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I am now seeing the flow of Cosmic energy like a river, with a main stream, with its swirls, whirlpools, and quiet places, along with crashing on what seems to be the edges.  The raging river of my 3rd dream in this blog may well  have been my own sense of drowning in that stream, not […]

Conclusion to this blog.

I deleted the last few posts of my blog, and feel that they were superfluous to the actual experiences I wanted to share.  I find that many subscribers to this are no longer following here.  I assume it is a divergence of our directions.  I see only 16 still following, and conclude that this is […]

Psychic Attack, Family Crisis. * 24th in series.

THE FAMILY CRISIS I went to my son, as he was having convulsions, for the only time in his life before or after.  He had not been ill that evening, but he was running a temperature of 105 degrees.   I could not handle him, and he even bit me.  He seemed to be terrified.  I […]

Ways I learned to live with psychic power, with warnings.* 21st in series.

I had mentioned meeting other psychics by way of letters to the editor, and my response to make contact with them was to do a psychic  reading for them.    All  three of the psychics I corresponded with or met, had attitudes about what they could do, which left me uneasy about them.  In a […]

Psychic powers unconsciously used at the expense of others. * 20th in series.

There is more I have thought of to finish about what followed the Father’s Household dream.  I did join the Toastmistress organization, to learn to speak in public.  One thing they taught was that if you intend for your voice to reach to someone, even at the back of the room, focus on them, and […]

Sending good vibrations, * 19th in series

I had mentioned attempting to broadcast good energies, or good vibrations.  The children had been aware of this and went out of their way to tell me this. But, soon after, when my husband and I went out to eat, the service was terrible, with the employees bickering and arguing.  I again tried to send out […]

The River of Life dream, 1956, pivotal to my own sense of what I was doing *11th in series.

THE RIVER OF LIFE DREAM  1956,  the year I was 32. I was floating above a river. I felt as if I had been there looking on, forever. I paid no attention to what was going on there; it was just the view, as if nothing I could see there had any meaning or relationship […]

A Trauma reexperienced, in order to remember it *10th in Series

I have realized something that surfaced from very deep inside, it is about fear, and a way I was still carrying it.  This is NOT anything I realized at this time of my story.  But, I want to include it now, because it was a pattern of my life, and deeply ingrained, constantly in the […]

Miracles, strange events remembered * 8th in series.

It is difficult to cover what I learned, and what changes went on in my life from the time of this dream, until 4 years later when I had the next dream of this particular kind.  But, to write so as to make sense of what followed, I need to try to cover this well […]

The Library Dream in 1952 *7th in series

                          The Library Dream  1952 My earlier self-reflective dream had seemed to be one of a kind; I had no idea another would follow. I was pregnant, and had totally decided to stay with my husband, or go home to my parents.  And, my husband did want me to stay, even though he was struggling […]