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Are we approaching an advance for humanity, or our self destruction? I vote for our advance

I hope to share my own impressions, which are making more sense to me, of and as a whole process and way of existence,for now and ahead.


Response to someone who has their own similar self discoveries.

This is appreciated and will be shared.  I did have 3 to 4 years following each  guiding dream, which went as if the dream had a lot of info for me in a nutshell, and it took me that long to realize and to apply, discover, all it meant to me, each time.  I did […]

My spiritual awakening in a 1948 Experience, *1st of series

My son on his Horsie, with his little brother. I believe that all children have and use spiritual powers, but as we learn to talk and fit in with our culture and world, we can forget this and let it lie dormant. I know I did this. I also believe that children today are more […]