Love Light Life * 16th in series

To say that God is Love, and God is the source of all Love, means that God is loving, to be able to create Loving as being within our potential.

For God to create Light means that God is Light, is intelligent, enlightened, in order to create Light for our intelligence to be in our potential.

For God to create Life means that God is alive, living, in order to create Life within our potential. This is what I see as being made in God’s image, in God’s likeness. Our relating and loving, is like God’s. Not on the same order. Not a man in the sky, or an earth mother in and of our planet, but so much more, creator of all we know exists, and more than we can know exists.

But, Love, with Light, and with Life, are all created out of infinitely highly vibrating energies.   With out Love, there would be no space, distance for connections to one another, we would all be one Mass. But, that Mass could seem to be a mass of what Love must be. ———Without Light, there would be no Time, no sense of time passing, of change to be seen or experienced, as time passes. ———–Without Life, there would be nothing substantial, no atoms to make up our bodies, our planet, our air our water, and nothing living in substantial forms.

It takes all of these to exist at the same time, and to be working, ongoing, in process, they cannot just be made and left to exist without the same energies keeping going even in each atom. Only the substance, the matter, is what we see as real, but it is all real.

We, in doing our best to understand, tend to see first one and another as what it is all about.

Intellect, Light, mind, knowing, understanding, we can see that as being all important. Science, requiring proof, evidence. With  only the material things visible to look at, work with.

Life, the solid stuff of physical reality, that is often thought to be what it is all about.  Be here and now, put our all in to living, into doing things., live life to the fullest.

And, Love, the one that has been so challenging when we see it put as more important and eternal than all the rest.————- Love cannot exist, without Life and Light. There is an orientation to a mass of eternal Love, as if it is the source of all Love, and we are part of it, and it is God. But, that Mass cannot exist by itself. It is more as if it is an unconscious part of all of humanity, as seen by our own highest intelligence and illumination.  Seen by our minds as we are learning and trying to Love. ———–Even as others see Light, intelligence as all important,————- or still others only see Life as what is going on for us.


I want to affirm that, God relates to us one on one, offering personal inner guidance to us, to open our own potential for us to develop. It is not to groups, not even religions and religious leaders. This is always held forth to us, but it is personal, and it seems to start with the guidance about taking layer after layer off of our mistakes, and learning as we had not at the time. It is not a judging of us, only we judge ourselves.   It is as parents who can open our eyes, our senses, our lives, to our own potentials, from within ourselves.  Only as this is being done, do the illuminating spiritual impressions so often quoted, come to us on our own, within ourselves, as our own inner truth.  We have to be receptive to this guidance, no matter what that inner guidance may be. It cannot come to us from another person, nor can we give it to another person.  We can put it in words endlessly, but it remains the inner truth only if we experience it ourselves.  It must have our own living experience and then the spiritual insight that can come of it.  But, the mass of the unconscious is often taken as our fullest potential which we reach for.  It seems to contain our spiritual essence, and in a way it does, to the extent we are not awake and conscious in our spiritual aspect of our being.  But, only in the shared humanity unconsciousness.  


 I also want to say, the terrible things which happen in life are not from God, but are from our own unconscious expression, out of our mass unconsciousness. No one is responsible. And there is no one on the face of the earth, standing alone as just themselves, who would act as some corporations, governments, religions, gangs, mobs, or even well meaning groups may do, to destroy the earth, and to strip the resources of others, and gain at the expense of other people, even enslave and use other people.   It happens, and it is twisted around into our minds to seem necessary, and not to be questioned. But, no one, without that unconscious drive in us, would go along with it. With that unconscious drive, we are never able to see ourselves to be good enough, we have the idea held  upon us out of our own unconscious, that perfection is possible, when it is not, and we condemn and punish one another, and in so doing, punish and condemn ourselves.  There is no Devil, but it sure seems to be, if there were any conscious intention behind what is done unconsciously, in groups.  No individual would choose this, it comes up in us all, out of our shared unconsciousness.  But that unconscious drive is real, it is tempting, it is hard to win free of it. At the same time, to look at where it comes from, it is as if our highest and best potentials must be there in that mass of all we are unaware of ———- all we have never attained yet, for humanity as a whole.  Yet, it is within each of us alone and personally that out potential exists, for us only to become ourselves, as different as we each are, being ourselves.  No one of us can achieve it for all humanity.  But, we can each move us along in that direction.  Not in and of this collective mass, but in our individual development and lives. 


 But, what i see ahead for humanity is a spiritual waking up, a moving out of the unconscious mass to awaken into our developing soul, mind and body, that is our own. And, for us, in the body ——to have our spirit waking up in us, and beginning to learn to be that essential part of our life


 I feel this is happening for many of us, and it is what our world and our people need. It is what comes about from from God’s guidance.————–Being guided is not some illumination by the spirit.   It is rather our intuition, our dreams, our uneasiness, our questions that beg answers.   Illumination by the spirit follows, but is not the guidance, which is purely personal.  For me, it is also the nagging  imperative to find the words to say, somehow, or the way to puzzle from some dream that had a thread to pull on, that holds more I do not “Get”, or do not remember.   It is pulling up out of the unconscious, but it is also from the potential in us being opened to us, from where it is being allowed to grow.  the Unconscious is like an ocean, for us all, we pull  ourselves out of it.  The potential is like a seed in us, that is starting to grow.  It is not known to  us, it is not in our unconscious, it is to be found in our guidance.  As if the potential, as we develop it, pulls us out of the unconscious pool of all humanity to just be ourselves.      Taking a deep breath, are the words enough?  even a little toward enough?


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