Ackleys Rocks & Stamps Ended

We both worked in our business from 1964 on, until 2010 and Art in the Stamps Dept, to 2014  We were married 70 years by then, and ages 90 and 91.  This hardly seems possible.
In 2001 Rhonda, our manager. wanted to buy the Rock Shop, and she managed to get the financing.
I had recently set up our books with the Stamps Department separated from the Rock Shop, financially, and Art continued to run the Stamps Dept.  However, Art was used to, and did stay mostly on top of running it all, helpfully.  I was available as well.  But, for Rhonda, owning it did not work out.  So by 2006, at her request, after 5 years, we bought it back.  She then had full time as her job of being our manager.
In 2009, three years later a newly retired couple asked to buy the Rock Shop, while their daughter was working for us. They also worked with us for nearly a year.  Cathy was like an employee, David was often there, as both were learning all they could.
The Rock Shop was worth 90% of the income, and the work was 90% as well. Art had not been willing to put it up for sale, but with them working with us, and  being interested in learning about it, he did change his mind.  He wanted the business to go on for many more years.
In July of 2010 we sold it to the couple with a 2 year option to buy the building.  They rented the Rock Shop exactly as we had it, changing it gradually and expanding.  They began to put it on the computer, and on the internet.
So, selling the Rock Shop came as an unexpected offer to us, not from any effort or plan to sell.  Art would have left it going under Rhonda as the Manager, intending never to make changes or stop from going to work there.
Art was invited to stay on in the one room where the Stamps were shown and sold, running that business.  They happily took over and for some months, we both were consulted by them on the many questions.  None of our employees, other than their daughter, were retained.  However, at his wishes, they were pleased to have Art stay on indefinitely running the Stamp room.
They did run the business for 4 years. to 2014, and Art still ran the Stamps room.

It was an increasingly difficult effort for both of us, and I set a date by which to ask them to buy the building, still giving them the first option before listing it for sale. They planned to buy.  

When they had an appraisal, the estimates for them to bring an old building up to code in our city cost too much more.  We had a “Grandfather” clause exemption, and only needed to make actual repairs or additions, but no total plumbing or wiring changes.  However, that exemption was unavailable to new buyers by then.
They decided to move out, keep the inventory, and close down.  They could then focus on selling on line, with a web site start already in place.  (But, it still seems to be inactive.)


As soon as they let us know they were not going to buy, the next door business owner reminded us that awhile earlier he had asked to buy the building, if it became available.  He had purchased the building on the other side, so we were not expecting this.

His wife was a real estate agent, and she did get it appraised as a HUD building.  So they did buy and pay us the full price we were asking, and still made all necessary improvements anyway.   It all went like clockwork then. They gave everyone a month for moving the complete Ackley’s Rock’s & Stamps out.  But, believe me it was a lot of work.  I was glad moving the Rock Shop out was not our job.

A customer offered to buy all of Art’s Stamp Inventory at Art’s suggested asking price, and in one month everything was  completed, we were also moved out. We moved one office chair home.


An extra result is that Joe, who bought the Stamps, now comes by and takes Art to all of the Stamp Club meetings, and Art does not attempt to drive after dark, when I would insist for him not to do that.  Stamps are still now his hobby, and of great interest.

Again, Life, Luck, Good Fortune, Circumstances, of the way it all came about FOR us, made it all fall in place with no effort at all.   We just followed through on what happened as if by some unseen plan on our behalf. 

We do see this as a reality touching us at surprising times, throughout our life together.  For us it does seem to be a divine influence done in a way that seems to benefit all those it touches.  We came to trust this to never be at the expense of others, and for it to be of benefit to everyone involved.  This increased our having trust in even what came unwanted and unexpectedly.   It was never something we could have prayed for, even when it was what we worked toward, or hoped for.  It was truly more too much not even imagined, and it gave us more Trust and Faith.
We see small ways this continues now and then in our life together, and it gives us peace of mind, no matter what may come.  Thank you, my friends and family, for reading these last few blogs.

We Had To Move, with Coincidences

1976 was a tough year.  My mother died in March, I was then 52, and experiencing what is called “The change”, and I really was going through changes.  For an example, on my own I  had decided on buying from what a man was offering to sell us, and he questioned that I, Mrs. Ackley, a woman, could write a  business check, and that it should be from my husband.  It was among the first such things I was  sounding off about, more often, and more firmly. (I wrote the check.)

We had been in business for 12 years by that summer.  We were bringing inventory home on a temporary basis, and  storing it under the ping pong table.  Clearly, our store needed more space.

Our second grandchild was born, and as it worked out, I was invited to be with my oldest son and his wife, to help at home for the first couple of weeks of the baby’s life. She had a 2 year old brother, too, I  loved that; what a privilege!  While I was away from home my husband was notified that the rental rock shop building was to be moved or destroyed.  The city was to put in a street where it stood.  We had to vacate, within 6 months.

By the time I came home, we began to get our first ideas.  Should we build or buy?  What down payment could we manage?  He and I sat down that next night after supper, and drew an actual wish list diagram, for our ideal Rock-shop.  We actually had this down on paper, dimensions and all.

The very next day, a customer, recently retired with 20 years military, told us that he was just starting to work as a real-estate salesman, and since we had told him the store would have to be moved, he had been looking around.  He found a place only a few  blocks away, much larger, but it had been for sale for quite some time, and had  been taken off the market.  He approached the owner who agreed to let him show it, without it being listed.  He even knew of a reduced asking price.

We did look at it the next week,. and  it was exactly, to the dimensions, and written requirements we had drawn up.  This was so much of a coincidence that I was sold on it at once, but my husband wanted to be sure of it, and not jump into anything.  The down payment would be the exact and full amount we could afford out of the store’s earnings

We did buy it, having time to plan and buy more display cabinets, to clean a large floor area, get it carpeted, and have two doorways put in by a handy-man.  We had put an ad on the college bulletin board, and did hire several college students, part time, according to their schedules.  We still took turns keeping our small store open.

Rock Shops traditionally had bins of rocks outside, and this place already had fenced in yards ready made for this.  The students who worked with and for us helped build and paint the bins.  One student offered to refinish the display cabinets, and did a great job. They all helped when it was ready for us to move in.

Four students stayed on and worked for us for a number of years.

As a beneficial future to this,  Several of our employees over the years went on to own their own businesses.  One secretary was far more interested and involved in learning silver-smithing.  We had to change the title of her job. and hire a new secretary.  She was one who later had a long term business of her own.  For us, it was  like bringing up more children of our own.

Another benefit, the man who found the building we bought, and his wife, became our best friends, sharing  some vacations and trips, for as long as they lived.  They really were our best friends to us as a couple, for our whole life, friends we still  think of and miss.

This all happened in a way that demonstrated win-win, with it being beneficial to each person who took part in it, and not in any way at the expense of someone else.  That is what we always see in the coincidences which go beyond our own doing.

Another coincidence, The store was on Stone Ave., and it  was named the Diamond building, having been originally built by and for Harry Diamond during World War 2.

Next, and  last on this  theme, I  want to tell of the coincidences when we did  sell  the Rock Shop, and later the Stamp inventory, closing it all down, finally.

Subject: A Drastic Change in Our Lives

My husband’s job led to him often flying to Cape Canaveral with one of the Guidance and Control units in his immediate High Security care.  This was for the many tests being made on the Titan system.  Once there, he did NOT install it, but he had to wait until it was ready to be sent back, under his same constant attention.   This was taking him away from home for long periods of time, but with nothing to do.

On one “visit” home, he suddenly told me that he had been experiencing chest pains, and had been to see a Doctor.  The Doctor had said that it was from stress, his heart was OK.  BUT he announced that he wanted to quit his job.

Our oldest son was finishing High School, and getting ready for College.  The next son had completed Middle School, and was well along in High School.  The youngest was ready for 6th grade.   All were doing well.  I had been very busy doing all the necessary things with and for them, and keeping up with the car and house, on my own.  My husband was missing out on so much of all of this.

Living out West, we had discovered the hobby of collecting rocks to tumble polish.  We were making jewelry as our gifts, and in response to many requests.  My  husband announced, he wanted to run a Rock Shop.  Here, into the edge of the mountains, mining and prospecting were and are big pursuits for many people.  Rock Shops were popular, but most of them did not appear to be making much of a living from it.  But we began to read the ads in Rock-hound magazines, and search for what might be available, yet, my heart was not into such a drastic change.

Our first prospect to buy was in a nearby big town south, not yet a city.  We had been buying our jewelry supplies there.  But that small rock shop seemed to cost too much, and we had not understood their financial records of the past year. But we realized that, regardless, we had to be able to decipher bookkeeping from any prospective buying possibility.  So I took bookkeeping at the High School Adult  Evening classes.

Our second prospect of interest was in Florida, yet more for shells than rocks.  Our third prospect sounded like the one to buy, in Tacoma Wash., so we took time off to drive there to check it out.  They could let us finance it.

Bookkeeping is what saved us from a big mistake. They presented it, and seemed not to realize, that their gross income was not their net income.  It had sounded much better than it really was.

Back home, the same neighboring Rock Shop owner contacted us to make us a better offer.  Their books had been accurately kept and described to us, and finally it all made sense to us.  It was offered to us for the same amount we had received when he left GE, instead of any pension fund, and we were able to pay in full.

Then the rental Rock Shop building was owned by a retired couple named Helena and Art, our names, and  we have never  run across that with anyone else.   It seemed like an “OK” being given to the place becoming ours.

We named it “Ackley’s Rocks and Stamps”. Collecting and trading Stamps were his first hobby.  By the second year, we had built it up to the same income. We ran it with up to six employees for 50 years.  It was the best move of our lives.  We both loved it, so did our employees, family, and our customers as well. We were 41 and 40 years old.

I worked with him, either part time or full time, as needed.  I set up our bookkeeping system then, in 1964, before the time of small business computers.  In time, we had a manager (Rhonda) and could take long vacations, when I could also visit my family each year and for as long as they lived.

PS  Our aftermath is again evidence to us of so many small things working to the benefit of everyone involved.  Rhonda is like a daughter to us, even now.  We share holidays and help each other out.  Many of our early employees are still our friends.

Our youngest son turned 65 this year, so is able to be here as we are now 94 and 95, doing all our driving, helping in our daily living, and planning his own semi-retirement.  My husband worked to age 90 in our store. I “retired” from working about 10 years earlier than he had.

My next blog should be about when we could buy our own building, and expand to a much larger shop.

Life Suddenly Moved Us West.

When  the  war ended, Art, by law, had been given back a similar job at the Schenectady, NY General Electric.  By 1958, he had worked there again for 11 more years. Some women kept jobs in office work, but most other women did not work, except for nurses and teachers.  Still, GE was laying men off according to seniority in their jobs.  He had realized that he might need to look for another job.

I was a stay at home Mom, with Dave and Bob in school, and Alan then age 4. We owned our home, and were well established where we were.  My parents were not too far away, so we saw them often.  

We noticed ads by Lockheed Martin “raiding” GE for Engineers who might be approached to be hired.  Art was only a technician, so he dismissed the ads, because they were aimed to hire only Engineers.

I thought about it all day as Art was at work.  (I was  at home painting  the kitchen.)  It seemed to me that it would be a good experience to write and present his resume, and see how he felt he could do in an interview.  It could be a learning experience, at least.  When we talked, he was sure they would not be looking for a hire like him, but yes, no harm done,  he could give it a try.

He told them, (or he put it in his resume), that when he was in the Army, he had been on loan to Martin Marietta  — the same  company,— to work on their guidance and control system for some months, but 10 years earlier. 

To his great surprise, that was one kind of work they were hiring for, and they offered to hire him immediately, offering him 2 weeks to  give notice and leave GE.  I think he came home to talk it over with me, and then accepted.  (Maybe he had just accepted it then.)

He drove our car alone, loaded  down with all he might need, plus books in any spare space, and left as soon as he could get through the process of leaving GE.

PS to this.  In the job, Art was  promoted to full engineer on the basis of his experience. It was guidance and control for the Titan eventual heavy duty lift off for space.  

For me, the movers  did most of the packing, but I did paint through the rest or the house, as had been planned and started, and we put it up for sale.  (We had to leave it with a realtor to sell our house, but the people across the street bought it for their newly married son). 

It was summer vacation from school, and the boys all stayed on the farm with my parents.  As soon as it was all completed and arranged, I took the boys on a sleeper train to Chicago, and the next night on a sleeper train to Colo. We spent the first day-time hours in Chicago and rode the elevated  all around the perimeter of the city.  Then we went  to see a surround sound movie that afternoon, on three synchronized oversize screens.  It was an early Cinerama Movie named “Windjammer” and  the boys loved it, and even stayed awake, after no one slept much on the train that previous night.

The second morning, the boys and I all woke up at dawn, and we had the observation car to ourselves.  We saw the mountains come in sight, and get larger and higher with snow tops, right in front of us, then it was time to meet Art in Denver late in the day. (We live at 6300 ft elevation here.)
The smooth way all this took place made it seem way beyond our own  doing, and to wonder about it as being more than good luck.  We both felt that it increased our sense of trust in a beneficial way that — more than ordinary life — or our own doing — could be behind how it all worked out.

It is of interest, we had learned to save some money with each paycheck, after being brought up by parents in the depression.  We had the amount we needed  for the movers, and  Art’s expenses, and mine, but we used it all, every bit we had, with no borrowing.  The house was sold later and money went toward another house here in Colorado. 

And another surprise, as my parents retired they drove out here (2000 miles each way) several times for visits.  They even drove to Calif. and  saw their first great-grandchild Travis.  Art’s parents were  older than mine, and both were deceased by then.

I am moved to add, by now we  have lost Travis, who fell asleep at the wheel going to work, not long ago.  He leaves a wife and three daughters, (we stay in good touch).  We have also lost his father, our oldest son Dave,  recently.  But his wife and their daughter, (with two children, and step-mother to three more), are doing well by being there for each other as much as possible these days, even living 800 miles apart.  Bless them all.      

An unexplained happening


Davey on his horsie, with his little brother Bobby.

I had an experience with my son Davey when I was twenty-two in the summer of 1949.

It triggered a series of five unforgettable guiding dreams from 1949 to 1962,

 I remembered childhood experiences, but, the main thing at the time was the process I had to go through to look within to know more about myself.

As I start on a new part of my blog, I am 93, to be 94 in Oct. of 2018. I hope this will connect to the experiences of others, and affirm that we each and all have our own Higher Potential, (and inner depths) These five dreams left a very strong impression,  even remembered vividly today.

The experience was this.

My oldest son, then two, had received a four-wheel wooden “horsie” for his birthday. We were in a rental upper flat. He was riding this on the upper back porch. The stairs were not blocked off; in fact, I only knew of expanding safety gates being available some years later. He had been told not to ride by the stairs. But he did, and I saw him topple off and start to fall down the stairs. I did catch him, before he hit the cement at the bottom of the stairs.

I told my husband when he came home from work, and it puzzled him. Finally he asked me to stand where I was when I had seen him ride off the top of the stairs, (which I did), and then go to where I was when I caught him. It still gives me goose bumps. I had seen him ride off the top step from standing in the kitchen doorway, upstairs, yet I had caught him at the bottom of the stairs, without any way to get there in the instantaneous way. My son was not even scared by it.

But, it shook me up terribly to realize this, because I had no memory of going from the one place to the other, nor would it even have been possible. But, my mind had not seen a thing odd about it. If my husband had not kept questioning me about it, I would have taken it for granted as good luck that I caught him like that. But, it was an inexplicable event, which I could not dismiss or explain away. I had to wonder, as my husband certainly did too.

For years, I never told anyone else about this. I was thinking that I could have put a kitchen chair down across the top of the stairway, as I did after that. And, here I had expected my two year old child to be careful, when I had not been. I was also worried about telling my husband, because he would see my negligence, the same as I had. But, it turned out to be an even bigger happening  than that.

Travel had an Intervention

Dear Friends, The  next event which seemed to be beyond our own doing, was what I needed.   Art was still in the Army-Air Force, but the war was over.  He, and  all the men in his group had been told they would have a 6 week  furlough and then their discharges. In the meantime, our first child. Dave, had just been born.  My parents and brother had saved up their gas ration coupons, all three took a vacation, and they drove from NY to GA. They stayed with us for a week or so in assigned housing.  Since I was expecting my husband to soon follow, I went home with them when they returned,  My baby was then only 6 weeks old.
But then, the furloughs were canceled, and the men were ordered to be ready to move to Columbus OH.  No individuals flew then, but most travel was by train and bus  I abruptly arranged to take a train back, with a ticket through to Atlanta, having to change trains in Grand Central Station.  In NY City, I  was told that the only direct train to Atlanta was by reservations made in  advance, and that I could not  get a reservation for at least a week later.  Other slower trains would make  many stops with some  places for me to make train changes, but  the trip  would take two days. I simply did not know what to do.  I  had only the money I knew I  would need.  No credit cards were known then.
There were no disposable diapers then, and  I only had minimal changes, for my baby. They suggested  that I appeal for help  at the YMCA.  I sent Art a telegram about the delay.
Desperately, I went back to a train scheduling window, and asked for the best way to go.  As the clerk started to wait on me, the phone  rang,  and the clerk told me that it was a cancellation  on the fastest and direct route, it would leave in 20 minutes. It seemed to be as if something was watching out for me. I was escorted through the crowds, and  made it in time,  I arrived  home, via Atlanta and a bus ride, and  I was the one who received the telegram, just before Art got home that same day.

We had a few days to pack, and then I was seeing him off on a troop train.  I tried to arrange my separate travel with a baby, but someone just shrugged, and put me on the troop train too, at no charge.  It was another surprising event that helped me. 

It was wonderful.  Any trip for me to the restroom roused an instant group of soldier protectors.  (Even the door was held shut for us.)  And, even though I breast fed my baby under a little blanket, a line to see him was constant.  Men  were even in tears, telling their stories.  Many had babies at home whom they had never seen, and they all were soon to go home.  We were soon in Columbus OH.
There is  a PS here too.  I had packed everything into his army trunk, but put two labels on it.  But upon delivery, one label was on another unmarked box.  I tried to say  it was not ours, but the delivery man insisted  he had to deliver it to us, and he  turned and left.  The box contained 30 pounds of shelled pecans, and was enough for all of  our  Christmas gifts for our families back home, or we  would  have had no gifts to send that second Christmas. 

Events which gave me Trust and Faith

To my Dear Friends,

Our life has had many recognizable coincidences and synergistic events which go beyond our own doing.   These I want to describe and share.
How I met Art, my husband now of 73 years.
It was the day I was to start work, at GE, in Schenectady NY, where I had been accepted for a job as soon as I had turned 18.  It was Oct. of 1942, after the US had declared War against Japan and Germany.  Men were being drafted for military service, and women were being actively recruited for being trained to take their jobs.  Even my mother worked there for one year, but soon returned to the lesser paying job as a teacher.
On the day, and afternoon I was to report in, there was a bus within GE, taking me from the entrance to the buildings along the main road in, to building 89.  The bus had people reporting to many buildings.  One  young man stood close to where I sat, we spoke to each other, and we were both going to building 89.  Yes, it was Art, of course.
We worked second shift,  3:30 to 11 pm.  It was not a full 8 hour day for either of  us by law, as we were only 18 and 19.  He was an Electrical Technician then, graduating with a 2 year degree from Alfred, NY. earlier that year.  We were almost at once a couple, having lunch together, and at closing time he also walked with me, probably a half mile, to building 52, where my Dad worked, for my ride home.  Dad worked 3:30 to 11:30.
It was Feb of 1943 that Art was drafted, and he was selected to train me to take his job.  Of  all the people on the GE bus,  and  working at building  89, there had been many coincidences, without our own planning about this.  But, it was meant to be.  I think we both did a lot of our “growing up” together.  We were married at my home, in Central Bridge NY. on Oct. 4, 1944.  I went back with him to the Army-Air Force base in Georgia, and lived with him starting then.
I did take the Civil Service exam, and was hired at the post,  Warner Robins Army-Air Force,  I was trained to check  “in-going and out-going mail”  for  the Adjutant General’s office, a good job, with a still higher security clearance than I had at GE.
One PS to this part of  my descriptions is that when Art and I had a much later vacation in Holland, we toured an underground museum of the WW 2 Dutch secret underground fighters.  We saw the same radio transmitter-receiver that we both had tested.  We both remembered how to operate it, and could and did show the staff of the museum how it worked.  We had our pictures taken with each and all of them, with their excitement and thanks.
I will use this as a first installment of our mutual story.  I keep thinking of more, and what order things happened.
Next is either our second Christmas, with a baby, or when I had a train ride home.  ???

Just a word.

I find that my  time is  very  limited by the  immediate  attention necessary into my daily life and relationships.  But I  am enjoying  life just as it is.    I thought I could simply take more  time for writing here,  but it is not working out for me.  We do have assistance as we are able to continue in our own home, getting  meals ourselves, and keeping going in a way  that seems “as usual”.  I do not know how  long or well we can manage this.  But,  so far, so good.  But I will write when  I can, email is more possible for me.


To those who share their experiences with me

Dear Jennie Cockell, and the Mutual Friends who told  us about each other.  Ceci, Miriam, for two.  My  son Alan bought me two of her  books, and I recommend them all to anyone still following here.  Her experience is to remember and prove reicarnation, and to do looking ahead.   This is not just psychic ability, it is Spiritual Functioning.  It is given, and guided, led along for those who have it.  And, it is what it  is, not what we  grab onto and hold to develop, and to demonstrate.

It gives us values.   Jennie wrote that once she tried to give mental directions to someone, and sure enough,  they did  the steps she had in mind for them to show her.  But, then  they  were confused and upset about having done things not out of their own  intention.  She Felt she must not ever do this to anyone.  I learned this too.

I had a similar experience, but I had no actual  intention to cause it, I merely  wanted a delay for my own convenience, not expecting it or trying to cause it, but when the several people who had been delayed did arrive, They were all confused, wondering  what had happened, and upset as if they must have caused it somehow.

I was made to see that it could be influenced without any  intention to do so, just the idea of it, was a cause, as if our real wants and wishes have power.  Eventually, I gave up on psychic abilities, but in time, I was given an unexplained happening where someone came to me for help, which I could give.  I seemed to know, as if to  understand, Spiritual Functioning is innate and  given, we must learn to use it wisely,  with  guidance, but we cannot give it up.  ——————  Yet People do, or fail to ever know it exists for them.

I will try to get back to writing in my blog, my dear friends.   With Love, Helena

Dear Friends. You mean so much to me.

If I can just say Hello to those who follow my blog, here I am. Each day is busy and full, with what it takes to shower, dress, and to keep up with details as I go along. My husband and I manage to live on our own, at ages 94 and 93.  We depend on each other for so very much.  Neither of us could go on here alone. We have some help. Not much so far. Say Hello to me ?