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I find that my  time is  very  limited by the  immediate  attention necessary into my daily life and relationships.  But I  am enjoying  life just as it is.    I thought I could simply take more  time for writing here,  but it is not working out for me.  We do have assistance as we are able to continue in our own home, getting  meals ourselves, and keeping going in a way  that seems “as usual”.  I do not know how  long or well we can manage this.  But,  so far, so good.  But I will write when  I can, email is more possible for me.


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  1. Noreen Caulfield
    Posted FriAmerica/Denver6000America/DenverFri, 29 Jun 2018 05:30:14 -0700, C-0700 1530250214thAM at 5:30 am | Permalink | Reply

    Well done Helena! so good to hear!

    Out of action at mo! broke wrist 18 days ago. cast not enough so plate put in las Tuesday. cast comes off Tuesday next.
    cant wait! not being able to drive is a killer!

    One of my cats gone missing for last 2 days! fearing the worse! not like him and this heat here is hard work right now!


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