Structure and Process

It is all the same sphere, it may seem to be larger, holding us all, as well as smaller, just containing the individual man or woman, but the process is the same. And, there is, in starting from All of us together, this oneness concept of what all development is. From the top, it is all going down as if to the bottom, which is only the center, really. It is a path, a line, but it goes in a spiral fashion, around from the periphery starting point, going inward, to a central point of the sphere. There, we do form an integration of what we learned that time around, but do not realize it until later when we go over it again. But the point of view, the orientation is being one with all others, is only hemispherical.

From evolution, the bottom, it is all seeming to be going up, as if to fulfill our whole potential, when it is only up to become a human being in which our own spirit can indwell. Again, it is a spiral path in a sphere, which seems to be one line, but spiraling inward to the center of the sphere. there is always an integration at the center, but it is realized only when we go back over it.

From Self, it is only to be a Self, an individual, also true, but again it is hemispherical as a perspective, and the orientation can be blind to the oneness, the alikeness of all of us, the connections between us, all of us with the same potentials. But, this orientation of being a self is also from Awareness inward, around in a spiral path within our sphere, to the center of the sphere, the same sphere, but we have experienced it differently, it is like our own skin, or bubble, but it is also the larger sphere as well. The integration at the center is also essential, and is not realized until we go back over it.

An Angelic perspective is starting at the top, with a created and spiritual existence, but from it too we can make a descent, which seems only from the top to the bottom, but is a spiral line inward, not a straight line down, encircling inward in the whole sphere, where what seems to be the bottom is really at the center. There is a sense of going from college, being all knowing, to asking “how do I know that?” many times over, down to what we have called Kindergarten 101, and an integration of basics. But again, this is not realized until we go back over it.

Beyond this, there is a path inward from the South, a Receptive hemisphere, where females start a path inward, adding initiative in the opposite hemisphere, and again, in a spiral path inward, coming to the center, with what has been learned. And, there is another path an Initiating hemisphere, from the North, where males start a path inward, adding receptivity in the opposite hemisphere, and again in a spiral path inward, coming to the center with what has been learned. Both, however, do not realize what they have learned until they start to go back over it.

All the orientations so far are in six different hemispheric viewpoints, none are recognizing they all go to the same center. But, then, we begin to go back over it and realize what we have learned, and increase our comprehension and consciousness, over all. But those are the integrations of the Light energy and modes.

We are then expanding the integrations from the center into the larger sphere. They are becoming a foundation out of our own many paths of our development.

The integrations of the male and female turn out to be an eternal mated connection in the Love energy.

The integrations of the Life energies come with the body having been developed enough for the individual spirit to indwell, with the use of the expanding mind and soul.

The spirit is not merely returning to be pure spirit as it began, in the ocean of spirit with all others, but is ALSO an individual spirit, with a body and an expanding soul and mind, relating to all others for their own development and integration.

These energies integrate separate and expanding aspects of Body, of Mind, of Soul, with the Higher Self or Spirit, which has looked on and helped all along, but which expands the integrations from the uncountable numbers of different lines of development which came one by one, from when we first were created.

This is what is to be the nature of the coming change, and with it there are new potentials beyond those we started with, for all of us alike, as we have become unique individuals and pairs. The orientation, or the perspective, is of the expansion of an integrated foundation at the center of and into the larger sphere of our existence. We will win free of having the process that gave us the different hemispheres of development, and the conflicting and seemingly exclusive points of view which had come from that orientation. We are coming into a wholeness of our own individual and united existence.

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