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I had attempted healing, it was first for myhusband,  and then I went on to others.
In 1959, appx, I was asked to be with the baby next door as the mother had to walk to a drug store for a prescription. I had stood with my left hand by his feet, and my right hand over his head, thinking to use healing energies. This was in the period of time when had psychic powers to use at will. My hands felt very warm and energized, and it felt as if something was being done. I think I told you about this before. I had good things I did which seemed to be totally OK. but then I also had side effects happen, as if to get what I wanted was unconsciously at the expense of others, and as if people were hypnotized, and I could direct them by my thoughts, when I had no wish or intention to do that. But, I did attempt this baby’s healing. And, by the time his mother got home, maybe half an hour later, his fever had broken, and he was sleeping normally, and was perfectly OK the next morning, It had been a seriously high fever, but I realized, it could all have happened normally, without what I seemed to do. I never tried to heal anyone again. Though I quite believe a mother who kisses a booboo, or when I take care of my husband’s  feet, healing is part of the effect of caring.
But, I keep feeling now, that I have been shown and been able to do so many one of a kind things, it is time to quit sitting on my hands, and to at least try to do things I might actually be capable of doing. For one thing, I do not want to rock Art’s boat. He does not pay much attention to this sort of thing, as if it is dubious, and my interest in it is my failing, and not worthy of respect. It would not set comfortably with his reality of life and of who I am supposed to be, what I am supposed to do. Now actually, I do not expect to shake up his world and life much, but I have to go more in the direction of being willing to do what I can talk of as if I know I might be able to do such things. Put my money where my mouth is, or put up or shut up, or something like that. Do it, if I can. Let it be seen, if I can demonstrate anything. At least prove it to myself, and see if I do know how to do anything like this. Strangely, I am hesitant more because I think I can, not because I doubt it. But, it has to be when it is something appropriate to do into the situation or with the people concerned, and not just to go off in any old direction. It has to be for a reason.
Twice now, I have seen for two different people, like a medium, and I was not at all sure of how it would be received, or if for someone to believe it because I said it, would be illusionary. But, in both instances, sooner or later, I was told that it meant much more to them, and to their circumstances than I would ever know. It was considered to be accurate and useful. I had done this before only with someone who was able to do this themselves, and we could write to and for each other that way too.
But, this is the very first I have truly tried to heal someone. Not to expect mind blowing change overnight, but as much and as soon as is possible to be accepted by someone. And, really, I was hours going over and over and over it, adding things I had known at one time and at another time, into one process. This was most of the night last week. I only told the one person who had asked. But it was for others, as they came to mind, maybe a dozen or so. But, as I often would pray including it to be for my husband,  it started with a more deliberate intention, feeling, and use of energies for him. Now let me try to tell you how one thing to be oriented to, followed another, as if I was putting the steps of a process together finally.
I have seen what I have called TE and DE. transcending energies, transcending time, transcending space, and mind over matter were the categories of TE,or the good use of energies. But the DE were destructive energies, and I have seen them happen both as side effects in my own doing, and in both of the unconscious and deliberate effects by others. Life energy can destroy. Love energy can Dominate, and Light energy can deceive.

But, to use spiritual functioning, we have to know how to use destruction as it can undo things, as if they do not exist any longer, for and at the same time, what is to be built at the place where something is undone. In my happenings, It was an impulse of Life energy responses when I transcended space, and was suddenly where I needed to be to do what had to be done. It was a Love energy response when I transcended time, even if it was to myself, it was without recognition that I was going to an unknown child who was crying. As it I would be responding to any child that way, and only because of that readiness to go to any child, was it to myself.

Mind over matter is Light energy, and it is one of the things Brian writes about accurately. Picture, plan, think, want something, and it can come about. We do create our own material reality, somewhat. We do not have to realize we are doing it and it works negatively as well as positively, of course. But, in a positive way, it is light energy that is used, to produce wanted effects into Life, and into matter, into substance, into the world.

The DE use of energies, it is Life that destroys, not into Love and Space, but into time, and into the duration of material things. They can fall apart, rot, malfunction, It is Life being lived that can shatter illusions, take the false ground that people have under their feet away from them. It is Light energy used positively that creates, builds in material living ways.

Bear with me, these are things I learned one bit at a time over so many years. But I think you can recognize some of it.. But Life energy can use destruction positively, when it undoes things that should be undone, and at the same time expose the truth that lies beneath and under everything. it is a spiritual functioning when it both undoes the useless, and builds upon the needed.

OK, so my healing started out from there, to heal the physical body, pulls out as if to make the malformation or wrongly formed substance in the body, to be undone. But also pulled out. Not for me to retain it, it could bleed into the ground. But, at the same time, to pour in what is needed in the same place, from an above the head potential or blueprint of what the body should be, for that person by then. For awhile it was first the left hand drawing the harmful out, undoing it and then my right hand reaching for their own potential and their own blueprint for their body, to pull energies in. None of it was really my energy. Traditionally, Healers get depleted, absorb too much bad stuff and give of their own good stuff. This was different, and more of a whole process. Soon, it was both being done at the same time, one process.
Now, next, it seemed that there were memories of bad relationships that had to be healed. This has affected or messed up Love energies. Well, Life energy had transcended space, Now space is a medium of Love. There is no distance, no space, to be in the way of love. It reaches across space, as if distance or space is nonexistent.. The DE that affected love was deceit, anyone putting a false reality or identity over who they are and what they intend. Or, even a reality in which love was denied, impossible, where it was felt anyway. Or where love was too possessive, or living someone else’s life for them, or trying to live as part of someone else’s life. Now, here is where the woman who had asked for healing seemed to fit in. She had physical problems, but I could not touch them. But, I could seem to use my left hand to start a flow of relating that had gone wrong, even to let go of a relationship, finally, along with a healing of what that or other relating could be. It all involved love, connections, disconnections, and healthy and healing relationships. I did not need to know particulars, and it was not my energy. It was starting a flow of healing.

Anyway this of a healing of relationships seemed to transcend distance, space, dimensions, or anywhere. If someone was dead, it made no difference at all.
After that reduced to be just one process, Back to Art, and others, for whom Light, what the mind gets fixed upon, when it is false. Love had transcended time, but it is Life energy, or just living evidence that can shatter illusions, but there is a flow being released and at the same time, a flow coming in of that which is true of all time, true eternally. It also is in the potential, in the blueprint. But it is not my energy coming out or going in either one, it is their own. I am only getting the flow going.

With that, I was back to my original and forever prayer, for anyone’s spirit to wake up and to be aware into its own living body, mind and soul. It was a process of healing body mind and soul, but to get the spirit of the person able to do it for themselves, and quite possibly, too, get it started for others as well. I have had many instances of feeling and expressing this prayer in the night, and Art will move or say something in his sleep, without waking up or remembering it, as if he has heard it and is letting it get through to him.

Anyway, each time I went over this it was as if I added someone else who had come to mind. And, then, I went in that expanding way, to address healing the body, then the soul then the mind, then awaken the spirit of the individual, and then go back with them over the process as a whole. It was then the same process as my third and pivotal dream which I posted, and in which my spirit began to enter each aspect of my soul, then mind, then body, as a process of years began.

In that, each time I did it I added more people I knew, and it did include you then, It was as if I used my doing, with that of the person themselves, to go over the process as it would apply for their own healing, as well as to reach out, and do it with and for someone else. But, it was their energy, their potential, their blueprint, and in fact, their soul, mind body and spirit. I was only starting a process going. I only knew about the process, and I did not need to know what it was they were undoing or disconnecting, or removing, or what was being created, or connected in or healed. I only had to know the process.

That covers it, and it again is just one idea, one concept, which I learned with many bits and pieces that were put together. (That is the process I call integration.) Any healing I can do has to be that kind. The lady reported today that two doctors both made special contact with her to really give her care more help immediately. I believe that the higher order of purpose for us, involves others doing their part too, and it is a privilege for each one to take part in it, and a benefit to each of them, as it is to us. Many will not even realize something more than coincidence is happening. But, she will now.

I still have other irons in the fire. Over and out for now.

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