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More detail or specifics on what was experienced, or illuminated, of brain stem nature.‏

  I planned to add this to the  previous post, but, if you will allow for that connection, it also can stand alone. There was so much more to the brain stem illuminations.  It had a right and a left side to it, partly new, more recognized, but not realized, aware, or conscious before then. The right side […]

I am now seeing the flow of Cosmic energy like a river, with a main stream, with its swirls, whirlpools, and quiet places, along with crashing on what seems to be the edges.  The raging river of my 3rd dream in this blog may well  have been my own sense of drowning in that stream, not […]

The Lord’s Prayer for today, for myself.

I did paraphrase the Lord’s prayer, elaborating in every way possible. Our Father, Our creators, mother and father to us all,

Who Art In Heaven, who are beyond us totally, but who love each of us as a child of God, and want the best for us, not only as we may think and want, but as you know we need.

Conclusion to this blog.

I deleted the last few posts of my blog, and feel that they were superfluous to the actual experiences I wanted to share.  I find that many subscribers to this are no longer following here.  I assume it is a divergence of our directions.  I see only 16 still following, and conclude that this is […]

The 5th and last guiding dream, in 1962 when I was 38. * 25th in the series

The Crucifixion Dream, of 1962,  completing 5 dreams The young man and I went to the back of the yard, and brought the old woman in, and then both the old woman and old man to the center of the large backyard.   They had nothing to say.  We brought the girl child and boy child […]

Sending good vibrations, * 19th in series

I had mentioned attempting to broadcast good energies, or good vibrations.  The children had been aware of this and went out of their way to tell me this. But, soon after, when my husband and I went out to eat, the service was terrible, with the employees bickering and arguing.  I again tried to send out […]

Love Light Life * 16th in series

To say that God is Love, and God is the source of all Love, means that God is loving, to be able to create Loving as being within our potential. For God to create Light means that God is Light, is intelligent, enlightened, in order to create Light for our intelligence to be in our […]

A Here and Now message to those following this blog. * 15th in series.

A here and now message to all readers here, the many women, and few men following this.  Why am I writing it?   I had a lot of spiritual experiences and events as a child, abruptly ending with trauma when I was about 8 or 9.  Then , when I was 23, in the summer […]

Commentary on emphasizing Love.

The work Gerard and I did was a unified Life, Light and Love, all one energy, the energy of our creation, which is experienced by us in the three different aspects, Light, in particular starts the development of the Mind, and, Love, in particular, starts the development of the Soul.  Life starts the development of […]

The Father, with Mother, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the Trinity.

I am trying to think of how to write about Jesus Christ, as he is held to be part of the Divine Trinity. There is a question too, of the position of the Mother to the Father, and to the Divine Trinity. And, written separately, The Holy Spirit can lead us to take part in the larger purpose of God, which we cannot fully understand. We just can do our part.