The 5th and last guiding dream, in 1962 when I was 38. * 25th in the series

The Crucifixion Dream, of 1962,  completing 5 dreams

The young man and I went to the back of the yard, and brought the old woman in, and then both the old woman and old man to the center of the large backyard.   They had nothing to say.  We brought the girl child and boy child to the center as well.  We also brought the very normal male and female dogs to the center as well, with us.

I want to mention that the best description of such figures representing aspects of ourselves is in Carl Jung’s teachings, and his many books.  I went on to understand that the male figures, and any female figure as well, was also a kind of doorway through which people could relate to me, connect to me, into my mind, my soul, relative to my own body, and even to my own spirit.  As relating to me, and as oneness with me, but still as an intrusion I could accept as part of myself.  Beliefs are taken in that way.  Connections with people can be almost locked in that way.  My mother and grandmother had related to me through the old woman archetype so it seemed to come from, and even be from my own mind.  My girlfriend’s father had his hold on her through the old man archetype of the mind.  Even the dogs were representative of human beings, if the people could have been in a position of developing their souls, but were without the spiritual essence inhabiting them.   But, there was also the conflict between the old woman and old man to be understood and considered.

In the center, first, I directed with the male assisting me, for the old man archetype to stand at the center and to hold his arms out firmly from side to side, facing the spiritual side of the area   Then, we picked up the woman, and placed her across his arms.  We told them something, and the meaning of it was like this.  The man’s mind works vertically.  He can see the specifics, and get right to the point.   He has big and high or low  ideas and ideals.   But he has to be supportive to the woman.  She can see widely, she can see horizontally, and for what others intend and are doing.  She will include others in every decision, and he cannot do this unless he listens to her and supports her in her thinking and feelings.  But, she will lack the immediate focus, but see the next small step that can be taken by someone, not necessarily herself.  She also needs to listen to him.    They are a team, because neither one can be balanced and whole in what they are and in what they do, without each other.  Each one alone can be out of balance, or go to some extreme or another.  I have since believed this to be true in human nature.

I am sure that in the dream, I spoke for the female, and the young man spoke for the male.  It seemed more mental than out loud.  We had to know this before we could get to that point.  Again, this could well have been a Divine interaction on my behalf.  The young man represented the Spirit of a man, a doorway in relating.    But, he was my own archetype, my own doorway to the spirit of a man relating to me.  I spell this out, because it was not to all spirit, or to God, it was for a relationship connection.  It was an archetype.

Next, and this seemed strange at the time, even in the dream.  I “required” of him, that he crucify me on this cross, as if to make my own Spirit become linked to the teamwork of this mind pair.  It did not hurt, but he hated to do it.  Then, when I came down, he seemed to require it of me that I also crucify him on this same cross.  I hated to do it, but I did so.  It seemed to lock in that we knew the male and female relating and individual spirits had to accept this teamwork of minds.  When he came down, the older pair also separated from being positioned as a cross.   The name of this dream was and is


Then, we all formed a circle; I was on the left, holding the young man’s  archetypal Spirit  hand with my right hand.  He held the old woman’s hand, as she held the old man’s hand, and on around to the children.  The old man held the hand of the girl, and she held the boy’s hand.  The boy child held the “hand “ of the female dog, and she held the “hand” of the male dog.  As I completed the circle, the male dog and female dog were immediately a young man and woman, about the age of puberty.  I held the hand of the young man, who had been the dog.

I understood this as a process of evolving in a body and soul to be fully human.  As if a lower nature had still been in them until this uniting wholeness.

With this, I was suddenly above and beyond this circle, and could see all of the figures, even the ones representative of both archetypal spirits.  I felt that I had been created to have all these aspects of self, Spirit, Mind, Soul and Body.  I was not just a spirit, without a mind, or without a soul, nor even without a body.  I was a whole.  I had the 8 archetypes, not just the female ones, and a man would have all 8, not just the male ones.  His archetypes would reflect his own life experiences, his own open doorways.  But, we each could become whole.  The 8 archetypes would exist in both individuals, and relating through them would be to all others, men and women alike.  We were whole, above, looking on.   Yet, I was alone.  I called it my Individuation, my integration as an individual.

I might add that even the spiritual archetype is an open doorway for others to enter us, and influence us, without our realizing it. It seemed to be the closing of the male spiritual archetype position as a doorway, which cut off the psychic attack on my son.  Yet that attack came as if the source wanted no one to relate to me but himself, in any archetype.

The change of my viewpoint seemed to be one of the spirit’s viewpoint, but there was a wholeness of being, linked by minds to each other, and with this recognition of our human nature, and childlike nature, as an eternal and integrated part of our wholeness. Body Mind and Soul.  We were created as a Spirit with a body soul and mind as aspects of our being.  We were to become a Spirit with a mind, with building a soul, and with a body.  But, for living, no one is an island unto themselves.  All of these are also ways others can and do connect to and with us.  I came to feel it is a created potential, for everyone. A wholeness for each person only as the human nature of living can connect people.

In Spirit, it may seem like being a drop in an ocean, and we are not sorted out of it.  But, life sorts us out, like an evaporating vapor forms a drop of rain.  The accomplishment of all this seemed to be individual integration, at a level of seeing the need to begin Kindergarten 101.

I had said that there had been 3 recurring nightmares in my childhood.  In the last of these, I had dreamed that a terrible storm was sweeping in, circular, but more spiral, as if I was already inside a tornado.  I lived in a part of the country where I had never seen or heard of a tornado.  It always came in toward me from the west, circling on the hill above the farm house, over where our spring water source was, and in a tight spiral, as if to come next to hit my family and me, and demolish our house.  I always woke up terrified.  It had tremendous energies of destruction with dark clouds, which hid everything else from sight.

Well, sometime after this Crucifixion dream that same recurring nightmare again began to occur, after I had not had it since I had left home.  It seemed to be of the meaning of the second guiding dream, where there was danger to me in the room that was later realized to be the side of the spirit.  I will go on to this in my next blog, and this has completed the 5th and last guiding dream.

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