God The Father, and a Mother to ALL, and to Each of us

There are two ways we see and relate to God as our Father. First, we all are to know our God as our Creator, but also creator of all the whole creation, as one creation, ourselves as spirits, included. The Lord’s Prayer for Christians was given to us by Christ, but relates to God as OUR Father. But, our God is Father to everyone of all human beings, alike. In our many religions, we may think of God creating all, but not being like a Father to every human being. Yet God is a Father to us all. I see us looking to God as a ruler, king, Sovereign over all of us. We do worship, fear, love, obey, honor, thank him. we praise him in our music, our chants, our words, our lives. ————–

Yet God has been known to many as a Mother, Mothering us through the Earth that shelters, feeds, sustains us in our lives. And, the Earth is also part of our one whole creation. We were not born into a vacuum of space, we were born into a world rich with warmth, light, fresh air, clean water, trees, plants for food, flowers, and all the many animals, both to be admired and feared, domesticated and useful, loved and brought into our homes. But, God as a mother is more than just providing  the world we live in. There is a mothering Love toward us all. ————

But the second way we know of and can relate to God as a Father to us in particular as a child of God, is different. The same Divine Presence, but a different relationship as a father to each of us. One way to think of it is being subjects in a Kingdom of God, as we all are, but then to discover we are ourselves, in the family of God, and one of the children who directly has God ready to relate to us as our OWN Father. Even a King on earth has his own children, and here, it is a privilege over other children. But, to be a child in God’s own family, is not a privilege over others, it is a privilege we each discover as we begin to grow up, and find out, WE, ourselves, each one of us can discover we are a child in God’s own family, and God will relate to us that way. It is a very different and personal relationship in our hearts. ———–

Now, this is what I keep talking about, and harping on, trying to say it every which way I can. It is for everyone, and all we have to do is realize it, discover it, open up to it inside of our own hearts and souls and minds and life. ———-

Yet, when I did begin to realize this, it was sometimes as much as a Mother to me, as it also truly was as a Father to me, for the different things I needed to learn as I needed to grow up. ————–

Yet, to all of us, and to all of the creation, there is no personal contact, it really is to the sparrow, and to the orphan kitten, and to the health of our world to be able to sustain us, as it is to human beings, We are privileged to be human, and to have been created as spiritual children, but we have our place in the scheme of things. There seems to be an essence of life and living energy in everything. Not God being only in and of the creation, but the creator of all that exists with us. God would exist if the creation did not. ——————

Yet within ourselves, we can have a relation to God as being part of God’s own immediate family. There are others who do not yet realize this, but it can be theirs, and is in their potential, and they are not excluded or left out, from just not being grown up enough to have known this for themselves. We can know it for them, even if they do not yet know it for themselves. ————-

That is the crux of all I am trying to say in the many different ways I write here.
James M. Aikala Abraham that is very BEAUTIFUL, God the Father. Now , would you consider the “HOLY GHOST” the third in the Triniity as God the Mother. The “HOLY GHOST” intrigues me.

Helena Ackley I get God’s guidance by my own spirit being capable of receiving it, and then it is given into my every day life in many different ways, as much as I can hear or see or grasp it. It takes time for me to get what it might be, and I might not get all of it, and it might not come through to me until later.

I feel it is the Holy Spirit aspect of God, as both mother or father, as if a whole message for me, that impresses the one word, or one message at a time for me. But, my own spirit has to be capable of receiving it and passing it along as if translating it for my mind and soul and life to understand.

It can then come in a dream, or I can be reminded of a half dozen things like that I already know. I can read a passage or a book, or a letter from a friend, and certain words will jump out at me as if they ring a bell. I can be driving, or washing the dishes, and a perfectly new thought and idea can just pop up in my head. Even things other people do can be a way I have it presented to me, and recognize as what I am being shown or told. Mostly, I would say I wake up with things I know in the morning, that I did not know when I went to sleep.

But, the Holy Spirit seems to give it all in one moment, not even taking any time at all, really, and only my spirit can pick up on a message, guidance like that. I am probably not even listening to my spirit trying to get it across into my everyday mind and soul and life, lots of the time. That is what meditation does for us, we get our life, mind, soul, to listen to what we might receive, when we tune out all the noise going on all the time. I think I listen a little better than that by now. But, the one word, or the lightning-like guidance comes sort of whole and instantaneously.

I may have had a sense of knowing this coming to me, but it is not anything I really receive into my mind, if I can put it that way. There is nothing of it I can remember. I really only register it into my life gradually, and in all different ways. It is nothing like channeling, that is more as if someone wise enough to broadcast what they want to write, does so, and someone else hears it. I might even say, a little guidance now and then goes a long long way to keep us with a sense of direction, and a way to go with our life.

Abe, I am very glad you asked me this, I have never tried to put this in words before, not at all.

Helena Ackley I do also see Christ as a Son of God, with the spark of Divinity we all have in us, to realize when we are awake and alive spiritually. But, he was an example of the way we can grow out of childhood to know himself to be a Son of God.  It opened a way for every one of us to grow up to become and to realize we are a son and a daughter in the family of God.
We are no more God than we are physically, our own parents here in life. We are related, we have our parents DNA, but we h ave a spark of Divinity in our own created spirit. We are not very mature yet as a human race.

James M. Aikala Abraham very lovely, you know we need to talk about the HOLY SPIRIT more, I’d say the Holy Ghost has touched you Helena you’re as clear as heaven. Spark of god!

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