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This was posted elsewhere, by someone realizing how to  keep going in their  own growth being shared here.

When I had my revelation and was shown that this physical life was not the reality, that life is infinite etc. I truly thought that was it and now I would be happy and at peace for the rest of my days on this realm. Much to my surprise that was not so. I seem to be caught in an ongoing life review with ups and downs and experiences that truly test my understanding. The lessons are not over, but then learning and growing are indeed infinite. My perspective on my life past and present is ever changing. My thoughts on this are that, ‘until I can truly manifest the truth of what I know into my daily life and all things that I have gone through are healed with love and joy I will continue to review and experience the things I have yet to become on this realm of understanding.’ It is definitely not an easy task

A comment followed

 I seem to have missed the “revelation”… just getting the review.

Helena Ackley ‎ I wonder if I had a revelation first. But, that is how it has been for me. Inner guidance is NOt the revelation, or a spiritual insight. It is instead, what keeps us going back to looking within, and self discovery. I found that each new deeper layer I faced, as if clearing up past mistakes and learning as I had not learned at the time, seemed like worse stuff in me coming out. But it was easier to face up to, deal with, and learn from. It has never ended, but there were time out periods between such depths.

My revelation was maybe when I was listing the times I was emotionally upset, but did not know why. And, after some time, I would wake up with answers as if I had prayed from the depth of my heart, and an answer was coming to me from beyond myself.   I had not ever realized prayer could be so much from the depth of my heart, and so real.     It let me know there was a source which answered prayer.   It answered with inner guidance starting.

 I do know that life, in a body, with all that goes on for us, is not all there is, but that is not that it was an illusion or unimportant. It is part of the whole of what we are, and for me, it was how I lived my life that kept me going in what I needed to become. I also realized soon enough, I was in a process of self discovery, and it did not need to lead to perfection, and to love and joy, but to the truth of just being myself.

Helena Ackley Eternity includes all we ever were, are and will be. But, the knowing that is eternal is not yet the same as becoming out of our potential, what we are discovering about ourselves.. That we do in the moment, in the here and now, and this is also a window into eternity. We can foresee things, but that is not the same as having arrived there yet.

 I experienced a development that was like a descent, as if I knew so very much, but I began to wonder, how did I know that, and found it was more like foreseeing, or a vision, but it still had not become knowable to me out of myself, or my own experience.  . It was like going from college down into high school, with a graduation from the descent part of the path, into Kindergarten 101, or basics.

Going up was equally necessary, as if getting the know-how as my own, not just envisioned.   I think that is coming the guided part of learning from our mistakes, layer by layer. But, the stuff we once knew, seems to come back as illumination, with understanding about it.   At college, however, it is only being ready for what is to come next, like a whole new lease on life. It is not a return to the envisioned perfection of eternal proportions. It is out of what we have become as we have both the descent and ascent paths and where we are as we are, right now, here and now. Just being ourselves.

Later I added this to that exchange, and it is important to the whole idea.   I also realized soon enough, I was in a process of self discovery, and it did not and would not need to lead to perfection, and to love and joy, but to the truth of just being myself. To be the person I can trust to be open to God, and be trusted to be me doing my part. That this will be rewarding, but not as I might hold as a goal for myself. Rather as wherever it takes me.


Of course our own inner truth is religious, but not a religion. A religion comes about when some truth gets a following by others, who believe it without it being their own experience and inner truth. If a religion points us to find our own inner truth, it has been what we have needed, but it was only a pointer, not thetruth we discover only for ourselves. It is our own experience and truth. It is not the same as the religion which pointed us in our right direction. And, so many of us find our way, or our way finds us, without it coming from religion. But, religions are from the sharing by those who went before us, that can point some of us in a useful and true direction.

In the differences of our perspectives, I appreciate so much that you were arriving at the time to go on from your revelation. A revelation is a milestone for us, and one we had not expected or even hoped for or aimed for. It is revealed, it is a revelation. It was not yet known out of our own experience. We see it in part, and in that way, it is true, absolutely true.

For me, prayer, when I finally discovered it to be real, seemed to be wholly God answering me in ways I needed and could not have found on my own, then. I had to go on from there, in several steps, actually, that were changing from just being told and obeying, to more and more, use what I know so far, first, and then look in any and all directions for what may be needed. then, not as a last resort, but more as an adult, know that God still has the answers I need, but is expecting me to use my own experience and know how, and to trust myself as much as possible, and still, then, rely on prayer also. I called it growing up. Each step of this was in itself a revelation.

Each step, each revelation about prayer and relating to God, as a child of God, was a milestone in itself. It led to a period of time, when it was the final answer of how prayer works. But, as I went on, it depends on the circumstances, not just on me, and not as if God is being arbitrary about prayer. There are always things that only God can answer for me, and there are always things that I need to come up with the best answer I can and give it a try. There is always everything in between too.

On your revelation, as it was perceived by me, it was dismissive of what Life is given to us for, and means, and how essential it is to our wholeness of being. In turn, I must have come across as not seeing what it did mean. It meant that Life as we know it is so partial in the whole of what is real, and really going on, in even our own functioning. It cannot be kept front and center to our “reality”. But, that did not mean to hold it to be less than anything else.

There is, out of unconscious cultural, and even spiritual orientations, a view that has held the all-knowingness of our created nature, our spiritual nature, is what is eternal. Once I said I was seeing that we had “fallen”, ie as if from grace, or from the privileged position as being a child of God, and favored.

You said you never had any impression of our having “fallen”.

But, it is from that as a point of view that the body and physical life is seen as lower, and spirit is seen as higher, and all knowing, and eternal. Yet, we still get the idea that having a body and a physical life is how we learn our lessons. As if a spirit has no lessons to learn, and as if it is only in a body, that we have to learn so much we once could have known as an ideal of our existence.

In descent terms, mind developed prior to soul. It did, but that may not have any bearing on what I am trying to say. It was the mind that asked the questions of the spiritual perspective, How do I know that, yes, I had this as a full revelation, but how do I know it out of myself.? The mind was at work, the mind was developing the mind was doing this questioning. And, it was as if we went from college to high school, and then to each lower grade, all the way down to where we were ready to start to go to school, and learn for ourselves.

Well, it was consecutive, or it may have been after, that the ascent began, and actual learning from the basics of being a human being. And it was in ascent that soul was developed, and right and wrong, and how to relate and interact tied in, as it had not, for Mind and Spirit in the descent. I have the idea some of us did one first, and others of us did the other first, but it all had to be done by each and all of us, sooner or later.

I have the impression, it was done by all of us as if we went back and forth, from being in evolution, and in a body—–to intervals as spirits developing minds, and we did not any of us remember between. Even from the spiritual, or angelic side of it, they/we did not remember their/our intervals in evolution to become human, or develop a soul, as we did not remember going back to that orientation between lives.

Now, it is time we are putting this 2 + 2 together. Literally so.

So, you are far more advanced in what you are doing in your immediate life and circumstances than you have any way to remember or know right now, and so am I. But, we have been talking out of the two different points of view to (or at) each other.

Prayerfully and amen. With my admiration, love, and trust in who you are. And in who I am too.

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