husband as gullible to a scam,  as hit by this coercive intent, with psychic energy to put it across.

From his cell phone text, via FB message, and then my response, before commenting about this.

It was good talking with you guys today… Sorry under those circumstances. I felt bad… Glad grandpa didn’t send the money. But glad he cared that much for us. I was glad you called as I can always be reached on my cell phone. I would love to go to Barcelona but probably wont go till the girls are out of the house. Let’s keep in touch more often… Travis

Thank you for writing. Your messages from the 17th on were missing or had been deleted from our FB pages, and I assumed this was where they got the info for this attempt to try to scam us. I was in the shower when the call came in, so grandpa took it. The young man disguised his voice, by saying he had broken his nose in a rental car accident and had difficulty talking, but got Art to promise not to tell anyone, because it would make your family worry about you. I was surprised that he was so determined that he did not want me to call Serena, not to tell her anything, but by chatting, just ask about you. If true, she would have known. But I called you first. I called Dave too, but no answer there either, and from none of you. I told Art I was absolutely sure it could not be from you, it was a scam, but he said if it was you, you needed the money immediately to go to the hospital, and settle about the rental car accident, I told him you could not possibly go to Barcelona, even if it was free, you had no vacation time yet, but it was represented as suddenly a free opportunity, by a guy friend, and you would be right back home soon, you could not pass it up. But, when I realized the money had to be sent not in your name, but to a named Spanish citizen, I was even more sure. Just to be sent by Western Union, to that name, no address but Barcelona Spain, and he was waiting for it, with his nose broken and not yet treated. It was the excuse for how his talking was different than we might expect.

Art and I went to the bank to withdraw cash from his business account. I waited in the car, and prayed about it, acknowledging that he might need the lesson, but if possible protect him from this. On his return, I asked him please to stop at the house before he went to the Western Union office, so I could check if anyone called back yet. But no one had. Then, I stayed at home as he left with the money. 1500. I told him, he can afford it, even if it turns out to be a lesson he needed to learn. Home alone, I left another message for you, telling you with that explanation of how I felt it was a scam You called me soon after, and verified you were at work, and had called back as soon as you could. But we have no cell phones, and I could not reach Art.

Interestingly, the callers had apparently used map quest for the nearest Western Union office to us, and given Art the address, saying the US embassy was helping him, and giving us a phone # for there. (Unverified.) The address was in a strip mall, with only an anchor business of a restaurant given as a named business. When Art got there, it was not yet open, and he did not see there was a strip mall connecting at the back. He came home again, not having sent the money, and still determined to do so, and of course by then you had called me back. We called you again to let you know he had not sent the money.

By then the restaurant would be open, and I went with him to inquire about a Western Union Office, thinking it might be a local scam through them. But, they pointed us to a legitimate Western Union office along in that strip mall.

Later in the day, the police did not want a report, but gave him a number to report it to an International Fraud line for Western Union. They took his call very exactly and carefully, double checking with him as he told it. I suggested he call our news channel, to report it, which he did,  since they report any scams going around. We do not have a phone that tells us where a call came from, and perhaps the phone company might be able to tell us. But, Art later said it could even have been a local call, with just some accomplice there to receive the money.


Now, as I said, this was more common sense than just a feeling. But, these things fade into each other somewhat anyway. But, I saw two behavior changes in my husband.

I do have concerns on my husband being this gullible, and concerns for his memory and judgement. at his age of 87. But, in two ways, he acted far differently than usual.

He will ordinarily listen to me, at least much better than this, and he has never before been so adamant that he promised to keep it secret, and he promised to send the money immediately. I also have had experiences with what I will call psychic coercion, which seems to work in ways that may or may not be intended, and are not consciously realized by the people who are impacted by it. I realized many years ago, 40 years, at least, to Never make someone a promise “not to tell anyone” and to advise others, never let someone make you promise this. You are leaving yourself vulnerable to something.Or, you are asking someone to remain under your direction and control.

I mentioned I had experiences with Coercion being done with additional energy from psychic ability. Or, call it spiritual ability that is not yet sufficiently well directed.

I believe we all have and use some spiritual functioning. Often it is not consciously done. Using intuition is an example of it. But trying to make someone believe a lie, or trying to appear differently than we really are, are things people do. This can be done as if there is a kind of hypnotic power and control over others. I believe it can be done unintentionally, and by intent. If we would not do this, it cannot be done to us. But, we can do it unintentionally, and not realize it as it happens. If so, we are still vulnerable to it, and to doing it to others.

My own awakening to this came during a 3 year time period, around 1960, when I had suddenly realized I had psychic ability and power in my own use. I had many positive experiences, but I do not want to try to tell all about those 3 years, but just select examples.

I was writing a letter, it was very important to me, and I very much wanted to finish it and put it out front for pick up before I would go to a meeting. I was to be picked up in a routine way by a friend, for a woman’s meeting at church. I kept writing for 10 minutes, and then, with relief, sealed my letter and put it out in my mailbox with the flag up for pick up. The next minute, my friend came by for me. As we left, she told me she was so sorry, but when she tried to pick me up first, as usual, the traffic was so bad, that she could not get in the lane to make the turn. So, she went on, and reversed the usual route, to pick me up last. Then, there were also 3 other ladies in the car, and they were all saying, it was so strange. They all lived in the neighborhood, and they each knew all these streets like the back of their hand, but they were each and all saying they had been lost for almost 5 minutes, no one could recognize where they were, nor how to get to my street. They must have gone past my block over and over, before suddenly, they all recognized it at the same time, about a minute ago.

This rang an alarm bell for me. The day before,  I had spotted a parking space at a store where I wanted to shop, and as I approached it, a car ahead of me signaled to turn into it just as a car somewhat before it backed up, causing their slight accident. But, going around them, I had the open parking spot right in front of me after all. I thought of that as just a coincidence. But, when I went into the department store, all the clerks in sight dropped what they were doing and came to ask to help me, when I had not yet even looked at something. Even their customers acted as if I was some VIP, or the Queen of England, and it was only right that they wait. I was so shaken up by this, I had been in a hurry, and hoped someone would wait on me right away, but I certainly did not want to cause anything like that. I said no, and I left immediately, without shopping. It was ringing alarm bells for me. Yes, it could be explained away, but I sure felt it was somehow my psychic influence, out of what I wanted, as if it was caused at the expense of others.

After both of these, at another meeting, I intentionally made no move to indicate my intention, but I held the idea that I was holding my hand up and asking for the floor to stand and speak. The chairman turned to me, and so did everyone else in the room, as if I HAD held up my hand, and as if I had spoken aloud. I was put on the spot and had to stand up and think of something to say, and get through the moment and sit down again. I realized, this is a potential way we can and do function. It was really a rude awakening, because I thought I might see some slight response to this, but nothing like what actually happened.

There were other such things, as if people were hypnotized, and I was suddenly in a position to give them orders, impulses, they thought of as their own. I had not hypnotized them, it was a condition they were in.

I had to resolve that, to any extent people are hypnotized like that, not realizing it, I would want to be part of waking them up, and not taking advantage of their suggestibility.

As a result, I saw more things like it, in which I was able to do differently. My children were all still living at home and in school, then, and I swear to you that children are far less hypnotized than most adults. Younger children, especially. It is rare to meet a person who is more open and aware of who they are, not giving a facade image, or lies (even to themselves) about who they want to appear to be, and this is an evidence they are not as hypnotized or suggestible, or as easily impacted.

Years later, I was corresponding with a spiritual partner, whose tenant was a drug addict who was also an extremely good con man, who had my partner as a target. We both learned a lot from his experiences. When he called me on a weekly schedule, I could instantly tell if his mind was clouded from some recent scam, theoretical car repairs to pay for, or money that supposedly was needed for unseen but claimed reasons. For our conversation, he could not get away from the everyday subjects and into our inner guidance subjects. It took maybe 10 minutes for his mind to clear up. He learned to recognize this when it happened, but the tenant also was arrested for other reasons, and was no longer targeting him. He still was a help to the wife and children, much as if they were family to him, and I am very sure he was a good influence into their lives, especially the children. But, for him, it came down to much the same thing, if he himself would not pull the wool over someone else’s eyes, or try to take advantage, it could not be done to him. And his relating to others was to wake them up, not be an element to hypnotize or take advantage of anyone.

There is also an element for both this partner and myself, that we did not try to control, lie, take advantage, but that we had to experience how it worked, and wake up to the way it was going on all around us. We had to realize that psychic ability is an extension on spiritual functioning, and we did not yet know the potentials of spiritual functioning, or the abilities it encompasses. We had learned more, but had mostly only learned to avoid unintended side effects. There is an incredible potential in us.

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