Commentary on emphasizing Love.

The work Gerard and I did was a unified Life, Light and Love, all one energy, the energy of our creation, which is experienced by us in the three different aspects, Light, in particular starts the development of the Mind, and, Love, in particular, starts the development of the Soul.  Life starts the development of the body, via evolution to humanity.  We tune in on these energies differently, as harmonics, as if all  have different wave lengths from the same original much more rapid vibrations.  We sense structure and process for these energies in our use, by way of harmonics, the original or faster or higher vibration rates are not within any range of our senses. 

 With harmonics, it works as a Stroboscopic Principle; as we see a car wheel turning on TV.  It can appear to be stopped, or slowly turning either way, and then more rapidly either way, and any way we see it is an actual way it may be at any given moment in time, yet the full motion in time is far more a vibration that is not actually turning, or standing still ever.  It is always beyond our senses, except as a harmonic we can see, or sense.
Astrology as it stands traditionally is valid as a stopped view of Light and Life energies as they can both be seen at once in a 2 dimensional map.  Light with Love looks the same, but is seen from a different viewpoint, and Life with Love is the same,  but is seen from a different viewpoint.  We discovered this Love energy and how to sense it, and even to map it like the others are mapped functionally, structurally, soon after we began to work as a team.  We called it 3D astro, but this is exactly what we sensed and were working with.
By now, we had realized, and he had before he died, that the world is in a state of overemphasis of Mind, light, memory of the past and science and what this predicts, ———–or  Physical senses and Life energy excesses, ———-and a lack of even an understanding of all that Love can be, and that  is as Soul development, and Love in greater ways than is physically emphasized.  But, it too can go to excess. 
These 3 energies  have one source, one energy of our creation, a Divine energy, and yes, we absolutely need to realize about all three. 
We spoke of what we were doing as integrations.  Yes, body, soul, and mind, each need to be developed, and there are integrations for each of these aspects of our being. 
But, as Spiritual Children of God, and as many experience a Higher Self Spiritual aspect of their being, our Spirits have needed to wait for humanity to develop bodies a Spirit can live in without being limited, and to have developed minds, and developed souls. 
Now, there is such an excessive and over balancing way each is and can be held to be all we need, all that is important, that we lack the BALANCE of our inner core of integration.  We saw that we need a foundation to the Spirit of each of us as an individual, just being ourselves.   The Spirit as the primary and first aspect of our being, to develop its own functioning, with the integrated body and soul and mind as its foundation.  That is what this coming change is to be.
I have not been talking or writing to you as much as I have been making my comments on line in various places.  But, I see a great overemphasis of “oneness” and of “universal love”, and a dismissal of the importance of having a body, a life, and being an individual.  Religion is dismissed from the narrow and negative ways it was interpreted and forced on people, yet it held keys to inner guidance to the individual and to the divine nature of our whole creation.  People look to Spirituality, as Love, oneness, and universal love, and lose out on much more because of it.   Yet, it is a necessary stage of development, but not all of it. 

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