I am now seeing the flow of Cosmic energy like a river, with a main stream, with its swirls, whirlpools, and quiet places, along with crashing on what seems to be the edges.  The raging river of my 3rd dream in this blog may well  have been my own sense of drowning in that stream, not just in life as it moved along. I did have a glimpse then of what my log that I could hang onto of that dream may have meant to me.

It was the switch-over from “school” teachings to all alike, into having one thing at a time come to me just as my own guidance. Yes, that was it. I never knew what that had been for me. 

Now too, I can see the groups who believe they are doing the raising of the energies, are not doing a thing about the actual energies, but they ARE aligning, and moving with the thrust of the energies, by this attempt. 

And, those who go to war are in some way placing themselves in that flow, at the crashing rock and hard place as if it must be done, and is the only resolution to be had.  Nothing changes but their position.

That is the point for anyone, it is our alignment, or lack of it, and our position relative to that flow of energy. When, no one sees there is a flow of energy, but it is sensed to some measure, by anyone, and by everyone.

Yet, it is not THAT there is this cosmic energy, as if it has an intent and directive as such.  It does not.  Yet, it began with the beginning of the existence of the universe, and the cyclic ebb and flow of it eventually containing our solar system and world, and with that, humanity, and with that, ourselves, one on one in our alignment and positions, as the flow moves along.  It had and has a  purpose, and it has proved to be a cause of  upheaval and change, in the physical world, and in our electrical energy in flowing motion even in our bodies.

Still, there was purpose, a cause in it, there was structure and process in it, and in all that has existed.  And, as impossible as it may seem, that purpose, cause, structure and process, is in evidence into every bit of this huge universe, down to the smallest particle of life or substance. Yet it seems to be questioned, in  comparison to our own  wills and self direction, when there inevitably is / are both. It can seem to work as a personal guidance, or not, and it can work as oneness with all that exists, and yet as ourselves individually, and as both. Perhaps, now I wrote this, I can post it.

I do see this producing change in humanity,  because like a solar flare, its electrical effects cause change in human brains and bodies, same as changes by solar flares into the world’s electrical systems.  It will in effect, raise human consciousness, and being aligned to it and accepting it, will  help each one of  us.

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