To those who share their experiences with me

Dear Jennie Cockell, and the Mutual Friends who told  us about each other.  Ceci, Miriam, for two.  My  son Alan bought me two of her  books, and I recommend them all to anyone still following here.  Her experience is to remember and prove reicarnation, and to do looking ahead.   This is not just psychic ability, it is Spiritual Functioning.  It is given, and guided, led along for those who have it.  And, it is what it  is, not what we  grab onto and hold to develop, and to demonstrate.

It gives us values.   Jennie wrote that once she tried to give mental directions to someone, and sure enough,  they did  the steps she had in mind for them to show her.  But, then  they  were confused and upset about having done things not out of their own  intention.  She Felt she must not ever do this to anyone.  I learned this too.

I had a similar experience, but I had no actual  intention to cause it, I merely  wanted a delay for my own convenience, not expecting it or trying to cause it, but when the several people who had been delayed did arrive, They were all confused, wondering  what had happened, and upset as if they must have caused it somehow.

I was made to see that it could be influenced without any  intention to do so, just the idea of it, was a cause, as if our real wants and wishes have power.  Eventually, I gave up on psychic abilities, but in time, I was given an unexplained happening where someone came to me for help, which I could give.  I seemed to know, as if to  understand, Spiritual Functioning is innate and  given, we must learn to use it wisely,  with  guidance, but we cannot give it up.  ——————  Yet People do, or fail to ever know it exists for them.

I will try to get back to writing in my blog, my dear friends.   With Love, Helena

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