One on One to each and any of you.

I feel isolated and alone in this, yet it is the one thing I have attempted to share. Anyone is always alone and isolated in this, since it is always so personal.

I feel my inner guidance and impressions are personal, and even though they seem from a divine source, only Basics can rightly be shared, not that which is personal. Basics get distilled out of experience, out of what can be integrated to keep as valid and true, and a foundation to our lives. Basics are eternal in nature, but never absolute in any one personal situation. They are a spirit of law, never an absolute to always apply.

I pray to be able to do my best in my immediate relating and situation and circumstances, here and now. But, at the same time, with basics, do my best toward and into what I potentially can rightly become. Not to sacrifice my own integrity, but to see how it can apply here and now. It can apply, always.

I feel and see we are all of us unknowing of what we are doing, in need of forgiveness, because we are IN our situation, relationships, communications, circumstances, without knowing what has shaped us. But, we tend to think we know, are right, and we can doubt everyone else, if we try to follow as we believed, even if we have not our own experience in personal ways, to go by.

If we doubt ourselves, it is too easy to think others know, as we do not, but none of us are truly knowing what we are doing.

To go into the study of philosophy, or religion, seems to seek the secret and mystery of guidance, of Basics, truth, what is eternal and forever real, and what our lives can and should become. Religions point to this, but this cannot be there in it for us to follow. It is in ourselves, because it will be personal, as we are all becoming self realized, in relation to God, as becoming ourselves. Not perfected, not denying what we are, but admitting it, discovering it, and then become ourselves the more, not trying to be like an example, or being an example to others. But, wanting them to wake up to their own inner truth, self discovery.

I see there has always been a teaching, and an example, even by parents, prophets, that is to all human beings, men and women, alike. But, we do also go beyond this, like beyond our education, into what applies and comes to us a guidance to us alone, not really applying to anyone else in the same way and time. It leads to self discovery, self honesty, self revealing shared to our prayer and our God.

We do take in, and pass along, to share the basics, the examples, which are for everyone, yes. But, beyond this, we help others to relate to God guiding them, just personally, in self revealing, self honesty, self discovering ways. It follows beyond what is the same teaching for everyone. It is an almost silent sense from within ourselves

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