To those for whom Spirituality is an ideal

I know you are not asking for any feedback, but where it comes to mind out of my own experiences, I ask to offer it.

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Dear Helena,

Message: Thank you for sharing this. I have been thinking about healing a lot lately. Also I have thought about the fact that if one goes by the Bible it says that healing was created instantaneously by Jesus. It, to me, seems he saw the person in complete perfection and through this it was manifested within the one needing healing. He also said the works that I do ye can do greater, so I feel that we are unlimited in what we are capable of accomplishing. I feel I understand the process, yet, manifesting it is not as easy as it should be:) My little dog has been struggling with a cat scratch to her eye and I have tried over and over to manifest her perfection, sending energy as in love from the heart, etc. It is slow going and so far the meds the vet gave her are helping her, but her eye sight in that eye is still in question. Needless to say I have found it frustrating, as I have also been working on healing of myself for quite sometime (hip has been messed up for almost 3 yrs now). I know that healing of the self, things we hold inside of us from the past as well as things we carry around in the present are also important to healing. Letting go and allowing Divine energy/God’s energy to work within us or those who we offer healing is perhaps the way to manifesting perfection of the body.>>>>

Response: First, that is well put. But, the word perfection is not any word I have had in illumination. It is not perfection that is always in our particular blueprint, or DNA, and our potential holds all sorts of other stuff, such as animal nature, that we do not choose to become and live and exemplify. Perfection is not so much a goal as a goal is to be what God intended and gave us as our particular DNA or blueprint. I am coming to think of it as what God had intended for us, in this life, in this body. Because the end result or goal is also not perfection, but to honestly and openly just be ourselves.

If you know any perfect people, or anyone who tries to be perfect, or expect it of themselves or of you, or of others, they can be a pain in the butt. They are not natural and open, ready to laugh and to enjoy the littlest things as they come along. There have been accidents that happened to me, which out of what I learned, must have needed to happen. Now maybe after I have learned that lesson, all sign of the accident can be reversed and healed, and maybe not. I do think, too someone like Stephen Hawkins would never have become the scientist he did, if he had the normal boyhood hormones raging, which is another lesson to learn, entirely. We don’t know what someone’s blueprint may be. It may be darn near perfection, if they can handle it with just normally being themselves. But it may have built in lessons to be learned, and we have no way to know this. I try to NOT put in my idea of what someone’s healed condition must be, but let it be as God would plan and want, for here and now. And, it is in doing this that the energy is there to draw upon, and it is not my own energy being used up or depleted.

Message again: Whilst I was opened from my awakening it just was a natural instinct to send healing but it seems as time has gone by it is a bit more difficult for me to do:) I guess life on this realm began to take precedence over the spiritual, which even tho I did not want that to occur, I was sort of tossed back into this reality. >>>

Response again: I have tried to say this to everyone, all along. It is in our lessons of life, which we do not even know we are learning, that we have highs and lows. If we try to avoid the lows, we are avoiding the very things to learn from And, it balances out, to any depth we go we also open ourselves to heights, and increasing expanding outreach.

There is a spiritual way that we contained the whole of our potential with all others, and it can be known. But, that is not at all the same as living so as to become ourselves —–out of all the ramifications of the potential for everyone. We can relate to oneness, to being at one with everyone, and we do need to attain this, and you have. But, it is A height, and not a goal to be all and end all. We also have to individuate, and we will come to where our individual spirit can really connect into our life and how we learn what life can teach us. I know you read about my path, but I keep going back to that pivotal third dream, of the River of Life. It was the same process as the healing I now begin to see as a process.

I also see the Oneness state, height, spirituality, has been powerfully held to be a goal to end all goals for everyone in it, and it is preached, broadcast, hailed to the highest, with all the power possible, for us to affirm it is the only goal. but, it is more like going back to where we started, and seeing what is possible, and not actually growing so as to be and do it in the long and slow way necessary. It is like living on cloud nine as long as you can. I have tried to write and say this to you before.

Message again, I guess I had more to learn from the physical realm..darn!…I am trying to work my way back to the higher vibratory level’s as that is where my comfort and passion truly is. Healing of the self is a seemingly ongoing journey. I know it is a matter of surrendering the ego and accepting that everything is a state of being and we control our own state of being. We can manifest in our lives what we desire by changing our perspective with understanding of the truth of reality. Not the physical one we are experiencing on this realm but the spiritual reality of life which is Divine love.>>>>

Response again: Both are real, and that perspective downgrades the physical, as if we have fallen away from the ideals of perfection and of total spirituality. You told me at one point in my dreams narrative, that you had not see anything about a fall, but you write to me as if everyone should realize how much less and undesirable the physical existence is. When a wholeness of being comes, it includes body, soul and mind, all of them necessary to the spirit. Spiritual functioning cannot begin by Spirituality alone. We can do a lot of ideal and great feeling things, which is more subjective than real. But, Spiritual functioning is of a whole with the body, soul, and mind, and then, it begins to be more than the original ideals ever foresaw..>>>>

Message again: Your explanation of healing as you experience it makes sense to me. It seems like a balancing of that within to bring everything back to it’s perfect state. That you are pulling out and releasing the negative energy that is creating blocks, imperfection, disharmony etc. and replacing it with positive, divine energy, which is ones natural state of being. I agree, one only needs know the process and then allow for the work to be done:)..Take care dear heart..Love and Blessings,>>>

Response: See you said bring everything BACK to its perfect state. It is not to be going back to anything. It is ahead, and into an unknown, on trust in God having a plan for us, individually so, and for each individual, being themselves.

I do send so much love to you, and I am so glad you wrote it like it is for you. I know this is rocking the boat, but it could not be said to you when you were so sure of the goal of perfection, and of pure and primary spirituality, and the original view of our potential to be reached.

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