I had Psychic Abilities. * 18th in series

At first, I did not realize that I had psychic powers and abilities.  I remembered my declaration, but it had been in a dream.  But, one day soon, as I was ironing, I was trying to send out a good feeling, a sense of God is with us, and all is right in the world, or something like that.  I may well have broadcast such a feeling before, and this seemed no different.  But then my doorbell rang.  First, the little girl next door, about 3 years old told me “me and my brother like what you are doing”.  I went outside, and her little brother was just a very few months old, not walking yet, and grinning at me from ear to ear as he sat out in the sunshine, in his stroller.  It shook me up, but I realized I am doing something real.  Then, when my youngest came home from school, he would have been in first grade that year, he went to the fridge.  Standing there looking into the fridge with the door open, he said, “that was good Mom, I could feel it all the way to the school“.  I asked him what it seemed to be, and though I do not recall the words, he said enough to make me see it was what I had been trying to send.   I repeat; it shook me up.   It was real. At least children sensed it. 


This was in 1959, and a few weeks later the same little boy next door had a terribly high fever, and his mother asked me to stay with the kids while she walked to the drug store to fill a prescription.  (We had one-car families, with husbands at work.)  I did stay with them, and while there, held my left hand beneath his feet and my right hand above his head, and tried to send what I thought of as healing energies.  I had no idea how to do this, but just tried to picture him in good health.  My hands became very warm and energized, but he did not seem to notice anything.  By the time she got home, in perhaps half an hour, his fever had broken, and he was sleeping easily and well.  The next day, he was all better.  But, of course we just spoke of it as it happening to be just then when his fever broke.  But, I strongly felt that I had done something.  I did not think of it as God doing healing through me, as I had heard of, or tapping into the healing powers of the child’s own body.  I felt it was me doing it.  

Later, sort of experimentally, I tried this at other times.  This could be done at a distance, and for people on the street totally unaware of me, it did seem to do something real for them.  They appeared to straighten up and move more confidently.  But, on anything like that, it could have been my imagination.  I never tried to do healing with anyone knowing I was attempting it, or at least not for many years, because there were so many other surprises about all this new ability, in different things I could do.   

I do feel that any mother who kisses a boo boo is doing more than it appears to make it better.  I also feel that ordinary cleansing a sore or putting a band aid on an injury, the caring itself is an energy, and it is doing something.  This kind of thing may have been doing something in a healing way all along, or maybe not, but now I was aware of it.  And, there was evidence of healing being done, as well.  Strangely, if I was hesitating, it was more because I expected results, and less that I doubted it,  that was a big difference for me at that time.  I did not want others to see me doing something like that, I wanted to try it out as privately as I could.  I had remembered the childhood incidents that had no explanation, and there had always seemed to be a taboo about talking about it afterwards.  Back then, I had asked no questions, but now I was wondering a lot about such things. 

At that time, I began to read letters to editors in some publications having to do with extrasensory perception, or in letters to editors in Science Fiction or Fantasy magazines.  Some of the stories were as if the writers knew and had experienced things like this themselves, but wrote it as fiction.  Letters to the editor were also as if someone wrote in knowing about such things themselves, and I wrote in also.  It was not direct at all, it was just enough that if someone had the experiences, they would realize I had them too.  I could not write about it that way, if I had not.  But, no one claimed to be able to do such things themselves, nor did I.  I did notice other letters to the editors; it was our first kind of sharing like Facebook is today.  In time, I wrote to several others, and three admitted to being psychics with one being an author.  I wrote to each as if I would do a reading for them, as if I could see things about them that I would have no way to know.  In all cases, the response came that I was right on target, I had “seen” for them.   But, all of them wanted to teach me, be a mentor, and no one wanted me to tell them about my own way of coming to this.  I could perform as  they would teach or suggest, and impress them, but they did not want to know a thing about my dreams, the things I was realizing.  Their teachings were OK, but none of it was really useful for me, useful to apply in my life.    But, I did listen to them.  One woman lived near enough to my location for us to visit each other and talk regularly.  With any others it was only correspondence by mail.  

Since, I have realized that psychic powers are actually the same as spiritual functioning, and we are all with a potential to do far more than we realize.  But, that we also have a lot to learn.  With it comes a distinct responsibility, and I did not know this yet.  But, there were sometimes uneasy ways that what I could do seemed to have side effects I did not intend or want.  I will give examples as I come to them.  

But, to say more about healing.  I did realize only later when I knew it to be spiritual functioning, that It is not just the body that holds an illness.  Our relationships, the connections we have with other people, the ties we have, affect our well being and health, for better and for worse.  I found that almost always, a physical difficulty beyond the obvious impact or accident, has an emotional charge of energy, a sense of something wrong with our interactions and connections with those we love and trust.  Then for healing, there is a kind of a potential, or DNA pattern in us, for our healthy condition.  But, we do not realize it.  I had to sort of tune in for what the person’s own potential or pattern was, and then energy from the person themselves, out of their own potential, was tapped into for what the healing ought to be.

In healings by psychics, there is sometimes thought to be an energy drain, or a need to be protected from what has been the injury or pain, not to take in on by the healer.  Instead, it was as if the pattern the potential in them, was itself letting go of the injury, I was not taking it away from them and the energy for healing also was coming out of their own potential or pattern.  I could get things working right, but I was in a way, not doing any healing myself, they were healing out of themselves.  It was natural, it would just happen, and it was not with any process of my own, other than to get it lined to happen.  It could be started, and left to go on without me participating in it, but often, it would need a jump start again, and it might take time.  That depended on the injury or illness, and how severe or long standing it had been.  

Then, there was another thing that could come  up too.  We as a culture have religious views against psychic ability, as if it goes against power that only belongs to God, and is not ours.   And, culturally as well, we are very much educated by advertising to trust medicine and to treat the symptoms and the pain, and not to look for emotional causes or reasons to stay sick.  It gets us rest, it gets us attention.  Sometimes someone does not “let go” of an illness or an injury.   And it is only they who can do this, no healer can take it away, if they hang onto it.   But, even more, if people trust and believe in medicine, more than having been made with their own potential for being in health,  even the best a Doctor can do for us will not help.  Many Doctors do know this, and know when someone is in a way willing to be healed, or not.  It is true in the same way for any healing attempted.  Add to this that in some views of religion, or of human nature, people who would condemn and punish others, also can believe they must be punished.  This can even connect up with our aches and pains and injuries and illness, as if we do not deserve to be in our best condition.  

Yet, some are born with problems, and we can only wonder why.  My best understanding is that life teaches us lessons, and we all are in this school of life together.  Our potential and what someone’s body can be at its healthiest best may not be all we could hope for.  But, it is in us for there to  be a pattern and an energy to draw upon.  Think of it as being beautiful or not, not all of  us are, and it is whatever it is.  I think of Stephen Hawkins, or of Helen Keller, and their exceptional lives.  But, I have no explanation.  But, we are not promised life will be perfect for  us.  We are here in life together, and any one of us is part of the lives of others, as well.  

But, healing came of spiritual functioning, I did not absorb the illness, or give the energy and the healing.  It was in the potential of each person, and yet we could tap into their own condition, and start the healing as their own process, if they could let go of it, and accept healing.  No effort on my part did this for them, but some spiritual connection with others allows us to help get the process started for someone, and they may not even know it.  

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