Sending good vibrations, * 19th in series

I had mentioned attempting to broadcast good energies, or good vibrations.  The children had been aware of this and went out of their way to tell me this.

But, soon after, when my husband and I went out to eat, the service was terrible, with the employees bickering and arguing.  I again tried to send out some good vibes, much the same.  But, the employees began to act like they were inebriated.  They began to be rowdy, act in a horseplay way, like slap stick comedy, and were laughing at everything any of them said.  The service was worse, if anything, certainly no better at all.  I felt that I did something for sure, but it was not any help to them at all.  I had hoped to make a good difference, and it was just a “good-feel” difference of some kind.   I knew it was only temporary, and nothing that really helped any of them, nor the customers or service, either.  I felt it had been of more real good to the children who had been aware of it, and who came to me directly.  No one in the restaurant was aware of what I was doing, not even my husband.  I was puzzled about it, but did not talk about it.  But, there were the effects I described.

In other such attempts, it sometimes seemed to be received in a good way, whether someone was aware of it or not.  At other times, it seemed to make a negative situation change, but in no predictable way, and not necessarily improve anything.  My local psychic friend and I never seemed to attempt this together, but reported on times we had each done this, telling each other about it.  She used it sometimes to make people look up to her, to command attention, as I was trying not to be noticed.  I hear about the joint efforts to raise the level of vibrations, and wonder if it does as is claimed.  It does seem to me that prayer, from the caring of the heart, carries energies, and taps into energies, in this way.  We are told that prayers can mean more if 2 or 3 are joined together, and prayer circles of caring  people seem to do a lot to help others.  I join in this.

But, later on, when there had been other things to make me wonder, this happened.  I was running late and hoped to get a parking space by the store where I needed to run in and make a quick purchase.  I saw a parking space ahead, but the woman in the car ahead of me put on her turn signal to park there..  Immediately, another car backed out, and hit her.  I got the parking space.  That could all be coincidence, after all I had only hoped, not trying to do anything.  But, in the store, every clerk in sight, 3 or 4 of them, all dropped what they were doing, quit waiting on their customers, and came up to me and all asked to help me.  The other customers all seemed to feel this was ok.  It seemed almost as if someone like the Queen of England had walked in, and was recognized.   I would never have intended or wanted that.  I was so shaken up, I just said no, and left, without the purchase I had thought was a necessity.  I began to see there were unconscious things, like wanting, hoping, wishing that seemed to tap into these same powers, when it was not at all intended.   I could still wonder if it was a coincidence, but it sure felt as if it happened because of what I was wanting, with urgency.  I felt warned.

Then, another day, I was waiting for a ride to a meeting.  Usually the driver picked me up first; it was on her way.  I was not hoping she would be late, I just wanted to get a letter finished and in the mailbox before she got there.  But, when she arrived just as I put the letter in the mailbox, she had all the rest of the women already in the car, and told me the traffic had been terrible.  When she could not make her turn to get me first, she just took her route the other way to, and apologized for being so late.   But, what got to me was this.  The other women were saying, “I have lived here all of my life, but I was lost, I had no idea where we were.  We drove around this block several times“.  Then she and the others said that all of a sudden they all knew right where they were, and were just a few houses away.

I truly felt that the power and ability I had was behind it, just from what I wanted, and in no way would I have intended something to happen that way, by confusing the minds and perceptions of the others who were involved.   But, I have later realized that this is how Con men have the ability to succeed with what they attempt.

I understood that, if people are not awake in their spirits, it is as if they have an inner unconsciousness, a hypnotic inner condition, and those who do have the kind of power that I seemed to have then, could take advantage of this, if they wanted to do so.  I did not want to do so, but it had to have been from my own wanting a delay.

Very soon after, I heard an interview on TV with a psychic, who was asked, can you get women to come to you by using your power, and he laughingly said “yes, why not“.  I also read something soon after, about some mind reading experiment, in which a mental request was made, and the targeted (and cooperative) person, did go and do as was being suggested, thinking it was not a suggestion, but his own spur of the moment idea, as if hypnotized.   If I did not want this done to me, I should certainly not be willing to take advantage of giving unconscious orders to others.  But, I did not know when or how it happened; it was in no way conscious or intentional on my part.

After that, I began to be aware of such suggestions, and like manipulation, where it was coming from, and if it was intentional or not.  Either way, I did not have to let it get to me.  I was shocked at how much of this is going on all of the time.  And, up to then, I could have been doing it myself and never known the difference.

I feel that the kinds of psychic things which happened to me in this time I am now writing about, are nothing like the more life saving events remembered from my childhood.  But, they were under my control and direction, both conscious and unconscious, as I still needed to learn how to use such powers. The earlier events were more like miracles, in which I had a part to do. I could only do as the event required of me.

I did realize about ways that our expectations, emotions and attitudes can cause harm, and also cause in very positive and good ways too.  If parents, teachers, friends, are supportive and expect us to do well, we not only feel maybe we can do well, but we have more energy, confidence, power, enthusiasm for what we are doing.  This is more basic, more something everyone knows, but I see it as a spiritual reality.  But, we seem not to like to see how the negative expectations, and emotions and attitudes tear things down, tear people down, and even affect our health.  But, it happens.

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