Dear Friends. You mean so much to me.

If I can just say Hello to those who follow my blog, here I am. Each day is busy and full, with what it takes to shower, dress, and to keep up with details as I go along. My husband and I manage to live on our own, at ages 94 and 93.  We depend on each other for so very much.  Neither of us could go on here alone. We have some help. Not much so far. Say Hello to me ?


  1. Martin Ensbury
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    I am proud to be a part of your lives’. I am in awe of your years. Your special gift is a legacy to you.
    You touch so many. Kindest regards from UK. Martin.

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    Martin, I will reread the comments we wrote to each other when I posted something quite some time back. I have appreciated your friendship. I remember you starting a business with your creative crafts.

    I still write something now and then, if it is in response to another. It just pours out of a whole to be said, with no editing. But, it happens less and less, and is never much premeditated. Rather it is new to me, and a surprise.

    Our youngest son is 64, not retired, but his R&D Lab was closed down by Carrier, with only 9 employees still running it. He did the testing, and “jerry built” the test equipment, with several patents along the way. His last work day was Sept 28, but only today did he complete getting his mobile home empty and cleaned, but it has been shown for sale for a couple of months already. It would be nice if it sells promptly.

    He is moving in here,and we need him here, and are fortunate that he wants to be with us. But, Art does not understand what is going on. Yet, it is as seems best in how it is working out.

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