Conclusion to this blog.

I deleted the last few posts of my blog, and feel that they were superfluous to the actual experiences I wanted to share.  I find that many subscribers to this are no longer following here.  I assume it is a divergence of our directions.  I see only 16 still following, and conclude that this is a time to end the attempt to say more.   There are still 66 posts, many earlier ones were rewritten later, into the numbered last posts.

In a way, I have never really communicated my inner reality about body, soul, mind and  spirit, with development and integration, and doing this with a structure and process that is much the same for us all.  Yet, it is so variable a process, that we each find our own way to go, and cannot follow the way anyone else has gone, or would teach or show us.

Yet I feel that the divergence of directions comes from many teachers, and many would  be followers, when  we need to help and let others find their own way, as we must for ourselves.   I believe in God, our creator,  but not in any definition or religion..   I believe in our potential.  I do not believe spirit is all, or love is all.  Those ideas are true enough, but not all there is.

We  have bodies, we live lives, there is a hereafter, and it is all equally important to our existence.

We are not going back to just a spiritual existence, that is how we started.

It remains the truth but there is so much more.  Experience it for yourself, and do not search for any ones goal or ideal, not even your own.  Discover who you are and can become.

No one needs to hear what this means to me.   Thanks for having read my messages.  I wish you well.



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    I was so sorry to find you had stopped writing after coming across some of your posts from before. I hope you feel compelled to return to writing and have clicked Follow just in case you do. I hope you’ll take a look at our blog on WordPress when you have the time. Just click my avatar here and you will find a link to the blog.

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      I am posting at least once more, and yet am limited in what I can do,will be 90 in October.

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    Madelinelaughs, I appreciate your suggestion. You are right, writing is compelling, and when it needs to be said, it just pours out. I may be back to this later on, but I am 88, caring for a husband of 89, who has a failing memory. Time is a factor now. It is disappointing that I have so much more to share, and it is difficult to find words, unless I do have that energy with which it has to be said. If you really care to see what I am writing now, go to a group on Face Book, Think Tank 101, all young people who are welcoming what I have to say. But, I am not posting it as a blog, even if I perhaps should.

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