The polarization of extremes.

Copied in from an exchange on Banana Patch Foundation.

You are both, and all, right on, of course, and what I say must sound like a pipe dream and wishful thinking. But, let me try again. I believe there is unseen evil. It is contagious, it is invasive, it is everywhere, and where any of us are going along with others in a larger cause, we get caught up in it too.

It is an aspect of spiritual polarity, or the war of good and evil. We get caught up in it, and it cannot be won in the terms of the way it exists. It has to be transcended, and that is done one by one. Out of individual ways we live our own lives, relate, speak up, interact. Once it becomes a mass movement, it goes beyond our own individual conscience and control, and we get carried along with it.

But, within banking, corporations, and all those in government who are bought and pressured into becoming part of a larger movement, there is the same mass movement. As individuals they are carried along beyond their own individual consciences and self control, and they can even believe the reasons for it are good, and even necessary. Both sides think they are right. Both sides see themselves as the good guys. Both see the others in increasingly more evil ways.

The world is going into an increasingly polarized squaring off into taking sides.

This has spiritual forces behind it, and in a sense, those forces are spiritually blinded by what they are caught up in. In a way it is not our war, it is a war being fought in our world, by blinded spiritual forces getting us to take sides in their war. We are the place, the world, where their war is being fought, and we have no way to see them or the power and influence on us all that is going on. We see each other as the only enemy.

A way this comes about is a human condition of trauma that is passed along to every single one of us in the ways we are brought up, by parents who had a condition of trauma, who were brought up by parents who had a condition of trauma, passed down differently from one generation to the next. It seems to be our own trauma, our own life, our own injuries and grief, our own fears, and yet it was taken on as our own without our being able to understand why all this happened to us. It happened because our world is like that, and our loved ones had been injured, made afraid, or were grieving over the different kinds of things that had an impact on them.

It does come back to understanding that other people do the best they can in the circumstances, and so do we. Life gives us circumstances that we can affect only to a degree, and change in ways we see to be better. We can decide not to pass on the trauma that we have been able to let go of, which we have understood, and forgiven, and we change from being part of the problem to being part of the solution.

But, to join in with the mass arousal to win the war, defeat the enemy, is to not see who the enemy is, and it is to be part of the escalation, and part of the polarization.

It is not that there is a certain fallen angel, or a band of fallen angels, but that our own spiritual way of polarizing about good and evil is so extreme and absolute, and as groups, we go to greater extremes and to more certain absolutes.

It is at this very personal and inner depth that this happens. It is also at this very personal and inner depth that we can transcend it, in the way we live our lives, share our experiences as best we can, and trust that others are also doing the best they can.

It may seem like a lost cause to hope for everyone to wake up to this way to find themselves, but that is what I see happening. I see it tipping the scales even now. It is at a balance point that things can heal, the war can end, the polarizing of enemy to enemy is no longer escalating. It is not when the scales tip massively to the other extreme. That is what I mean by finding scapegoats. This war cannot be won. It can be transcended, out of the individual hearts and conscience, and intelligence of each one who helps the scales to come into balance.

Art and I had a very successful business, we never went into debt. We came from families in financial ruin from the depression, both of us helping support our parents at times, with nothing to be inherited, to at one time being worth a million dollars, (which is largely reduced by now), and still with the reputation for fair dealing and honesty in our business. But, I invite you to hold us as part of the wealthy, and I say that many who are wealthy came into it in honest ways. But, when they become part of a mass protection of wealth, or just seem to be part of a mass protection of wealth, gained only by taking advantage of others, won at the expense of others, that is polarization. Once this mass grouping to a cause starts, it catches people into it. The same is true of the opposers.

This is a war that has spiritual forces who themselves are polarized and see evil in each other. This war cannot be won, it has to be transcended, and that is done by individuals with their own values and conscience. It is to be transcended by coming to the balance point, not to win by going to an opposite extreme.

I do not support this by scripture, belief, faith, I say it out of myself alone. In time, I know balance will prevail, and the war will be transcended. I hope it is to be sooner rather than with another go-round of going off the deep end in another direction. That is my only reason for what I say.

PS, to a Muslim exchange of ideas.  The same polarization  is happening, and seeing all evil in an enemy, and all good on our side.  The common ground we do have, our balance, is lost when we do this.  We are caught up in a war that cannot be won.  It is out of individuals that this common ground, this balance can be found. It is not in joining with groups of a like mind, no matter how much we can see them as the good guys.


Sorry to make this longer, but it needs to stand with this.

OK, I have an inner guidance that I have placed above my own common sense and choice, for better or for worse.  If it is a mistake, it will only take me down with it, but it has not seemed to be a mistake yet.  I do not at all feel it is God telling me what to do, if anything, that was refused to me.  It had to be reached in depths of trusting myself even in this.

 I see everyone here doing the same, as much as it is in us to do so.  If not, there would be no point in writing and commenting here with  you.

 We do have common ground with anyone, but it is lost when we polarize and see others in extreme ways, or react in extreme ways.  I see so many of you here speaking of this basic humanity we have in common, in being ourselves.  It is  only when we are joining  in a mass way with others to what seems to be a common cause that is increasing the growing polarizing of our world that we get caught up in it, and lose that common ground to stand on.  I just keep going back to it over and over, as best I can.  It is not a grand and glorious position.  it is just our own little part, to do as best we can.  It is not as if the world will change when half of us have got it right.

 Instead it is how much salt will flavor the food so it is palatable for almost anyone.  It is how much we can say that  is like leaven or yeast, into the mix, that will make it rise in a nourishing way, not to rise to just pop from all the air in it, and not to just sit there in a sticky lump.  We can only get a sense of this proportion.  It is even the observer deep  inside us who senses it, not our minds and common sense.

 So, it is such a small number of people it will take, not the strength of numbers and power.  I had a dream that I was the child holding my finger in the dike, as a ship was being loaded with “survivors” who could find the common ground to stand on, I suddenly knew, enough are ready, and I pulled my finger out of the dike and let the flooding begin.  I do not know it was me, it was more as if I was allowed to be in on it when that time happened, and a moment or realizing it was passed.

 I truly and honestly feel and believe and think that enough ARE ready, and I have found them.  If I saw it ahead of time, and am not one of them, It would make no difference at all.   It is happening now.  It will not end up in our annihilating one another, even as it sure as hell looks like it.  Enough will find the common ground, and have their own very different values and ideas, to keep the balance which is coming so close to being a polarizing of two terrible extremes.  Dare to just be one of them, and not be carried along into a war that can never be won.

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