Psychic powers unconsciously used at the expense of others. * 20th in series.

There is more I have thought of to finish about what followed the Father’s Household dream.  I did join the Toastmistress organization, to learn to speak in public.  One thing they taught was that if you intend for your voice to reach to someone, even at the back of the room, focus on them, and speak for them to hear you.  You do not even need to speak up loudly.  This is more than acoustics and sound traveling.  But, it works.  It has to do with intention, mental direction.  Sometimes it may not work, but some people can have their own intention not to hear things they do not listen for.  And we learn to listen to words, and not pick up on the meaning.  Most people will notice it, turn around and look at you, and will hear it.  You know how you can listen for a certain voice, or a certain conversation, with noise all around.  Our brains or our spirits, whatever, can pick it out for us.  It works without words too, to get someone’s attention when you aim for and have the intention of getting their attention.  People do things like this all the time, but it is usually not anything we are aware of.  But, it is very much in line with spiritual functioning.  I have also noticed that little children will really catch our eye and smile, when we are paying that intentional kind of attention to them.  I think it is as if we acknowledge them in spirit. 


Once, at a meeting at church, I experimented with NOT holding my hand up to speak, but projecting the idea that I was doing so.  The leader immediately turned to me, as did others, and asked me to speak.  I did, but it surprised me that it was so immediate.  I had done this with very little in mind, so I had to muddle through to be able to follow through OK..  Another time, I was asked to say the prayer, when I had totally not expected to do so.  I did say a prayer, but I was projecting the good vibes, or whatever, that God calls us “his” children, and relates to us one on one.  I did not say that.  I cannot say what words I said, but it was more mundane.  But, when I concluded, there was not a dry eye in the room, and they stayed silent for a long time.  People very privately came by before we left to tell me the prayer had meant a lot to them.  I never had this happen before or after. 


So, even though I was learning that there were unconsciously caused side effects I did not want or intend, sometimes, it was also very good sometimes, and there seemed to be no side effects I would not have wanted.  There were other effects than I intended, but they were a surprise to me, and seemed all to the good.  All of this was a learning experience.  But what was this difference?  I still felt it was me doing it, my ability.  I did not see it as spiritual functioning, as if that had to be beyond me.  


I would say that some psychic or spiritual functioning is geared to be good for everyone it touches.  But, sometimes it is done without that, and it can easily be at the expense of others.  That is what I felt I was learning, and relearning, as if I knew it before, but this time, I knew it out of my own experience.  I saw it happening, and knew my part in it happening.    I did feel a sort of an admonition not to try to do things to show off, or to just be done for myself, or just because I wanted it only for me.  It could be at the unseen expense of others.  Still such things happened, and seemed to come out of unconscious emotion of wanting something for me. 

But I want to tell you of someone else’s prayer, for what she wanted.  She wanted a piano.  The young family was struggling financially, and her husband was angry with her for wanting a piano, which they could not afford.  He felt it was ridiculous to pray for this, and a complaint against his lack of income.  But, she had twin daughters, and was expecting another child.  She had taught music in the past, and could earn something teaching piano lessons from home.  She also could start her girls learning the piano.  It would give her more to do than constant mothering.  She shared about this with us, as friends and neighbors, and with her Sunday School class.  The next week, a couple came into that class and met her.  They said that they had a new  baby grand piano, and were being deployed overseas as a family.  They were to rent the house furnished, but the piano would only be a piece of furniture to the people about to rent the house.  So they would even pay to have it moved to her house, right away, and she could keep it until they were to be coming back home again.   It all worked out to be for the benefit of everyone concerned.

 And, that is how spiritual functioning seems to work, and also when it works well as psychic ability, too.   There are coincidences, there are ways that it works out to the advantage of everyone, and it is not at the expense or cost to someone else along the way.   I only had this example at a later time,  but I include it here because I have seen this over and over in small ways, over the years.  But, there was still my warning that, I could also just want things, and not even be aware of it, and it had the same power going for it, at the expense of someone else, and I did not even know it.


While I had undifferentiated psychic powers to use any way I might wish for those three years, of course there were many other events.   But, they were mostly small things, not really too unexplainable, unless someone knew what I was feeling I was using that power for.  But, I became more and more careful, and tried to make sure I used powers to be a help to anyone touched, and not to be at the expense of others.  I also had in mind that what I did should wake people up spiritually, and never take advantage of a hypnotic state they might be in.  I was never entirely successful at this, there were still times I just wanted, and here the power was in use when I did not intend it.  Then, it could be at the expense of others.  

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