The Lord’s Prayer for today, for myself.

I have laundry in drier, and another load to go in next.  All done washing though.  I hope I can tell you how I feel, it does seem questionable, and it can be illuminating, I do not know right now.  I usually talk or write, and even  pray, and work my way to feeling better, but today, wonder if it is like explaining it away, whether that is for finding the truth or not.  

If I had any dreams last night or the night before, I think I was angry over something that seemed important to me, whether it really was or not.  I was laying down the law to someone, or to myself,  to anyone crossing my path, and I did not know if this was valid or not.  I did not know what it was about, or who else might be involved.  

I did paraphrase the Lord’s prayer, before my sleep, elaborating in every way possible.

Our Father,       our creators, mother and father to us all, and creators of all that exists.

Who Art In Heaven,      who are beyond us totally, but who love each of us as a child of God, and want the best for us, not only as we may think and want,  but as you know we need.

Hallowed Be Thy Name.       We are told to fear and worship  you, obey, and to love you, yet I feel  you want  us to grow and develop beyond children just doing as we are told, since we are also being told what to do on all sides of  us, we are asked to fear, or worship, and love, anyone and everyone, looking up to many and down on others we are to love and help.  Seldom just with others in equal ways.

But, what if I feel you are truly more my mother and father to me as a spiritual child.  You do not want worship, praise, fear, adulation, or for me to see you as so far beyond me and my life as to be just an ideal or image of some kind.  It is easy to see an image and think it is perfect, never changing.  But, to know of, and relate to a Living God, Mother and Father, you are responsive  and that is changing according to need, and what our development needs to be, and any next step for us to take.  Like our learning to walk, or to talk. or to tie our own shoelaces.

If  you are living, loving, and responsive to us, you are not to be feared, revered, worshiped, praised constantly, you are to be listened to, felt, answered, and even asked our questions, and to hear our fears, then, we can be guided and led, and assisted as you might see our need, and we can merely accept it because it is offered to  us.

Thy Kingdom Come,    do you relate to us as a King, to subjects, or as a King, to children being brought up to rule?  Do you favor some of us, as privileged over others, or do you give  up on any of us as failures, losers, as far as giving us all the same potentials?

I can only believe we are all given the same promises, and you have the same hopes for all of us, myself included.  No one abandoned, no one with more value to you than any other one of us.

Or are  you bringing up all of us as  your spiritual children, to be the human beings we can become, in our different and individual ways?  What is your hope for our Human world, is it to be  your Kingdom, or is it to be what we can value and love and relate to as our home?  And in this, be what your creating intention and effort, wanted it to be.

Thy Will Be Done.      I can ask, if and when you guide us, is it for how we are to grow up as human men and women, as different as we each are?

On Earth      and for  us to take care of our world as the garden and home you have given us?  To value what is of benefit to one another, and to refuse to do that which is so easily done to take advantage of one another?  I see this more as what  you want in our world and our lives.  I want this too.  I feel we all want this, really.

Yet, Evil and selfish needs, are contagious.  If we are in groups which benefit at the cost to others, no individual in the group would do this on their own, but because it is a group, no one can rise above the common denominator that empowers the group to go on and  on in the same ways.  If we are in groups which want to feel superior, wanting  only to help others, but not needing help in return, this too is contagious, and we do things in the name of  the group, that we would not do on our own.  We need to know our own hearts in relation  to you, if we are to escape that contagion which has infected  us all. There are only those who all feel they are the good guys, seeing others to be the bad guys the world over.  Heal us of this war, or taking sides in it, and help us be the individuals we can be, growing up as is our potential.

As It Is In Heaven.      We say this and do not know what it means.  It seems to be where the angels must be, yet they are at war with spiritual evil in our world, and claim it to be your war.  This is a war fought in our world, through us taking part in it, when it is not our war, and not your war either.  It is a war fought from outside of our world, with our world as its battle ground.  I cannot see Heaven, being like that, as a place of perfection, even if those in it are innocent of knowing why they are at war.  I will only say, as you have in mind for us, as  you want for us, and for Heaven to be as  you have in mind, and as  you want.  Not as we imagine or have been told, when we do not really know.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.     This we do pray, with humans not living by bread alone, but by every impression, sight, sound, feeling,  that can come to us from deeply within ourselves, in relating to what speaks to us from within.   I feel  it is from you.

And Forgive Us Our Sins, or Debts, or Trespasses,      for we are your spiritual children, living in bodies here on earth, given to us as our home, not knowing and often not able to grow up as  you have given  us the potential to grow up, and often not aware of you, not realizing that we can relate to you.  Finding it even impossible to cope in the difficulties that we are hit by, and influenced by and do not understand.  Forgive us that we fail, that we try —or fail to try,

As We Forgive those who have Sins, Debts, Trespasses Against Us.      We lose hope and faith and trust in you, your guidance, and in our own potential and even in trusting ourselves.  We carry guilt blame, fear, when we can do nothing to make things better. Help us to know we are forgiven, even before we ask. Help us to forgive others, even when they too, cannot make it better again. Help us to go on from where we are now, and not yearn only for what we imagine or remember as once being better.  

Lead Us Not Into Temptation,      or allow Temptations to come  upon us without our knowledge, when they surround us on all sides, and in what is presented to us as being for good, well meant, to help us, or loving.    Also, constantly  being presented to us as how to be a real man or how to be what a woman should and can be, or to be loved, or attractive.  It only makes us dissatisfied with the way we are,  even when we are doing the best we can.

But Deliver Us From Evil.      Even if we have gone wrong in ways we chose, knowing it was wrong, or  did not see as wrong, we ask you as parents to children, to let us know, stop us, lead  us in another direction, and as we can learn, help us learn better.  I do not feel or see you being the punishing vengeful parents that our ancestors feared, or as human parents, in frustration  or  belief, may have seemed to be to  us.    I see  you as forgiving and loving, and giving us a fresh start as many times as we may need it.  Help us to see this in our lives, the fresh start we always can have, in small ways, and to value it, and not stay bitter about our losses.  Even life will be lost, when the potential still goes on for us, in ways we cannot know now.

I can believe, if you expect the most of us, and we do not know we are capable of it, you may have to protect us and deliver us far more than we realize, and maybe have done so all along, but maybe we do need to know this as we go along, now.  We are protected, you do not and never  have led us into temptation, and  you do and have delivered  us from evil, all along.

Yet, in a way, it seems to be a law in life, that what we do toward others will reflect back to ourselves, for good, and for harm, not as a punishment or a reward, but only as an insight or a lesson to learn.

For Thine Is The Kingdom,    it is your garden, your world, that we live in, and which supports us in our life.  It is a gift beyond price or deserving, and it is not a Rule and Law over us, it is the gift of parents to their own children, which we can only value and appreciate and care for.  It is  your Garden, your world given to us.  Freely at no cost to us.  The cost is and has been yours, not our own,  in more ways than we can ever know.

And the Power,    when even our life is supported out of the earth, our water, our air, which we did not create, and do not take care of very well.  When even the energy with which we think, and care, and sense our relationships and environment, is empowered out of the way our lives are in fact supported all the time, by the energy of living.

Even our concept of what is spiritual is formed by our minds and hearts, and the energy of living supports it all.  We rarely experience what is truly spiritual, realizing it, but it is always so.   If we were not spiritual children first, we would not be here in living bodies learning how to grow up.

 And The Glory,      which is beyond the created world and sun, and air and water and life we have all around us, and the human potential, which is so marvelous and beyond our own realizations, all of it glorious.

Forever and Ever.      We are aware within our own science, that there may have been a beginning  or can be an end, to the universes which are revealed in our stars,  yet we do not begin to know how it, or we came into being.  We only know that here we are, with all this around us.  We seem to live lives of birth to death, and yet humanity itself develops and grows, as our individual spiritual concepts may also develop and grow, or not, for so many of us.  And as we each as individuals can develop and grow, or not, also, when it gets so difficult.  Yet the idea of eternity is one we all know about, wonder about, and have to think of  as being as much beyond our understanding as to have a Mother and Father, who are divine, yet who created all that is, including  us.




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    Now I read in my mailbox this message.
    Dear Helena, you touch my heart and brought with a stunning simplicity the most beautiful prayer. Thank you.

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      Mia, thank you for this.

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