I am more sure now, without proof.

I am more sure that it is a fact that it is not the attempt to reach out spiritually, that advances us.  It is only how we live our lives, and how we have lived our lives that is the way of development and growth.  And, we only need to be ourselves, not perfected or saintly, or obedient, but we will of ourselves choose to do as will also  be aligned with what God ‘s plan is for our world, and doing our part toward it.  An evidence, not a proof of this, is the synergy, the ways it works for the benefit of all it touches, and not to anyone’s detriment. 

That is in our everyday ways, but it means, there is a larger connection or we are in a harmonic to cause and add to what is being done in a larger way at the same time, out of the same actions.  The more I see it comes down to how we live our everyday lives, the more it is also this harmonic, this being aligned to, choosing to be in line with the larger plan that God seems to have.  Not that it is our plan as such, though we get glimpses of it. But that we trust it to be God’s plan and intention and guidance.  

I glimpse it now without knowing, and with no proof.  But, it seems to me it is how a unit pair would function and that this is spiritual functioning. Spiritual knowledge and functioning is not the reaching out in our highest ways, as most who talk about it seem to promote.  I wonder too, if what I may say is being taken that way as well.

In a way, too, anyone who is living their life as  best they can have their heights and depths, and it is out of both that we expand within to know ourselves.  If people avoid the depths, and deplore things, and condemn themselves, for what may only be human nature, they also will not experience the heights.  If they value only the heights it is held as an ideal, and the inner depth ways to balance with it are not valued, they will not grow.

Almost all that is being taught is to want the heights, and not to find out who we are.  Our human nature has aspects that we need to explore, and choose what kind of a person we want to be, and do not want to be.  We have many catch words, duality, and ego being two that are used a lot, and the meaning is rather lost by overuse.  We have aspects that are different yet are part of being human.   We are spiritual children of God, as created beings, with a divine spark, and without that spark we would not exist.  But, we also have the additional aspects of soul, mind and  body, to be developed, and to be of a whole with the created spirit.  As a spirit we are still children.  The change we seem to all see coming, is for the spirit itself to start in development, with the tools of the body, mind and soul.  It is not to make less of these.

We need our minds, we need our bodies, we need our souls.  Our duality is inevitably the ways these can seem to dominate and go to excesses, or get put down all the time as being what is wrong with us.  We only need to be ourselves.  We only need to live our lives as best we can.

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