My spiritual awakening in a 1948 Experience, *1st of series

  1. My son on his Horsie, with his little brother.

    I believe that all children have and use spiritual powers, but as we learn to talk and fit in with our culture and world, we can forget this and let it lie dormant. I know I did this. I also believe that children today are more free and able to report such experiences and be believed, so they are not as apt to forget. I have seen this difference in my own children, their children, and even now with my great grand children. However, it takes us longer to “grow up” spiritually, and we need the lifetime of all we learn to even begin to know how to function in the ways that can become possible.

    I had an experience when I was twenty-two in the summer of 1948, which was my wake-up call.

    It triggered a series of five unforgettable guiding dreams from 1948 to 1962, each from three to four years apart, which brought me the guidance for a process of my gradual awakening into spiritual awareness and functioning. It did involve remembering childhood experiences, and coming to have more spiritual events take place in my life. But, the main thing at the time was the process I had to go through to look within, and to know about myself.

    I am now eighty-five in 2010. I hope this will connect to the experiences of others, and affirm that we all have this potential. Although the process never ended, the dreams and what I had to see within myself, took until 1965. These five dreams were different, more intense than my ordinary dreams. They led into what I called my Individual Integration.

    The experience, which was my wake up call, was this.

    My oldest son, then two, received a four-wheel wooden “horsie” to ride on, for his birthday. We were in a rental upper flat. He was riding this on the upper back porch. The stairs were not blocked off; in fact, expanding safety gates were only available some years later. He had only been told not to ride by the stairs. But he did, and I saw him topple off and start to fall down the stairs. I did catch him, before he hit the cement at the bottom of the stairs.

    I told my husband when he came home from work, and it puzzled him. Finally he asked me to stand where I was when I had seen him ride off the top of the stairs, and then go to where I was when I caught him. It still gives me goose bumps. I had seen him ride off the top step from standing in the kitchen doorway, upstairs, yet I had caught him at the bottom of the stairs, without any way to get there in that instantaneous way. My son was not even scared by it.

    But, it shook me up terribly to realize this, because I had no memory of going from the one place to the other, nor would it even have been possible. But, my mind had not seen a thing odd about it. If my husband had not kept questioning me about it, I would have taken it for granted as good luck that I caught him like that. But, it was an inexplicable event, which I could not dismiss or explain away. I had to wonder.

    For years, I never told anyone else about this. Before I had realized something was unexplained about my catching my son as he fell, I had an empty stomach feeling, realizing that I had been so negligent. I was thinking that I could have put a kitchen chair down across the top of the stairway, as I did after that. And, here I had expected my two year old child to be careful, when I had not been. I was also worried about telling my husband, because he would see my negligence, the same as I had. But, it turned out to be an even bigger issue than that.

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