Four pairs of Archetypes, boy / girl in bodies, dogs, minds, and the spiritual pair. * 23rd in series.

The dream went on from there the next night. 

Out there in the back yard again, we saw a little girl and a little boy just inside the fence on the other side of the back yard from where we originally entered.  They seemed to be waiting for us.  I made a radio in my hands and gave it to the little girl for her to use for the both of them.  I felt it would give them guidance.  She began to listen to it, and the boy with her could hear it too, or she would tell him about it.  I felt I had already done something with that meaning and functioning, but this was more a symbol of it.

But, instantly, a very angry older man rushed in from the far end of the back yard.  The side I understood to be from the mind’s functioning.  He dashed the radio to the ground and stomped on it, and forbade me from ever giving that to her again.  I calmly answered, that he could not destroy what I could create, and I intended for her to have it.  I made it for her again and gave it to her again.  His anger was only addressed toward me, not at the children.  But, they would not have seen this.  They cowered from him.

In the dream, this man appeared to be like the father of one of my friends.  The real person had actually been a very dominating man in the name of his religion, and forbade my girlfriend from seeing the man she was in love with, because he was of a different religion.   In the end, she did marry another man her father approved of, and soon became totally estranged from her whole family.

Next he threatened me as if telling me SHE was out behind the fence, waiting in the car, and if I would not listen to him, I sure as hell would have to listen to HER.  The dream ended then, for that night.

As the dream continued the next night, I went back to the fence with him, and saw an older woman in the car.  He told me, she will tell you this, and she will tell you that, just wait and see.  But, I was looking at her face, and her face was telling me that she would not ever say what he was saying was coming from her.  She was unable to talk, because he was talking for her, as if speaking on her behalf.  But, in effect, he was holding her silent.  I confronted him, and told him that he was only trying to put words in her mouth, and it was nothing at all that she would say herself.  I told him that he was dominating her and claiming to be a spokesman on her behalf.  I told him that I was going to ignore him, and try to help her to become able to speak for herself.  The older woman was still not in the backyard; she was in a car outside of the fence.  At that we left them.  The young man was with me, and seemed to be supportive to me, through all of this.  But, the dream ended for that night.

As the dream continued the next night, there also were very disturbing events in my family.  I would have to call it a family crisis.  Much about it was very strange, and not part of the dream.  Yet, it was part of what the dream meant.

As we went back to the center of the back yard, the huge black dog with the red eyes came around the right hand side of the house with his female mate.  She was the small black dog I had seen to be myself in the second dream, representative of the soul functioning without the spirit inhabiting it.  They came up to the central area where we were, and mated, and she became pregnant with a litter of pups.  I was thinking it was not good for the children to see this, but then, I had been brought up on a farm, and such events with the animals were commonplace.  But, these dogs seemed to be representative of myself, or of people who are living without spirit, and with only the animal nature.  I did not want the children to be affected by them.  The children watched, took it all in, and I only hoped it was good for them and not harming them.

Then, the mother dog had her pups, and began to nurse them.  But, as she cared for them, the male left everything for her to do, to find food, to be nourished herself. He seemed to be watching with a critical eye, ready to nip at her for anything he did not like.  He also seemed to own her, and the pups were in his way.  As she cared for the pups, she became more and more emaciated, her flesh even began to be rotten, with maggots in her sores, but the pups were thriving at her expense.  Suddenly, the male ate two of the 4 pups, and it seemed that she was required to eat the other two of the 4 pups.  At that, she was healthy again, at their expense.  But he also appeared to be a normal dog himself, no longer so huge and with red eyes.  But, he was ready for sex with her again, not that he had puppies in mind, but just for sex with her.  She also seemed like a dog just coming into heat for the first time ever.  They seemed just like any normal male and female dog pair following their instincts.

I did not at all understand this.  Even animals are not like that with their young.  Some are, but seldom the females.  Yet. we had one cat, who, with her first litter did eat all her kittens. But, later, she also went feral, that is she became wild, after having been just like the other cats around the farm.  If she ever had other kittens, they were also wild, or we never saw them.

 I could not fathom how this with the dogs could have meaning for me.  I could see how we might destroy our children by our mistaken ways of parenting, but this seemed intentional.

The dream ended abruptly then, with my middle son, on his 15th birthday, screaming in his sleep.  My husband also was waking up from a bad dream, as he sometimes had before.

There was one more dream in this same setting, just continuing on, but it came about a week or more later.  Right then, there was this family crisis.

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