Are we approaching an advance for humanity, or our self destruction? I vote for our advance

It seems now, that my concept of an advancing potential opening to humanity, is of  a whole with the galaxy which is in motion, all along, even though earth and we move with it.  And, in it, we cannot see one part of it relative to the other.  I am writing this now, in response to questions and the challenges of new ideas offered to me from several sources at once. I can  only thank those who kept after me with this.

Comparing how our solar system puts out flares, and now that our civilization uses electricity, we can see the energy disrupting the electrical energies in our use, and there can be a cosmic or galaxy wave front that may occur in cycles, that would also be disruptive, if not cataclysmal.  History has a lot of fossil records of big and sudden changes ages apart, in weather, climate, and even pole changes.  With it, in even the time humanity has  been evolving, humanity was forced to adapt, move locations, change in functioning, and this effect did make major changes take place quite rapidly in humanity, compared to the smooth going  times.

Well, so much points to this approaching now.  Weather changes for one, and the  many impressions so many have for predicting to expect something like the end of the earth, or predicting a sudden spiritual raising of human consciousness.  I have my own sense of a new human increased potential out of some change coming.  

But, what it if is an actual cyclic cosmic energy wave front, and it does disrupt civilization in its dependence on electrical power, but that the same kind of cyclic cosmic energy wave front has an electrical effect on human beings and our perceptions and brain functioning, and our consciousness.  I now think it makes sense, of a whole with other things. 

But to tie it in with a sense of Divine cause, behind and with observable universal but natural causes, I only  can look at the amazing workings of so much as a whole system, far beyond our own doing.  Even our own lives and  bodies, really, which we so easily can take for granted.  We create, invent, give birth to, out of what exists in our use.  We do not bring about the vast whole way things all work together. We did not cause this, and yet it is of a whole and makes sense.  

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