The Holy Spirit

James M. Aikala Abraham, you said we need to talk more about the Holy Spirit, also called  the Holy Ghost.

People do not realize that our coincidences and ways that things can all work together for the benefit of everyone touched, is also what was known as being the Holy Spirit at work in our lives,  Giving what we do a larger context than our own immediate reasons for what we do, as our taking part in what God is doing through many  of us, even as many more work randomly meaning well, or selfishly into our world.  It is not trying to be spiritual and using higher vibrations, even when it is well meant.  It is living our lives so the normal things we do are in a harmonic with the larger way God, in the Holy Spirit being active in our lives, is receiving what we do and seeing it to be part of the much larger work that is being done to a  purpose.  We do not need to intend this or try for it.  It really is far more being in tune with, or on a harmonic to a larger plan we do not fathom.

I can only tell this out of my own experiences.

When we outgrew the location of our first business, Art and I had notice that the rental building was to be moved, and a road put through where  it stood.  I was in California to help in the family, when our first grandchild was born, and Art received the notice.  We did not know what to do.  I am not saying we prayed about it, but we figured we would manage somehow.   As soon as I was back home, we sat down at the kitchen table, and drew up what would be ideal, yet well beyond necessary.    We even drew to the exact measurements of a building, and outdoor storage enough to take the rock bins we had for our business, Ackley’s Rocks and Stamps.  We drew our picture for a parking lot, and space to put up or move in storage sheds.   We had not looked for anything yet, and the next day, one of our customers, Walt Clark came in, having heard about this from Art a week before.   He told us only then that he was retired military, and doing free lance real estate.  He knew of a place about half a mile away which had been for sale for an extended time, and the owner had taken it off the market.  But, he, Walt, thought it would be just what we needed.  He had called the owner, and he had agreed to allow Walt to show it.

We looked at it quite soon, and it was amazingly exact to the diagram, and all the requirements we had drawn in or listed.  I felt that it was too good to be by accident.  It was even more than a coincidence.  I was decided then and there, but Art had to do more looking first.   But we decided.  Our business was adequate for qualifying, and the down payment was exactly, again, to the figure we had decided we could afford.   So, Walt did the sale on his own, not through a real estate listing, and the owner of the building made all he asked for it, even though it had not sold when listed.  We only had to pay our own lawyer, and the other costs were far less because of it being a private sale.  Walt and Dorothy became our best friends for the rest of their lives.

I had experienced things like this before, and my husband had come to recognize that we have had remarkable coincidences we noticed going back many years.

We owned and operated this business for 45 years, 12 before this move, and 33 more after it.  We  ran it as a family business, successfully so, with a growing good reputation for honest dealings. We feel our employees loved working for us, and several went on into businesses of their own.  Many are still in good touch with us.

When we sold the Rock Shop part of the business in Aug of 2009, we again had remarkable synergy.  It was not being offered for sale, but we were 85 and 84 by then, and still going along OK.  But the newly retired parents of one of our employees wanted to learn the business by working with us (for free) for awhile, then asked to buy it as the economy began to falter.  Our business held up.  Over the years we had noticed than in hard times, people do more with hobbies, and especially with hobbies that can provide an income on the side.

But, that family felt this was a God-send to them and their family in many ways. Two daughters worked for them, and by now, a grand daughter part time, while in High School.     They get busy and hire others at times, and they love the place as we had.  They still plan to buy the building as well.  Art has been made welcome to stay on there in a side room, running Ackley’s Stamps.  He is then  on call still to identify minerals or rocks, and for know how about the building.  He had hated the idea of retiring, so at 88 he still sees his friends and customers, I do the bookkeeping at home, and HEY, stamps for collectors are not as heavy as Rocks are.

Now,if  you do not pay attention to coincidences, and a way that things work to the benefit of everyone concerned, it is easy not to see that  there is a larger plan going on than the  part each one played in the way it all came together.

In our own family, we first noticed this was more than coincidence, in 1958. when we moved west.   But my  own Spiritual awakening had started in 1948.  We have seen may coincidences since then.

I connected it to the Holy Spirit as the source of the guidance to a larger plan, in 1964.

I had experienced having psychic ability for 3 years, and yet there seemed to be side effects I did not want to cause.  Destructive things, or my gain at the expense of others, when I did not want that to happen.  Until it seemed my family was being hurt in ways that we did not seem to cause at all.  Like a psychic attack.  I renounced this kind of ability, out of deeply felt prayer and intentions.   It stopped.  I had not been intending any harm. it was being open to it, and by way of side effects.

But two years later, this happened.  I seemed to understand that psychic powers and ability are the beginnings of Spiritual Functioning, and we cannot renounce what God gave us in our potential.  We can only learn how to use it as it should be used.   What  happened was that an Oriental Lady came into our store, crying, as I was alone there.  She told me her son had just been killed in a car accident and she had been driving wildly ever since, and just saw our store, and came in for no reason.  We talked, apparently for half an hour, the phone did not ring, my husband did not return, and no customers came in.  I felt that I told her about life after death, and that even our accidents can be woven into the pattern of life so in time, it may seem part of a plan.  So in that way, things do happen for a reason, even if, at the time, there is no reason for it  then.

She left, going home, saying that it was what she needed to hear.  When my husband came back, it was a half hour later, but I had not realized it.  Now, that night, I wondered about it, not remembering what I had told her, and not having been able to tell my husband what I had said to her.  But,  I dreamed about it as if it was happening again.  And we had both been speaking in her language.

I did not tell anyone else this until years later.  But clearly, I was enabled, and it was impossible if I had not been enabled.  And it is in our religion that we are told the Holy Spirit can act through us in these ways.

In another way, the Spiritual Functioning was my own, that I could not renounce it, I could only learn how.  I have never had anything like this happen again.  In fact, it is as if I have been learning how ever since, never the same thing twice.  I have tried to tell bits and pieces of it, but it is unbelievable, really.

But, I was left with something from that happening.   At work, from then on, Orientals who shopped in our store, and once a tour bus with one interpreter for a bus load of tourists not speaking English,  I found I understood a lot of what they meant, without understanding a word of their language.  No one even thought it odd, and the customers seemed to expect it of me, and so did our employees, and no one wondered about it but me.  I never lost that sense of the meanings, even speaking English..  I think all children do this to learn a language in the first place.

But, James, you can see how these happenings seem either explainable and natural ———-or so much beyond any explanation, that we focus on what happened, or we believe or disbelieve it, when, at basics, we are seeing how the Holy Spirit works in our lives, with a larger agenda or plan than we understand.  We are being taught, and we only do our part.  But it is how we live our lives, the kind of people we try to be, and are becoming, that allows this to happen in our lives.  It has to be in our own experience, our own being open to it, not our attempt to learn about it, or attain it without that inner truth of our own being to be our foundation, to be trusted.  To be able to trust ourselves.

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