Brain Expansion, by spiritual changes.

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I had originally written to an author of an essay article titled “Synergy”  It was about the many coincidences which occur with Synergic  connections between various  people.  The author was a  professor at Chapel Hills University many years ago.  I had begun to notice these connections, not caused out of our own intentions or doing, but larger than life, in some way.  As it  turned out, the Author wrote back to me saying that I should write to someone else who  had written  to him in much the same way.  This was in 1964. 

In a few months, from this introduction, we had finally both written to each other, with  seemingly almost nothing in common, except the subject at hand.  But, it began a connection between us that lasted for the rest of our lives.  It took us about 6 months corresponding by  long distance mail, to describe our different backgrounds and experiences for sharing.  We corresponded for 33  years, mostly every day.

We began to have these coincidences, this synergy in our sharing, our inner guidance, our insights, as if we were being guided and shown a same way, at the same time, with nothing prior to have led up to it.  Some dreams were with the same meanings to each of us, which we  could put in  words to each other, even if the dreams were not at all  alike.  We both felt the need, totally, to not let this interfere with what our daily lives had to be.  My marriage, and his own position as the oldest son’s responsibilities into the  lives of his widowed mother, his several siblings, and for 2 little girl nieces whom he inherited to  bring up for his widower brother. This lasted until the girls were  grown up, as he was the  main support and leader in his  family.  It began when  my sons were all in school, college, down to 6th grade.  But, even my husband did accept this relationship and constant corresponding, in some way beyond explanations.

In a way, my husband  did not ever want to hear about unexplainable happenings.

Over the years, eventually I visited his family, a few times from where my brothers lived back east, and I seemed to be accepted as  the woman in his life, with no one  questioning it.  For  some years, we talked on the phone for perhaps an hour, every Saturday morning, as my husband worked, and children grew up and went their ways.

This is all background  to what happened  next. 

We had not really admitted how connected we seemed to be.  But, at one point in time, we both had experiences which seemed to affect our brains.  We wrote  it out to each other, with our letters crossing in  the mail,  not read until after we had both told each other. 

He wrote to me,  that it was like a lightning bolt into the top of his head, down  into  the brain stem, sort of bringing the brain stem into  use or  awakening it, connecting it up with  the rest of his brain.

But my experience was very different.  I felt the sensations of a trickle  flow of energy back and  forth  sideways in my brain.  It was  like a tickle in the feeling.  It seemed  to  me to verify and then to amplify,  or light up the right and left brain  connections  already begun .  It was slow, as if just  the examples of far more rapid energies, but slowed down to be felt and noticed and defined.  I had no sense at all of the brainstem  connections, and he had no sense at all of the  right and left brain energy flow.

However, as our letters reached each other, I could “look into”  the brain stem  experience, and get the sense of what it was.  He could not, but he  understood all I came  up with.  As it if was his own experience. 

I did not  get the real meaning, gist, of what the  right and left brain feed back really was, but  he could see it, and then in describing it to me, it was as if I had the experience of it first  hand. 

It was only then, that we felt our connection and feedback went  far deeper, with more reality for each of us.  It was as if we were spiritually connected, and it was giving us the brain and body functioning  understanding

So, with these interactions, we both had both expansions, in our brains.  We felt it  as if there had been 4 sections of  our brains, or 4 rooms, and we distinctly then began to experience it as 8 sections or 8 rooms.  I still think this is a result of a  spiritual expansion, and not  commonplace.   

But, the main reason to write about this now, is  to tie it in with what I  could share with corresponding with Julian James, so many years ago, about brain stem experiences  and meaning. 

Brain Stem has to do with the body, body  sensations, things  the body learns  beyond the mind itself.  It has to do with sexual behavior, instincts. Such energies can be repressed at  a cost to what life can be, but they also  can run wild by nature, and need to be understood, and used with awareness and discretion, but they still have so much  power into life.

Right brain contains the original experience we have without it  being digested, or altered into what makes sense to us, and can be  explained.  Left  brain does the alteration into what will go into language, what will make sense,  be rational, and is the story we finally formulate about the experiences.  We need both, of course, and they need to work of a whole.  A sense of  reality forms in the left brain.  Raw experience is prior to a sense of reality about it.

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