Entering as Spirit and children Archetypal pairs, *22nd in series.

In 1962, I had the last of the 5 dreams, I was 38    


I was realizing at the time that it was still part of the same series.  This dream was very hard for me to take personally, although it seemed it must have that meaning.  Still, in the three years following, as I tried to apply what it showed me, I did realize that it was more about a universal condition of people the world over, it was about being a human being, which of course did include myself.  It showed me that, under other and adverse circumstances, it could be about myself.  But, it seemed to show me the fullest extent of the human condition, and how we could behave, at our worst.  It almost was like I had to own up to the possibility that under the worst of circumstances, I could not be sure but what it would have applied to me and to my own life.   It opened the doors I had known I would have to open sometime.  Yet, not to show me that I had been or done this myself.  Only that I have human nature, and life and our circumstances teach us, some of it the hard way.  It could have been that way for me.  There were these possibilities in being human, among other humans.  

The dream began as I walked along the dirt road toward where my family’s old farmhouse had been.  As I approached it, I could see that a flood was receding, with mud everywhere.  I began to walk on the higher side of the road, at my right.  I saw a golden carp trapped in the ditch near the road beside me.  I stopped and struggled to pick him up.  He was large and heavy, maybe 3 feet long.  He could not realize I was trying to help him, he struggled with me against being picked up.  But, I managed to do it, and carried him across to the other side of the road where water was still receding.  I went into it far enough to put him down into deep enough water, and he swam off.

In real life, our land flooded now and then, and it was usual that fish would be trapped in small areas of water left standing.  People from miles around would come to catch them.  So, the idea here was not at all unusual to me.  But this was an exceptionally large and beautiful carp.

But, after rescuing the fish without him even knowing I had helped him, I was suddenly dry and clean.  The road was no longer muddy, even though the receding floodwater was still along the left side of the road.  Also, a young man, appearing to be about 21 or so, was walking beside me.  I also seemed to be about that same age.  He was no one I ever saw before.  We entered what seemed to be a back yard, a fenced and square area, larger than any usual back yard.  We approached the old farmhouse, but it was in fact just a boxy building, not really like my early home.

I recognized the pattern, the layout of the dream overall.  I, we, had entered downhill and  from the side of the Spirit.  The whole of the house stood in the place of the servants, the soul.  Across the way from where we entered, was where I had always seen the children, as I also saw a boy and a girl child there in this dream.  At my right, was where the side of the mind had always been.  I had my bearings even as I dreamed.  But, for the first time, I entered with a young man, and I saw both the boy and girl children.  Karl Jung called these our archetypes.

We never talked, but this young man and I made eye contact as if we both knew what we were doing there.  Not that I really did, but it seemed to be something he would follow through with me, something we both had to do, and do together.   We went into the center of the back yard, and seeing nothing in particular to do, went to the house.  This dream then ended.  But it was the kind of dream that continued night after night.

Dreaming further the next night, as I came to the house, the back door opened easily and I entered.  I was in a kitchen, and looked all around.   There was no fire in the stove; our old farmhouse always had a wood stove.  Everything was neat and put away.  There were foods stored in a pantry.  It was all clean, without dust, but it looked as if no one lived there.  I went on into a living room, and then came to the front door, across from a wide stairway up.  I went up there, and there were two bedrooms, all made up ready for use, but no sign that anyone had ever used them.  I tried to get some idea of who might live here, but nothing rang a bell.  It seemed more that if anyone came in there, they would find food and clothes to wear, it was ready to be lived in.  But, this was not what I was there for.

Puzzled, I went back downstairs.  At the front door, I opened it to look, or to perhaps go out the front way.   But a huge black dog with red eyes attacked me in the doorway, and would not let me go out.  I knew it to be a male.  He seemed to intend to be protecting me, but he would rather kill me than let me go out there.  But, he did not want to hurt me, only to keep me in this place, and never let me out that doorway.  I only saw the big outdoors out that way, and did not understand this.  This dog could not have come in the house by that door.

At that, I knew that I did not need to go out that way, it was not the way I had come in anyway.  But, it seemed impossible for me to go out that door. I shut the door, and went back through the house and out into the fenced back yard again.  I did not even wonder about it that the young man had not come in the house with me.  But, he was there when I went back out.

 In retrospect, from the outside, I had been in only half of this house, at my left again looking at the back door, there was another half of the house, as if it were a duplex.  But, at my right, on the side of the children, there were windows, and a very normal kind of a home. The stairway was next to the duplex side. and my portion of the duplex, was only on that side of the house.  There was no window or door between the two sections.  I could assume that perhaps the young man went in the other side, but I saw no doorway there. It was as if he was just outside waiting for me.  I did not think about this, and did not wonder about it at all.

At this point, the dream seemed to end, but did continue the next night.

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