Lesson being learned.

There is a poster that rightly tells us to not let our feelings of love, empathy or compassion be used to manipulate us, and make us a slave to the expectations of others.

Added to this, the flip side is demonstrated in a Charley Brown cartoon. He is scratching Snoopy’s head, but when his arm tires, Snoopy wants him to go on scratching his head, so he does. Soon enough, he begins to resent that the dog is asking so much of him, not aware or caring how tired his arm is getting. He begins to feel that he is just the kind of guy everyone will take advantage of.

But, when we do this, we started it and let it be taken for granted, and only we can speak up and draw the line on what we are willing to do. I must admit, this has my own lesson in it. If I cannot do it all, only I can do something about it.

And what do I take for granted, as if I expect it without asking, or saying thank you??  Yes. lots of things.

This is my actual lesson of here and now, and I will be a little more wise and squared away once I learn it well enough.

It is not out of lovely ideas, it is realizing our mistakes and doing better, never perfect, and realizing it. It is also spiritual, and after each lesson, it is as if a spiritual kind of awareness has deepened, and as if God helped me learn this, if I will only realize it.

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