Psychic Attack, Family Crisis. * 24th in series.


I went to my son, as he was having convulsions, for the only time in his life before or after.  He had not been ill that evening, but he was running a temperature of 105 degrees.   I could not handle him, and he even bit me.  He seemed to be terrified.  I called my husband, and together, we got him into a cool tub of water and called the Doctor.  Actually, our Doctor lived across the street, and our older two sons were both occasional baby sitters for them.  So, he came right over to the house.  He stayed with us for quite awhile.  The boy’s convulsions stopped as his fever came down, but he talked as if in a delirium.  But, it scared me terribly, because I could recognize what he was babbling about as if it had come right out of my dream.  But, there was more too, he was saying that someone was attacking him, and trying to drive him out of his own mind.  He also said that he was to keep counting to higher and higher numbers, as the only way to hang on.  At this, my husband said, for the only time he ever mentioned it, that this was the bad dream he had repeatedly as a child, and still had it on occasion, and had just been having it then as we all waked up.  Before the Doctor left, he said he had seen this happen before, and it is a family crisis, not just the boy’s fever.  He said he would probably be ok by morning, and relatively, he was.  The Dr. wanted me to take a tranquilizer and try to get some sleep, but I did not dare to go back to sleep, and I was afraid to dream.

As the aftermath, our son was in a daze the next day, and only pulled out of it over about a week.  He had no fever, but he would just sit, and start to go back into that terrified state.  It was the only time I ever asked my husband to stay home from work with me that next day.  Yet we did seem to know what to do.  We had to start asking our son what he wanted to do, and then ask him to think how to do it, not tell him how to do it.  We both did this, and it helped.  This son was the most obedient kid you could imagine, as if he did not have a rebellious bone in his body.  But, he seemed to be trying to be and to do what others wanted.  During the days of that week, we moved his older brother into the basement recreation room, and gave this son his own room, and insisted he start to plan on paint and new curtains, new decorations, anything to make it his own.  At first, he could hardly think this way, but my husband and I both backed off of telling him a thing, and insisting it was up to him.  I had him help plan and prepare the meals, even though we did end up having fried chicken almost every night.  I asked his help on everything, setting the table, doing dishes, picking up wet towels, anything and everything.  We shopped for new clothes for him, and I kept making him pick them out.  I kept him so busy he did not have time to sit and go into a funk.  By the end of the week, the Doctor specifically asked for him to be their baby sitter.  I went over and talked to him about it, because I was afraid he would fall back into the state of mind he had been in, if he was only there to “sit”.  But, the Dr. assured me that trust and responsibility was just what he needed, he would be just fine.  In fact, I don’t think the Dr ever charged us for any of this, and we never even asked about a bill.  I have often wondered, how on earth had he ever known of such a thing happening to some other family?

Our son was just fine baby sitting, and in fact, over the next few weeks, he just came out of a shell and did great at school and with his friends.  He and a buddy bought new clothes, and dressed alike at school, and got the best kind of attention from all the other kids.  Dating started, and he got a part time job too, for extra money.

But, there was still that sense of our son having felt he was being attacked.  When I had psychic powers for three years, I had those friends who had recognized this in me.  In particular, one woman who lived in the area, maybe 30 or so miles away, who then often had been coming to visit me.  And, there had been two guys too, with whom I had corresponded.  Well, I received a letter from the one man saying that he had tuned in on me, and some other psychic was trying to cut off his contact with me, and he had really clobbered him and put him in his place.  He even told me that there was some impression of the guy counting to very high numbers, to try to keep him from getting at him.  I wrote back and told him he had attacked my own family, not some other psychic.

My response to it at the time it was happening was to picture it as if I put up a mirror all around us and reflected back to the source, whomever and whatever the source, anything that was thrown at my family or me from anywhere. It was reminiscent of the energy of the black dog. It was meant to hold me in a relationship, and with no one else coming between. I was not to be hurt by it, but anyone who seemed to be in the way of that relating to me, was a target. At the time I prayed to win free of such a psychic contact. I did this by mirroring the reflection back knowingly and intentionally. I could not and did not aim it at anyone; it was only to reflect back to the source.

But, more than that was my prayer. I wanted that kind of window which had been open in me to shut out any such use of psychic power, and if I had been a channel for it to my family, I wanted that to never be possible again. I would far rather give up and lose such power forever than have it attack my family that way. If it had been handled poorly, our son might have not recovered from it.  Medically, if our son had not recovered, the reasons given would have been his high fever and convulsions.  He was always very receptive, picked up on people’s emotions and confusions, and became extremely able to help them.  He and his family never saw it as I had, and referred to it as a psychotic episode.   My husband never quite believed in psychic powers, but his recurring childhood nightmare suggests  he had fought something like that off when he was a child.

 I knew this guy sort of had the idea of his powers, which were real enough, to let him be king of the hill, and he was proud of that.  The woman, also, if she used her powers at the expense of someone else, had told me that then they need the lesson that teaches them, and she should not put a lid on it just to make weak people feel good.  I now can see that my very first guiding dream gave me a hint of the kind of spiritual danger there could be.  But, I would not have realized that there could be an attempt to have a psychic hold on me.

When the one psychic told me it was from him, I told him I had protected us with a mirror to reflect the attack back to its source. But he told me I was an amateur with no such power, and it was with a  man who was a powerful psychic

About those two psychics, I tried to tell both of them about using such powers at the expense of others, or having it be for the good for everyone it touches.  Neither one of them believed me, and in eventual ways, the man had a child commit suicide, and the woman had a friend come to their house and shoot himself in their living room.  Other things in both families were almost as bad. We completely lost contact.   I heard from both of them a few years later, but it was just before they died.  The woman felt she was in great danger and within a few more days with no word,  I was notified of her death, with no known next of kin.    The man who said he had fought another psychic told me only then, years later, that the battle had clobbered him, his term for it, and he was burned out, and never had any psychic power again.  But, for both of them, nothing was reconciled or learned.  I was very sorry to find this out.

 The other man  became a fairly well known author and respected psychic, and had no idea about what had gone on in my family.

I did not realize until some time later that this willingness to renounce such power is the way to get it under control, to learn how to use it.  It may only be our own part in what is done, but we do have to learn how to use that gift.  I do not know if everyone would have to learn this the hard way, as I did.  I can hope that the intention to try to use the psychic powers wisely and well for the benefit of others, and not to show off or take advantage, would protect them and their loved ones from harm.   But, many do seem to ask how to protect themselves from psychic attack.  My experience is, learn how to use this as spiritual power, with guidance and asking to be stopped if you are going wrong, doing harm.  Watch out for the side effects.

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