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Lesson being learned.

There is a poster that rightly tells us to not let our feelings of love, empathy or compassion be used to manipulate us, and make us a slave to the expectations of others. Added to this, the flip side is demonstrated in a Charley Brown cartoon. He is scratching Snoopy’s head, but when his arm […]

Wrapping up my lessons in life, or so it seems.

Well, I am  on the mend.  Not by a  heck of a lot, but I can see that it is More my resentment as I continue on and on, by my own intentions and decisions, to do as my husband seems to need, want and expect, and for me not to hurt his feelings, or […]

Conclusion to this blog.

I deleted the last few posts of my blog, and feel that they were superfluous to the actual experiences I wanted to share.  I find that many subscribers to this are no longer following here.  I assume it is a divergence of our directions.  I see only 16 still following, and conclude that this is […]

My Worst Nightmare Started Again, * 26 in the series.

MY WORST NIGHTMARE STARTED AGAIN. Actually, before this nightmare started again  I had vacationed back home to visit my family alone.  I had dreamed that my brother had come to my bedroom door and was about to pound on it in anger.  I woke up thinking I had heard him pounding on the door, but […]

The 5th and last guiding dream, in 1962 when I was 38. * 25th in the series

The Crucifixion Dream, of 1962,  completing 5 dreams The young man and I went to the back of the yard, and brought the old woman in, and then both the old woman and old man to the center of the large backyard.   They had nothing to say.  We brought the girl child and boy child […]

Psychic Attack, Family Crisis. * 24th in series.

THE FAMILY CRISIS I went to my son, as he was having convulsions, for the only time in his life before or after.  He had not been ill that evening, but he was running a temperature of 105 degrees.   I could not handle him, and he even bit me.  He seemed to be terrified.  I […]

Four pairs of Archetypes, boy / girl in bodies, dogs, minds, and the spiritual pair. * 23rd in series.

The dream went on from there the next night.  Out there in the back yard again, we saw a little girl and a little boy just inside the fence on the other side of the back yard from where we originally entered.  They seemed to be waiting for us.  I made a radio in my […]

Ways I learned to live with psychic power, with warnings.* 21st in series.

I had mentioned meeting other psychics by way of letters to the editor, and my response to make contact with them was to do a psychic  reading for them.    All  three of the psychics I corresponded with or met, had attitudes about what they could do, which left me uneasy about them.  In a […]

Sending good vibrations, * 19th in series

I had mentioned attempting to broadcast good energies, or good vibrations.  The children had been aware of this and went out of their way to tell me this. But, soon after, when my husband and I went out to eat, the service was terrible, with the employees bickering and arguing.  I again tried to send out […]

I had Psychic Abilities. * 18th in series

At first, I did not realize that I had psychic powers and abilities.  I remembered my declaration, but it had been in a dream.  But, one day soon, as I was ironing, I was trying to send out a good feeling, a sense of God is with us, and all is right in the world, or something like […]